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When and centrifugal
When Newton's laws are transformed to a uniformly rotating frame of reference, the Coriolis and centrifugal forces appear.
When a system design includes a centrifugal pump, an important issue it its design is matching the head loss-flow characteristic with the pump so that it operates at or close to the point of its maximum efficiency.
When moving within a rotating reference frame such as in a centrifuge or environment where gravity is simulated with centrifugal force, the coriolis effect causes a sense of motion in the vestibular system that does not match the motion that is seen.
When thermalling, the sensor will detect acceleration ( gravity plus centrifugal ) above 1 g and tell the relative netto variometer to stop subtracting the sailplane's wing load-adjusted polar sink rate for the duration.
When the motor approaches its normal operating speed, centrifugal force overcomes the spring force and the weights swing out, raising the plate away from the electrical contacts.
When artificial gravity is needed, the ships are spun to produce centrifugal force.
When in a non-inertial reference frame, fictitious forces, such as centrifugal pseudoforce may be appropriate.
When a molecule rotates, the centrifugal force pulls the atoms apart.
When commercial electric power became available, sirens were no longer driven by external sources of compressed air, but by electric motors, which generated the necessary flow of air via a simple centrifugal fan, which was incorporated into the siren ’ s inner cylinder.
When a centrifugal fan is specified for a given CFM and static pressure at conditions other than standard, an air density correction factor must be applied to select the proper size fan to meet the new condition.
When the centrifugal fan performance is not at standard conditions, the performance must be converted to standard conditions before entering the performance tables.
When the flow is parallel to the axis of rotation, they are called axial flow machines, and when flow is perpendicular to the axis of rotation, they are referred to as radial ( or centrifugal ) flow machines.
When the accelerator was pressed a centrifugal clutch or fluid coupling would engage and the car would begin to move.
When the metal is molten the arm is released, forcing ( by centrifugal force ) the metal into the mold.
When, however, a centrifugal pump with vanes curved backwards in such forms as are ordinarily used in well-constructed examples of the machine, is driven at a speed considerably above that requisite merely to overcome the pressure of the water, and cause lifting or propulsion to commence, the radial component of the force applied to the water by the vanes will become considerable, and the water leaving the circumference of the wheel will have a velocity less than that of the circumference of the wheel in a degree having some real importance in practice.

When and force
When words can be used in a more fresh and primitive way so that they strike with the force of sights and sounds, when tones of sound and colors of paint and the carven shape all strike the sensibilities with an undeniable force of data in and of themselves, compelling the observer into an attitude of attention, all this imitates the way experience itself in its deepest character strikes upon the door of consciousness and clamors for entrance.
When the snobbery that alienates Pip from Joe finally gives way before the deeper and stronger force of love, the reunion is marked by an embarrassed handshake at which Pip exclaims: `` No, don't wipe it off -- for God's sake, give me your blackened hand ''!!
When Robert Hooke discovered Hooke's law in 1660, he first published it in anagram form, ceiiinosssttuv, for ut tensio, sic vis ( Latin: as the tension, so the force ).
When a tyrannosaur would have pulled back on a piece of meat, the force would tend to push the tip of tooth toward the front of the mouth and the anchored root would experience tension on the posterior side and compression from the front.
When the Vikings returned in force in 892 they found a kingdom defended by a standing, mobile field army and a network of garrisoned fortresses that commanded its navigable rivers and Roman roads.
When the Roman infantry became entangled in combat with his army, the hidden ambush force attacked the legionnaires in the rear.
When a bow is used, the muscles are able to perform work much more slowly, resulting in greater force and greater work done.
When the left ventricle contracts to force blood into the aorta, the aorta expands.
: When poets are by too much force betrayed.
When Democratic-Republicans in some states refused to enforce federal laws, and even threatened to rebel, Federalists threatened to send the army to force them to capitulate.
: When, after the action had thus occurred, his own men returned to each general, Scipio could adopt no fixed plan of proceeding, except that he should form his measures from the plans and undertakings of the enemy: and Hannibal, uncertain whether he should pursue the march he had commenced into Italy, or fight with the Roman army which had first presented itself, the arrival of ambassadors from the Boii, and of a petty prince called Magalus, diverted from an immediate engagement ; who, declaring that they would be the guides of his journey and the companions of his dangers, gave it as their opinion, that Italy ought to be attacked with the entire force of the war, his strength having been nowhere previously impaired.
When the news became certain, the French press insisted that the defeat was the result both of an overwhelmingly large British force and unspecified " traitors.
When it was deployed on duty in Northern Ireland, the British Army was welcomed by Roman Catholics as a neutral force there to protect them from Protestant mobs, the Royal Ulster Constabulary ( RUC ) and the B-Specials.
When a metal wire is subjected to electric force applied on its opposite ends, these free electrons rush in the direction of the force, thus forming what we call an electric current.
When the last period began, all hope of conciliating the Protestants was gone and the Jesuits had become a strong force.
When the sheriff returned to Cadillac, a force consisting of several hundred armed men was assembled ; this group reportedly included a brass band.
When a manipulation is performed, the applied force separates the articular surfaces of a fully encapsulated synovial joint, which in turn creates a reduction in pressure within the joint cavity.
When the angular velocity of this co-rotating frame is not constant, that is, for non-circular orbits, other fictitious forces — the Coriolis force and the Euler force — will arise, but can be ignored since they will cancel each other, yielding a net zero acceleration transverse to the moving radial vector, as required by the starting assumption that the vector co-rotates with the planet.
When the angle θ does not satisfy the above condition, the horizontal component of force exerted by the road does not provide the correct centripetal force, and an additional frictional force tangential to the road surface is called upon to provide the difference.

