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When and auditions
When auditions were held to find a replacement for Wiggum, he attempted to be reselected for the quartet.
When she learned of auditions for the lead role in Claudia, Rose Franken ’ s hit play, she presented herself to David O. Selznick ’ s New York office but fled in tears after what she thought was a bad reading.
Norman indicated in a July 2007 interview, " When I got Los Angeles, there were auditions for Hair.
When they divorced, he kept Adams as his stage name because acting auditions were often held in alphabetical order.
When Lola auditions for the school play, a modernized musical version of Pygmalion called " Eliza Rocks ", she is chosen over Carla to play Eliza, and Carla promises to make her life miserable.
When asked in interviews about the auditions McKeon said, " I have no hard feelings.
When show creator Roger Price held auditions for the show in the fall of 1978, McGlade went to the auditions only to support a friend.
When this cartoon aired on TNT's short-lived children's program, The Rudy and Go-Go Show, the part where Owl Jolson is forced to sing " Drink to Me Only with Thine Eyes " and some scenes of the auditions for Jack Bunny's radio show were cut for time constraints.
When her strict and conservative dad nixes the idea of her traveling to downtown Chicago to try out, Janey accompanies Lynne to the auditions.
When the previous musical director of CIGAP resigned three weeks before its auditions, Hogan was tapped to fill in the position.
When Peter auditions poorly for the show with the theme song to Land of the Lost, Lois names him producer in the hopes of keeping him out of the way, but Peter gradually takes over, radically changing the play.

When and failed
When the family business failed, Mercer left school and on his mother's urging -- for she hoped that he would become an actor -- he joined a local little theater group.
When that failed, he enlisted Branch Rickey's aid in the formation of a third major league, the Continental, with New York as the key franchise.
When the Confederate attempt to defend Petersburg failed, the Confederate army retreated but was pursued and defeated, which resulted in Lee's surrender to Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865.
When his quest to keep the team in Milwaukee finally failed after the 1965 season, he changed the group's name to Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club, Inc., after the minor league baseball team he grew up watching, and devoted himself to returning Major League Baseball to Milwaukee.
When the coach failed and injured Winterbottom, he sued Wright.
When machine translation ( also known as mechanical translation ) failed to yield accurate translations right away, automated processing of human languages was recognized as far more complex than had originally been assumed.
When the business failed, his father would quietly turn the huge stacks of useless stationery and pencils over to his children, requiring them to use up all the material as fast as possible.
When Domitian found out, he allegedly murdered Paris in the street and promptly divorced his wife, with Suetonius further adding that once Domitia was exiled, Domitian took Julia as his mistress, who later died during a failed abortion.
When this plan failed, privateering became one of the major goals within the WIC.
When he failed in his attempts to meet General Yahya Khan, Masud too resigned from his position as Commander of Eastern Air Command, and took retirement from Air Force.
When Nature failed to do this spontaneously, contact with a conductor of animal magnetism was a necessary and sufficient remedy.
When Godzilla 1985 failed at the box office, it was the last Godzilla film produced by Toho to receive any major release in North American theaters until Godzilla 2000 fifteen years later.
When they failed, several went into hiding and established close ties with Cuba.
When the prophetic powers of the last of the Pythias failed her, Rassilion, Omega and a shadowy figure known as The Other seized power in the name of science and rationality.
When Edgar failed, they suggested to Ricordi that he should drop Puccini, but Ricordi said that he would stay with him and made him an allowance from his own pocket until his next opera.
When this failed and Barcelona fell to the Nationalists in early 1939, it was clear the war was over.
When the counter-attack failed to stop the Soviet advance, Hitler held Himmler personally liable and accused him of not following orders.
When Saddam Hussein failed to comply with this demand, the Gulf War ( Operation " Desert Storm ") ensued on January 17, 1991.
When it failed to become the hit that was expected, Frankenheimer admitted he developed a serious problem with alcohol.
When this threat failed, Innocent excommunicated the king in November 1209.
When the VNQDD fled to China after the failed uprising against the French, they settled in Yunnan and Canton, in two different branches.
" When Britain declared war on Germany in September 1939, contact with his Soviet controllers was lost and Philby failed to attend meetings.
When the storms failed to return in 1899, it was generally thought that the dust had moved on and storms were a thing of the past.
When a young mechanic failed to repair the car in a way satisfactory to Stein, the garage owner shouted at the boy, " You are all a " génération perdue.
When PenPoint failed in the marketplace, SmartSketch was ported to Microsoft Windows and Mac OS.

