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When and ascent
When launching a spacecraft to orbit, a " dogleg " is a guided, powered turn during ascent phase that causes a rocket's flight path to deviate from a " straight " path.
When skiing is the primary goal, skis are carried on backpack as far as the mountaineers go ; when not, they are removed and cached until the climbers return from their continued ascent.
When, with infinite toil, they had climbed up the greater part of the steep ascent, Balboa commanded his men to halt, and advanced alone to the summit, that he might be the first who should enjoy a spectacle which he had so long desired.
When the mountain was later climbed in 1936 by a British-American expedition, it became the highest peak climbed by man until the 1950 ascent of Annapurna,.
When these images were combined with an actual mystical experiential motif of individual ascent ( paradoxically called " descent " in most texts ) and union is not precisely known.
When an aircraft is put into a side slip with no other changes to the throttle or elevator, the pilot will notice an increased rate of descent ( or reduced rate of ascent ).
When mushers start in Whitehorse, they already have gained several thousand feet from the ascent into the Black Hills, including a climb over 3, 550-foot ( 1, 082 m ) Eureka Dome.
When Bass eventually summitted Mount Everest in 1985, he dedicated his ascent to her.
When he left her in their youth, " power became my lover " and she began her ascent up the Federation ranks.
When constructed using the climbing ascent and descent this had the further advantage of not using space from the adjoining fields for approaches.
* When people doubted his ascent of ' Perryriss ', he climbed that route again and wrote in big letters ' Perry ' on the rock.

When and stage
When the automobile was in its embryonic stage, such roads as existed were pretty much open roads with the tacit understanding that horses should not be unduly terrified being about the only rule governing where, when and how fast a car could go.
( When Christie adapted Witness into a stage play, she lengthened the ending so that the murderer was also killed.
When Michael Morton adapted Roger Ackroyd for the stage, he removed the character of Caroline replacing her with a young girl.
When infants are taught to sign, parents are able to converse with them at a developmental stage when they are not yet capable of producing vocal speech, which requires fine control of both breathing and the vocal tract.
When Salieri retired from the stage, he recognized that artistic styles had changed and he felt that he no longer had the creative capacity to adapt or the emotional desire to continue.
When the band was summoned to the rehearsal stage on short notice, only Holly was in their dressing room.
When Anderson asked if he had had any stage experience, she revealed that her husband's name was Nicholas Parsons.
When sharing a flat with Orwell, Heppenstall came home late one night in an advanced stage of loud inebriation.
When using a single stage press, cases are loaded in batches, one step for each cartridge per batch at a time.
Shortly before his resignation, he gave his final statement from 10 Downing Street, in which he said ; " When the curtain falls, it is time to get off the stage ".
When the bomb reached the design height for this stage ( reportedly 2, 000 meters ) the membrane closed a circuit, activating the circuit between the radar altimeters and the projectile gun.
When chronic kidney disease progresses to stage five, dialysis or transplant is required.
When he rewrote Radio Free Albemuth as VALIS beforehand, Dick incorporated the plotline of Radio Free Albemuth as a backdrop film ( also titled VALIS ) that recapitulated the central theological and existential concerns of his novel as a mise en abyme-that is, a miniature copy of his central preoccupations at this stage of his literary career, common to both works.
") When Singer attempted to respond, a protester jumped on stage and grabbed his glasses, and the host ended the lecture.
When the pankratiasts fought standing, the combat was called anō pankration ( ἄνω παγκράτιον " upper pankration "); and when they took the fight to the ground, that stage of pankration competition was called katō pankration ( κάτω παγκράτιον " lower pankration ").
When p21 ( WAF1 ) is complexed with CDK2 the cell cannot continue to the next stage of cell division.
When the stage is once again visible, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern lie in the same position as had the actors portraying their deaths.
When Matilda advanced to London in an effort to stage her coronation in June, though, she faced an uprising by the local citizens in support of Stephen that forced her to flee to Oxford, uncrowned.
Bob Dylan appeared on stage on New Year's Eve and performed four songs with the group, including a version of " When I Paint My Masterpiece ".
When the third stage motor fires, within two minutes of launch, the missile is traveling faster than 20, 000 ft / s ( 6, 000 m / s ), or 13, 600 mph ( 21, 600 km / h ).
When the river is in flood stage, its silted delta outlets are unable to carry off the high volume of water.
When the producer of The Painted Veil replaced Gardner with Eleanor Parker and asked Laurents to revise his script with her in mind, he backed out of the film, freeing him to devote all his time to the stage musical.

When and ignited
When, in 882, Engelschalk II rebelled against the Margrave of Pannonia, Aribo, and ignited the so-called Wilhelminer War, Arnulf supported him and even accepted his and his brother's homage.
When the weapons were removed from the mound, this movement disturbed the bowl beneath them where the butt ends of the staffs were, which in turn ignited the fuses.
When Flaherty returned to Toronto with 70, 000 feet of film, the nitrate film stock was ignited in a fire started from his cigarette, in his editing room.
When tobacco is burned, oils from adjoining not yet ignited particles vaporize and condense into the existing cake on the walls of the bowl and shank.
When ignited, preheated thermite can burn almost instantaneously, releasing light and heat energy at a much higher rate than normal and causing burns and eye damage at what would normally be a reasonably safe distance.
When the apex of the vertical flight occurred after a coasting flight of about 247 seconds, a radio signal from the ground ignited the eleven-rocket cluster of the second stage, separating the tub from the instrument section.
When the friction bar is sharply pulled out, by means of a lanyard, the composition is ignited and sets fire to the powder in the long tube ; the flash is conveyed through the vent and ignites the gun charge.
When the second stage was ignited telemetry showed abnormal burning and the stage failed due to a malfunction in the oxidizer system.
When ignited with a flame rather than detonated with a primary explosive, C4 just burns, so American soldiers during the Vietnam War era would sometimes use small amounts of it as a fuel for heating rations.
When the MDF was ignited, the resulting gas pressure between the inner and outer seal would cause the bolts to fail in tension.
When the trigger was pulled, the spring pushed the firing pin forwards into the bomb, which ignited the propellant in the bomb and launched it out of the trough and into the air.
When the Sun ignited in the solar nebula, hydrogen, helium and other volatile materials were evaporated in the area near the Sun.
When the flame reaches the topmost pyrotechnic star, the star is ignited.
When the details of the camp emerged in the South African media, it ignited a firestorm of protest that quickly consumed much of the upper administrative levels of South African rugby.
When the two NSDs are ignited at each hold down, the hold-down bolt travels downward because of the release of tension in the bolt ( pretensioned before launch ), NSD gas pressure and gravity.
When the fuel is ignited from the bottom, hot gases are expelled downwards, propelling the rocket upwards.
When the treads of the escalator flashed over, the fire grew dramatically and ignited most of the ticket hall.
When it ignited, the resulting explosion set fire to the surrounding buildings.
When first shown in exhibition, those photos ignited a lively debate that has been revived with a recent exhibition of Danuser ’ s photographs of Zumthor ’ s most famous work, the spa at Therme Vals.
When the motor ignited, the pressure inside the casing built up until the damaged casing could not hold in the pressure of the burning fuel and exploded, destroying the launch vehicle.
When ignited, it rotates quickly, producing a display of sparks and coloured flame.
When ignited, the mixture smolders at about, producing sodium chloride, iron oxide, and about 6. 5 man-hours of oxygen per kilogram of the mixture.
When the bombs were ignited, the valley became an inferno.

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