When and term
When we `` forced '' individuals to assume the corporate structure by means of taxes and other legal statutes, we adopted what I would term `` pseudo-capitalism '' and so took a major step toward socialism.
When the crowd was asked whether it wanted to wait one more term to make the race, it voted no -- and there were no dissents.
When used in the broader sense, the term can include many different groups.
When an election was held at the conclusion of Mackenzie's five-year term, the Conservatives were swept back into office in a landslide victory.
When referring to total energy output, the proper term is bolometric magnitude.
When murmur is included under the term aspiration, as is common in Indo-Aryan linguistics, " voiceless aspiration " is called just that to avoid ambiguity.
When, during his discourses, he recounts his experiences as a young aspirant, he regularly uses the phrase " When I was an unenlightened bodhisatta ..." The term therefore connotes a being who is " bound for enlightenment ", in other words, a person whose aim is to become fully enlightened.
When motorized transport replaced horse-drawn transport starting 1905, a motorized omnibus was called an autobus, a term still used.
When the term is used in this sense, the brick might be made from clay, lime-and-sand, concrete, or shaped stone.
When Germany invaded Poland in 1939, Western journalists adopted the term blitzkrieg to describe this form of armoured warfare.
According to the theorem, it is possible to expand the power ( x + y )< sup > n </ sup > into a sum involving terms of the form ax < sup > b </ sup > y < sup > c </ sup >, where the exponents b and c are nonnegative integers with, and the coefficient a of each term is a specific positive integer depending on n and b. When an exponent is zero, the corresponding power is usually omitted from the term.
When used in a historical context, the term Boer may refer to an inhabitant of the Boer Republics as well as those who were cultural Boers.
When heavy metals or radionuclides form their own pure colloids, the term " Eigencolloid " is used to designate pure phases, e. g., Tc ( OH )< sub > 4 </ sub >, U ( OH )< sub > 4 </ sub >, Am ( OH )< sub > 3 </ sub >.
When the term was coined around 1989, Chardonnay was seen as a drink of affluent people.
When used in scientific contexts, the term calorie refers to the small calorie ; it is often encountered in experimental calorimetry, and commonly used to specify bond and conformational energies in molecular modeling.
When referring to cannon, the term gun is often used incorrectly.
When he published his memoirs he introduced the term caldera into the geological vocabulary.
When one wishes to emphasize the connection, one may use the term differential compression to refer to data differencing.
When Orthodox theologians use the term " deuterocanonical ," it is important to note that the meaning is not identical to the Roman Catholic usage.
When capitalized and without modifiers ( that is, simply the Diaspora ), the term refers specifically to the Jewish diaspora ; when uncapitalized the word diaspora may be used to refer to refugee populations of other origins or ethnicities.
When the patient brings about his or her own death with the assistance of a physician, the term assisted suicide is often used instead.
When the term first surfaced circa the late 1980s / early 1990s, it was used for adult sports such as skydiving, scuba diving, surfing, rock climbing, snow skiing, water skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, mountaineering, storm chasing, hang gliding, and bungee jumping, many of which were then growing in popularity.

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