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When and chieftain
When the Sequani, their hereditary rivals, with the assistance of a Germanic chieftain named Ariovistus defeated and massacred the Aedui at the Battle of Magetobriga, the Aedui sent Diviciacus, the druid, to Rome to appeal to the senate for help.
When Ibn Habib's soldiers entered the camp, the Berber chieftain ’ s wife Tekfah hid Abd al-Rahman under her personal belongings to help him go unnoticed.
When Orestes refused, the tribes revolted under the leadership of the Scirian chieftain Odoacer.
When Datu Manduyog became the new chieftain, he moved the capital to Bakan ( now known as Banga ).
When his army entered the ethnic settlement areas, Liu pledged brotherhood with a chieftain of the local Yi ethnicity, which significantly reduced the minorities ’ hostility towards the CPC.
When she arrived, the chieftain was raving.
When Germany annexed Nauru to German New Guinea, Aweida retained his sovereignty as king and he remained the chieftain of the Nauruan people.
When Patrick arrived in the neighbourhood, he was received with great honour and hospitality by the local chieftain, Nadslua, who offered him a piece of ground on which to build a church.
When land was in sight, he threw his high seat pillars ( a sign of his being a chieftain ) overboard and promised to settle where the gods decided to bring them ashore.
When he is 12, a horse race is held to determine who will become the king of Ling and who will marry the beautiful daughter, ' Brug-mo, of a neighbouring chieftain.
When Sámr and Þorbjörn reach the assembly at Þingvellir they quickly discover that no major chieftain wants to aid them.
When the news of Sverre's death reached Håkon and the Birkebeiner assembled in Nidaros, Håkon was first taken as chieftain by the Birkebeiner.
When he departed Shewa in 1842, he found his way to Gondar blocked by the aftermath of the Battle of Debre Tabor, retraced his steps to the court of Adara Bille, a chieftain of the Wollo Oromo who then robbed him.
When the time had arrived for cremation, they pulled his longship ashore and put it on a platform of wood, and they made a bed for the dead chieftain on the ship.
When Walter comes home drunk he joins Beaneatha in a celebratory dance, picturing himself as a chieftain (" African Dance ").
When he was still a youth, not yet past the age of puberty, he used to roam the mountain trails of Makkah far away from people, tending the flocks of a Quraish chieftain, Uqbah Ibn Muayt.

When and Heruli
When the Heruli overran Greece and captured Athens ( 269 ), Dexippus showed great personal courage and revived the spirit of patriotism among his fellow-countrymen.
When the Lombards applied to the Byzantine Emperor Justinian I for help against the Gepids, he sent an army under the command of Justinus and Justinianus, the sons of Germanus ; Aratius and Suartuas ( a former ruler of the Heruli ); and Amalafrid.

When and Odoacer
When Odoacer captured Ravenna, killed Orestes, and deposed Romulus on September 4, 476, he proclaimed himself ruler of Italy and asked the Eastern Roman Emperor Zeno to legalize his position as Patricius of the Roman Empire and Zeno's viceroy in Italy.
When in the fifth century the Italian peninsula passed under the control of first Odoacer and then the Ostrogoths, the church organization in Italy, and the bishop of Rome as its head, submitted to their sovereign authority while asserting their spiritual primacy over the whole Church.
When the Ostrogoths conquered Rimini in 493, Odoacer, besieged in Ravenna, had to capitulate.
After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the city and region were attacked by the Ostrogoths, Pula being virtually destroyed by Odoacer, a Germanic foederati general in 476 AD The town was ruled by the Ostrogoths from 493 to 538 AD When their rule ended, Pula came under the rule of the Exarchate of Ravenna ( 540 – 751 ).

When and deposed
When Page was deposed as Country Party leader a few months later, Menzies reformed the Coalition with Page's successor, Archie Cameron.
When the latter was deposed by Holy Roman Emperor Henry III and exiled to Germany, Hildebrand followed him to Cologne.
When he failed to appear, the electors meeting at Lahneck Castle declared him deposed on 20 August 1400 on account of " futility, idleness, neglicence and ignobility ".
When his father-in-law the Earl of Warwick became discontented and jealous, and deserted Edward to ally himself with Margaret of Anjou, consort of the deposed King Henry, Clarence joined him in France, taking his pregnant wife.
When Cain was returned with a small but workable majority, Kennett was again criticised within his own party, and in 1989 he was deposed as leader and replaced by Alan Brown, a little-known rural Member of the Legislative Assembly.
When his half-brother deposed Richard and took the throne as Henry IV of England, he made Bishop Beaufort Lord Chancellor of England in 1403.
When the first Ba ' ath Party government was deposed in a coup led by Abdul Salam Arif, Mulla Mustafa developed a close relationship with Arif.
When Khánh was himself deposed in 1965, he handed over
When a Council pronounced in favor of annulment, Nicholas I declared the Council to be deposed, its messengers excommunicated, and its decisions void.
When Henry VI was deposed by Edward IV of the House of York, Edward appropriated that half into the Crown property.
When Hanover was annexed by Prussia ( 1866 ), the dukes were deposed soon after ( 1875 ).
When the president is deposed by a military coup, Tony is sacked and deported back to England and ends up staying with his brother Chris ( Christopher Blake ) and his wife Molly ( Kirsten Cooke ).
When a republic was proclaimed on 25 March 1924, he was officially deposed, stripped of his Greek nationality and his property confiscated.
Prince Louis of Battenberg changed his surname to Mountbatten ( its literal English translation ) during the First World War at the request of King George V. When then-Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark, a member of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg ( the royal house of Denmark and Norway and the deposed royal house of Greece ) took British citizenship, he used this surname since he descends from the Battenberg family through his mother, Princess Alice of Battenberg.
When Frederick II deposed his eldest son, Conrad's rebellious older brother Henry, in 1237 had Conrad elected King of the Romans in diet in Vienna.
When the West Franks deposed Charles in 922, he remained king in Lotharingia, whence he endeavoured to reconquer his other kingdom in 923.
When the Irish Parliamentary Party split over Parnell's long-standing family relationship with Katharine O ' Shea, the previously separated wife of a fellow MP, whom he later married, Redmond stood by his deposed leader in the dispute.
When Hertzog advocated neutrality towards Nazi Germany in 1939, he was deposed by a party caucus, and Smuts became Prime Minister for the second time.
When Henry VI was deposed by Edward IV of the House of York, Edward appropriated that half into the Crown property.
When Faisal was deposed by the French in 1920, he advocated granting him a new throne in Iraq.
When Avitus had been deposed -- then killed -- by Ricimer, Majorian became the new emperor.
When the governor Kutuk refused to aid them against an-Nasir Yusuf, Baibars deposed him and had al-Mugith Umar, the emir of Karak, pronounced in the khutba at the al-Aqsa Mosque ; al-Mugith Umar had allowed the political dissidents of Cairo and Damascus, who sought protection from the Mamluk and Ayyubid authorities, a safehaven within his territories.
When Faisal was deposed by the French in 1920, Nuri followed the exiled monarch to Iraq, and in 1922 became first director general of the Iraqi police force.

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