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When and soul
When the body died, parts of its soul known as ka ( body double ) and the ba ( personality ) would go to the Kingdom of the Dead.
When Christ returns, the soul rejoins its risen body to be judged by Him in the Last judgment.
When the Northern Expedition was complete, Kuomintang Generals led by Chiang Kai-shek paid tribute to Dr. Sun's soul in heaven with a sacrificial ceremony at the Xiangshan Temple in Beijing in July 1928.
* When a soul is freed from karmas, it becomes free and attains divine consciousness, experiencing infinite knowledge, perception, power, and bliss ( Moksha ).
When the Northern Expedition was complete, Kuomintang Generals led by Chiang Kaishek paid tribute to Dr. Sun's soul in heaven with a sacrificial ceremony at the Xiangshan Temple in Beijing in July 1928, among the Kuomintang Generals present were the Muslim Generals Bai Chongxi and Ma Fuxiang.
" When the soul had overcome the third power, it went upwards and saw the fourth power, which took seven forms.
When one of the five Perfect Masters dies, Baba asserted that another God-realized soul among the fifty-six immediately replaces him or her by taking up that office.
When each person is born, a preexisting soul is placed within the body.
In Tractate Sanhedrin, the question is asked, When does the soul enter the body of the newborn?
When, after spiritual practice ( sādhanā ), a person realizes that the true " self " is the immortal soul rather than the body or the ego all desires for the pleasures of the world will vanish since they will seem insipid compared to spiritual ānanda.
When possible, these working class mods spent their money on suits and other sharp outfits to wear at dancehalls, where they enjoyed soul, ska, bluebeat and rocksteady music.
When it is a princess ' time to die ( according to a preconceived reality ), Mort, instead of ushering her soul, saves her from death, dramatically altering a part of the Discworld's reality.
When not working in the library, Raeder spent his time debating with the prison chaplain, the French Pastor Georges Casalis who believed that Raeder's soul might be saved if he confessed his guilt, and tried hard to save Raeder.
When Tsuguharu Foujita arrived from Japan in 1913 not knowing a soul, he met Soutine, Modigliani, Pascin and Leger virtually the same night and within a week became friends with Juan Gris, Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse.
When Angel loses his soul and rejoins Spike and Dru, Spike's initial celebration soon turns to resentment when Angelus starts pursuing Drusilla as a lover and taunting him.
When viewed as a virtue, pride in one's appearance and abilities is known as virtuous pride, greatness of soul or magnanimity, but when viewed as a vice it is often termed vanity or vainglory.
Much of Morrison's music is structured around the conventions of soul music and R & B, such as the popular singles " Brown Eyed Girl ", " Jackie Wilson Said ( I'm in Heaven When You Smile )", " Domino " and " Wild Night ".
When worship involves the use of the entire body, and all the senses, the Orthodox believe this becomes very helpful in learning to actively love God with all their " mind, soul, heart and strength " as God commands.
: When soul is firmly fixed on the domain where truth and reality shine resplendent it apprehends and knows them and appears to possess reason, but when it inclines to that region which is mingled with darkness, the world of becoming and passing away, it opines only and its edge is blunted, and it shifts its opinions hither and thither, and again seems as if it lacked reason.
When someone dies he digs their grave and greets their soul after they have been buried, leading them to the underworld.
* When a person's soul fails to leave the deceased's body, due to improper death, suicide, or just wanting to cause trouble.
" When jealous torments rack my soul " ( Wilfred ) – see " Cut music "
Wilfred's solo about his unrequited love for Phoebe, " When jealous torments rack my soul ", was cut in rehearsal when Savoy Theatre favourite, Rutland Barrington, took a leave from the company to try his hand as a producer and theatre manager.
When the band performed this single on the BBC TV music show Top of the Pops, instead of a picture of Jackie Wilson, the American soul singer, the band performed in front of a photo of Jocky Wilson, the Scottish darts player.

When and sheds
When he sheds his immortal existence, he experiences life for the first time: he bleeds, sees colors for the first time ( the movie up to this point is filmed in a sepia-toned monochrome, except for brief moments when the angels are not present or looking ), tastes food and drinks coffee.
When this was found only partially successful an extensive process of building snow sheds over some of the track to protect it from deep snows and avalanches was instituted.
When the club deuce is played West has to shed a spade, dummy sheds the now useless king of hearts and East is squeezed in the pointed suits.
When the UV photon strikes a phosphor molecule, it momentarily raises the energy level of an outer orbit electron in the phosphor molecule, moving the electron from a stable to an unstable state ; the electron then sheds the excess energy as a photon at a lower energy level than UV light ; the lower energy photons are mostly in the infrared range but about 40 % are in the visible light range.
When the bridge was being built, workmen discovered the human remains of Irish immigrants to Canada, who had fled the famine in Ireland, only to die during the typhus epidemic of 1847 in fever sheds at nearby Windmill Point.
When not in use, the boats were drawn up into the sheds for maintenance and protection.
When the ground was first used for rugby league fixtures in 1913, the Trust only gave players access to dressing sheds in the Sheridan Stand and did not allow use of the rooms in the Member's Stand.
When Paige ‘ husks ’, she sheds her clothing as well.
When the railway first went over the pass, 31 snow sheds with a total length of about 6. 5 km were built to protect the railway from the avalanches.
When a soul sheds its wings, it comes to earth and takes on an earthly body which then seems to move itself. These wings lift up heavy things to where the gods dwell, and are nourished and grow in the presence of the wisdom, goodness, and beauty of the divine.
When an active ' gate-address ' is entered by a dialing sequence, into the DHD a wormhole is established, culminating in the iconic ' kawoosh ' as the wormhole's forming event horizon sheds its velocity and settles inside the stargate.
When they began, their production was all custom, handmade guitars, built in garages, tin storage sheds, wherever the Moseleys could put equipment.
When spinning is complete, the caterpillar sheds its final skin and takes the form of its pupal life stage.
When he returns home, Danny sheds his clothes and his personality, and basks in his past life as trumpet player " Tom Van Allen ".
When the rewards are given Rayona, still disguised at Foxy is awarded a “ hard luck buckle ” before she goes to accept the award she sheds her disguise ( hat and jacket ) and goes to receive it.
When completed, it had dozens of snow sheds along its route, which approached a 4 % grade in many places.
" To summon the Staff, Nico sheds blood and automatically recites " When blood is shed, let the Staff of One emerge.
When the missile is in this transition state, the first stage booster sheds off, and the missile automatically adapts its " free " trajectory and further reaches its maximum altitude ( without a constant velocity ); the dominating force here is just the earth's gravity.
When Lily's father is killed in a still explosion, she sheds no tears for him.
When both covered and uncovered interest rate parity ( UIRP ) hold, such a condition sheds light on a noteworthy relationship between the forward and expected future spot exchange rates, as demonstrated below.
When the courier comes too close, it sheds its disguise and tries to decapitate him.

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