When and produce
When the particles are in great motion, they produce a Doppler shift for measuring wind speed in the laser light, which is used to calculate the speed of the particles, and therefore the air around the anemometer.
When the signal drive to the amplifier is increased, the output also increases until a point is reached where some part of the amplifier becomes saturated and cannot produce any more output ; this is called clipping, and results in distortion.
When the burner is regulated to produce a hot, blue flame it can be nearly invisible against some backgrounds.
When compared with Zebu bulls, Canchim bulls produce the same number of calves, but heavier and of superior quality.
When neutrons are scattered from hydrogen-containing materials, they produce diffraction patterns with high noise levels.
When it was re-staged in 1923 in a more professional production, the play provoked a theatre riot ( initiated by André Breton ) that heralded the split within the movement that was to produce Surrealism.
When American physicist Harvey Einbinder detailed its failings in his 1964 book, The Myth of the Britannica, the encyclopaedia was provoked to produce the 15th edition, which required 10 years of work.
When the string vibrates, the shape of the crystal is distorted, and the stresses associated with this change produce tiny voltages across the crystal that can be amplified and manipulated.
When John Beck sold the King Kong vs. Prometheus script to Toho ( which became King Kong vs. Godzilla ), he was given exclusive rights to produce a version of the film for release in non-Asian territories.
The Dragon debuted in June 1976, and Gygax commented on its success years later: " When I decided that The Strategic Review was not the right vehicle, hired Tim Kask as a magazine editor for Tactical Studies Rules, and named the new publication he was to produce The Dragon, I thought we would eventually have a great periodical to serve gaming enthusiasts worldwide ... At no time did I ever contemplate so great a success or so long a lifespan.
When considering human-powered equipment, a healthy human can produce about 1. 2 hp briefly ( see orders of magnitude ) and sustain about 0. 1 hp indefinitely ; trained athletes can manage up to about 2. 5 hp briefly
When used in anesthesia to produce and maintain unconsciousness, " sleep " is metaphorical as there are no regular sleep stages or cyclical natural states ; patients rarely recover from anesthesia feeling refreshed and with renewed energy.
When this insulation is insufficient to maintain body temperature, they may resort to shivering -- rapid muscle contractions that quickly use up ATP, thus stimulating cellular metabolism to replace it and consequently produce more heat.
" When bacteria or other microbes are engulfed by phagocytes, the enzyme NADPH oxidase assembles in the membrane and begins to produce reactive oxygen species ( ROS ) that help kill bacteria.
When using delayed evaluation, an expression is not evaluated as soon as it gets bound to a variable, but when the evaluator is forced to produce the expression's value.
When she retired from acting in 1933, Pickford continued to produce films for United Artists, and she and Chaplin remained partners in the company for decades.
When the vote was taken, enough of the majority refrained from voting to produce a tie and give Calhoun his longed-for " vengeance.
When exposed to ultraviolet light, natural ergosterols in mushrooms produce vitamin D < sub > 2 </ sub >, a process now exploited for the functional food retail market.
When Le Guin finally requested that Miyazaki produce an anime adaptation of her work, he refused, because he had lost the desire to do so.
When full scale production begins in 2013 this plant will produce an estimated 20 % of the global nickel supply.
When interacting with a free radical, some antioxidants produce a different free radical compound that is less dangerous or more dangerous than the previous compound.
It is also possible to produce polarised light rays using a combination of reflection and refraction: When a refracted ray and the reflected ray form a right angle, the reflected ray has the property of " plane polarization ".
When rock producer Robert " Mutt " Lange heard Twain's original songs and singing from her debut album, he offered to produce and write songs with her.
: When an inefficient producer sends the merchandise it produces best to a country able to produce it more efficiently, both countries benefit.
When Richard H. Geoghegan pointed out that Steinhaus's translation was in very poor English throughout, Zamenhof destroyed his remaining copies and engaged Geoghegan to produce a fresh translation.

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