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When and previously
When first informed he disbelieved the crow and turned all crows black ( where they were previously white ) as a punishment for spreading untruths.
: When, after the action had thus occurred, his own men returned to each general, Scipio could adopt no fixed plan of proceeding, except that he should form his measures from the plans and undertakings of the enemy: and Hannibal, uncertain whether he should pursue the march he had commenced into Italy, or fight with the Roman army which had first presented itself, the arrival of ambassadors from the Boii, and of a petty prince called Magalus, diverted from an immediate engagement ; who, declaring that they would be the guides of his journey and the companions of his dangers, gave it as their opinion, that Italy ought to be attacked with the entire force of the war, his strength having been nowhere previously impaired.
When Prince Samudra ( Prince Suriansyah ) of Negara Daha converted to Islam and formed the Islamic kingdom of Banjar, it inherited some of the areas previously ruled by the Hindu kingdom of Negara Daha.
When the centrifugal force term is expressed in terms of parameters of the rotating frame, replacing with, it can be seen that it is the same centrifugal force previously derived for rotating reference frames.
When previously fired cases are used, they must be inspected before loading.
When this problem was corrected, details that had previously eluded him were revealed, and his interest in the complications of nature was heightened.
When the operation is completed the contents of cell 4 will have been set to 98, by discarding whatever was there previously.
When a subroutine finishes it pops the previously pushed registers.
When the work was restored in 1993, the conservators chose not to remove all the perizomas of Daniele, leaving some of them as a historical document, and because some of Michelangelo ’ s work was previously scraped away by the touch-up artist's application of “ decency ” to the masterpiece.
When retrieving new messages, an IMAP client requests the UIDs greater than the highest UID among all previously retrieved messages, whereas a POP client must fetch the entire UIDL map.
" He had previously been quoted as saying: " When today the Pope dies, you'll get another one tomorrow, because the Church continues.
When Bob receives the box, he uses an identical copy of Alice's key ( which he has somehow obtained previously, maybe by a face-to-face meeting ) to open the box, and reads the message.
) When representatives of the science ministry visited DS9 in " Destiny ", they were noticeably less nationalistic than most Cardassians seen previously.
When a new source is required and an older source was previously downloaded, then Sorcerer will download a tiny patch that transforms the old source tarball into a current source tarball.
When a person reads it's usually in a context that has been previously prepared, but when a person uses spontaneous speech, it is difficult to recognize the speech because of the disfluences ( like " uh " and " um ", false starts, incomplete sentences, stuttering, coughing, and laughter ) and limited vocabulary.
When Cranmer's promotion became known in London, it caused great surprise as Cranmer had previously held only minor positions in the Church.
When a species previously thought harmless suddenly changes its behavior and stampedes through their camp, the settlement is devastated and Grant is killed.
When the Franco-Prussian War broke out, the war ministry, which had previously tested the possibility of feeding soldiers solely on instant pea soup and bread, built a large manufacturing plant and produced between 4, 000 and 5, 000 tons of Erbswurst for the army during the war.
When the correct piece is not available, some substitute is used: a second queen is often indicated by inverting a previously captured rook or a piece is borrowed from another set.
When he died in 1053, Godwin was succeeded as Earl of Wessex ( including Sussex ) by his son Harold, who had previously been Earl of East Anglia.
When they married after co-habiting for several years all children born previously were subsequently legitimated by Act of Parliament.
When images can be accurately synthesised from previously transmitted / stored images, the compression efficiency can be improved.
When Greek Revival architecture was introduced at the beginning of the 19th century, the Greek Doric order had not previously been widely used.

When and experienced
When what one person has experienced is put into words and transmitted to others, so doing risks giving unwarranted status to what inevitably must have had a subjective tinge.
When looking at these areas ( amygdala ), it was proposed that a person learns to fear regardless of whether they themselves have experienced trauma, or if they have observed the fear in others.
When the land experienced famine, he removed to the Philistine land of Gerar where his father once lived.
When that label went bankrupt, the album was released on the ill-fated Castle Records which also experienced financial troubles.
When the direct solar radiation is not blocked by clouds, it is experienced as sunshine, a combination of bright light and radiant heat.
When it is blocked by the clouds or reflects off of other objects, it is experienced as diffused light.
When all four players are experienced, it is unusual for the score for a single hand to be higher than two.
When his father died, he worked as a soundmaker for films and for a certain time he experienced all the accessory jobs related to the creation of a film, gaining competence in each field.
When he experienced pon farr, Tuvok of the USS Voyager made use of a holodeck simulation of a temporary mate which resembled his wife.
When all was said and done, the team had experienced a turnover of nearly two-thirds of the roster.
When it is over, we think not how little has been decided, but how much has been experienced ... At the end of the film, I had to smile, recognizing how Shyamalan has essentially ditched a payoff.
When a phylloxera outbreak in the last quarter of the 19th century devastated the vineyards of France and Europe, calvados experienced a " golden age ".
When Alströmer experienced financial losses in 1785 and moved to his estate at Gåsevadsholm, outside Kungsbacka, Dahl followed.
When going downstream through rapids an experienced voyageur called the guide would inspect the rapids and choose between the heavy work of a portage and the life-threatening task of running the rapids.
When the East experienced high rates of growth, as it did in the decades between 1890 and 1920, the Westward movement of the center slowed.
" When O ' Connor was six, she experienced her first brush with celebrity status.
When asked by a lady whether " dear George " ( the much more experienced Lord Curzon ) would be chosen he replied, referring to Curzon's wealthy wife Grace, " No, dear George will not but he will still have the means of Grace.
When there is no need to post-process the music with it properly fitting up to a tempo grid in a DAW, it can be reasoned that there is thus no need to record or perform to a click track, particularly if the band is good at keeping together rhythmically and particularly if they are musicians who are experienced with tempo-alteration and musical phrasing.
" When Max Roach's first records with Charlie Parker were released by Savoy in 1945 ," jazz historian Burt Korall wrote in the Oxford Companion to Jazz, " drummers experienced awe and puzzlement and even fear.
When sinkholes are very deep or connected to caves, they may offer challenges for experienced cavers or, when water-filled, divers.
When Lambert arrived at the BBC in June 1963, she was initially given a more experienced associate producer, Mervyn Pinfield, to assist her.
When Sam awakes, he claims to be horrified to be back in the flesh, having been aware of his ethereal condition the whole time, and having experienced it as a blissful Nirvana.

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