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When and linear
`` When working from one of my sketches I square it up and project its linear form freehand to the watercolor sheet with charcoal.
* In linear algebra, an endomorphism of a vector space V is a linear operator V → V. An automorphism is an invertible linear operator on V. When the vector space is finite-dimensional, the automorphism group of V is the same as the general linear group, GL ( V ).
When a linear asymptote is not parallel to the x-or y-axis, it is called an oblique asymptote or slant asymptote.
When the Banach algebra A is the algebra L ( X ) of bounded linear operators on a complex Banach space X ( e. g., the algebra of square matrices ), the notion of the spectrum in A coincides with the usual one in the operator theory.
When a body is acted upon by external contact forces, internal contact forces are then transmitted from point to point inside the body to balance their action, according to Newton's second law of motion of conservation of linear momentum and angular momentum ( for continuous bodies these laws are called the Euler's equations of motion ).
When defined for a topological vector space there is a subspace of this dual space, corresponding to continuous linear functionals, which constitutes a continuous dual space.
When the determinant is equal to one, the linear mapping defined by the matrix is equi-areal and orientation-preserving.
When most materials are polarized, the polarization induced, P, is almost exactly proportional to the applied external electric field E ; so the polarization is a linear function.
When transferred to the tropical setting, many nonlinear problems become linear.
When sort keys for a dataset are uniformly distributed numbers, linear interpolation is straightforward to implement and will find an index very near the sought value.
When the convection is strong and linear or curved, the MCS is called a squall line, with the feature placed at the leading edge of the significant wind shift and pressure rise.
When a differential equation can be expressed in linear form, it is particularly easy to solve by breaking the equation up into smaller pieces, solving each of those pieces, and summing the solutions.
When it is applicable, the Cholesky decomposition is roughly twice as efficient as the LU decomposition for solving systems of linear equations.
When a unit vector in space is expressed, with Cartesian notation, as a linear combination of i, j, k, its three scalar components can be referred to as direction cosines.
When this happened and if the artifacts became too distracting, users were forced to revert to the old linear soundtrack.
When polynomial sequences replace sequences of numbers as images of y < sup > n </ sup > under the linear mapping L, then the umbral method is seen to be an essential component of Rota's general theory of special polynomials, and that theory is the umbral calculus by some more modern definitions of the term.
When two corners are shared the polyphosphate may have a linear chain structure or a cyclic ring structure.
When the output regulated voltage must be higher than the available input voltage, no linear regulator will work, ( not even a Low dropout regulator ).
When this holds, the behavior is said to be linear.
When the SNR is large ( SNR >> 0 dB ), the capacity is logarithmic in power and approximately linear in bandwidth.
When the SNR is small ( SNR << 0 dB ), the capacity is linear in power but insensitive to bandwidth.

When and draft
When Shula replaced Wilson at Miami the Colts charged the Dolphins with tampering in their hiring of Shula, costing the Dolphins their first round draft pick in 1971.
When the draft board referred him to a psychiatrist, Brando explained how he had been expelled from military school and that he had severe problems with authority.
When racing at high speed, the rider who manages to stay just behind his opponent can draft, expending less effort.
When his classification was changed to ( 1-A ) following the American entry into World War II, Williams appealed to his local draft board.
When Germans began a forced labor draft ( Service du travail obligatoire, STO ) in France in the beginning of 1943, thousands of young men fled and joined the Maquis.
When he had seen the draft, Marsh approved Blake's 7 for full development.
When Flynn became a naturalised American citizen on 15 August 1942, he also became eligible for the military draft, as the United States had entered World War II eight months earlier.
When Coward submitted his first draft, Havelock-Allan advised him the film would run between eight and nine hours if it was made as written.
When the Civilized Tribes met together to propose an Indian State, the State of Sequoyah, they met on August 21, 1905 in Muskogee to draft its constitution.
When it came time to draft the United States Constitution, differing views on eminent domain were voiced.
When Congress enacted the nation's first peacetime draft in 1940, the first Philadelphians required to serve took their oaths of enlistment before the Liberty Bell.
When Virgil died, he left instructions that his manuscript of the Aeneid was to be burnt, as it was a draft version with uncorrected faults and not a final version for release.
When control of the army became an issue, concerning the Irish Rebellion from September to October 1641, Pym directed the house's defiance and helped draft the Grand Remonstrance of grievances presented to the King on 1 December 1641.
When Casley declared himself " Prince ", the administration board clause lost effect and the Hutt River Principality became a benevolent absolute monarchy, with a legislation committee to draft new legislation.
When the lamp is lit, the central draft tube supplies air to the flame spreader that spreads out the flame into a ring of fire and allows the lamp to burn cleanly.
When New Line realized that they had sent Fincher the wrong draft, the President of Production, Michael De Luca, met with Fincher and noted that there was internal pressure to retain the revised version ; De Luca stated that if Fincher promised to produce the movie, they would be able to stay with the head-in-a-box ending.
* When approved by the Council, the draft is presented as a Tentative Draft to an Annual Meeting of the entire membership for debate and discussion.
Ball stated in an interview " When I went to HBO and they had read my first draft and Carolyn Strauss said, ' You know, this is really, really good.
" When the assembly met to draft a petition to London on the matter in October 1764, Hutchinson opposed the inclusion of the radicals ' language, and eventually pushed through a more moderate statement of opposition.
When the war and the draft ended in 1865, the remaining $ 1, 200 was used to erect the frame building that has served as the Crosby Township Hall ever since.
When he registered for the draft, he answered the question " Do you claim exemption from draft ( specify grounds )?
When Eliot had completed his original draft of a long poem based on both the disintegration of his personal life and mental stability, and the culture around him, he gave the manuscript, provisionally titled " He Do the Police in Different Voices ", to Pound for comment.
When he entered office, not one African-American had served on a draft board in the state.

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