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When and two
When, in late afternoon on the last day in June, he saw two people top the ridge to the south and walk toward the house, he quit work immediately and strode to his rifle.
When she appeared, two or three of the little girls jumped up and down, yelling, `` Goody, goody ''.
When I question them as to what they mean by concepts like liberty and democracy, I find that they fall into two categories: the simpler ones who have simply accepted the shibboleths of their faith without analysis ; ;
When he added to his Pittsburgh commitments the directorship of the London Philharmonic Orchestra in 1958, he conducted one hundred fifty concerts within nine months, `` commuting '' between the two cities.
When, in March, 1640, the two towns were united under Coddington, Gorton claimed the union was irregular and illegally constituted and that it had never been sanctioned by the majority of freeholders.
When finally the two bedraggled men reach their friend's home, Voltaire's fears are once again aroused.
When he had stored his stock in the great oak chest, locked the two big hasps and secured the additional chain, tied the fly of the tent, and picked up the cash box, he moved up the darkening street.
When McFeeley was halfway to the door, the proprietor emerged -- a mountainous, dark man, his head thick with resiny black hair, his eyes like two of the black olives he imported in boatloads.
`` When Konishi gets back with the jeep, I want you to round up two or three Japanese boys.
When the boat had touched, the weaker ones and the two wounded men had been lifted out and carried away by the soldiers.
When he showed this model as his `` solution '' as to how the Howe sewing machine operated, he was told he was `` wrong '', and discovered to his amazement that the Howe Machine, which was unknown to him in detail, used two threads while the one that he had perfected used only one.
When more than two figures are separated by subtraction symbols the subtraction must be carried out from the left to right if the result is to be correct.
When a question contains two verbs, the response does not make clear which of them is being answered.
When the early part of the gradient was flattened, either by using the gradient shown in Fig. 2 or by allowing the `` cone-sphere '' gradient to become established more slowly, Region 2 activity could sometimes be separated into two areas ( donors P. J. and R. S., Fig. 1 and E. M., Fig. 2 ).
When it comes to rate of early growth, the Indian python leads with a figure of about 3 feet 6 inches per year for the first two years, more or less.
When, as in this case, the two forms match, the address Af is saved to represent the occurrence Af.
When ity is added, real clearly has two syllables.
When now we count the frequency of the 71 items in the two language families appearing in the same column or grade, or one column or grade apart, or two or three or four, we find these differences: Af
When the power of the latter was made both limited and explicit -- when norms were clarified and made more precise and the creation of new norms was placed exclusively in parliamentary hands -- two purposes were served: Government was made subservient to an institutionalized popular will, and law became a rational system for implementing that will, for serving conscious goals, for embodying the `` public policy ''.
When he realized she was dead, he called two lawyers and then the police.
When the police arrived, they found McClellan and the two lawyers sitting and staring silently.
When the visitors, after losing this game, rode along the village streets toward home, the youngsters who could keep abreast of them for a moment or two screamed triumphantly, `` You bunch of hay-shakers!!
When the two cars were equidistant from him, the station wagon started up again and the Ford gathered speed.
Read the next two verses: `` When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell.

When and monosaccharides
When a few ( around three to six ) monosaccharides are joined together, it is called an oligosaccharide ( oligo-meaning " few ").
When monosaccharides are not immediately needed by many cells they are often converted to more space-efficient forms, often polysaccharides.
When all the monosaccharides in a polysaccharide are the same type, the polysaccharide is called a homopolysaccharide or homoglycan, but when more than one type of monosaccharide is present they are called heteropolysaccharides or heteroglycans.
When caramelization involves the disaccharide sucrose, it is broken down into the monosaccharides fructose and glucose.

When and undergo
When monomers are linked together to synthesize a biological polymer, they undergo a process called dehydration synthesis.
When a request for change is received, it may undergo a preliminary review to determine if the requested change is compatible with the organizations business model and practices, and to determine the amount of resources needed to implement the change.
* When an < sup > 235 </ sup > U atom captures a neutron, it is converted to an excited state of < sup > 236 </ sup > U. About 81 % of the excited < sup > 236 </ sup > U nuclei undergo fission, but the remainder decay to the ground state of < sup > 236 </ sup > U by emitting gamma radiation.
When a large fissile atomic nucleus such as uranium-235 or plutonium-239 absorbs a neutron, it may undergo nuclear fission.
When erythrocytes undergo shear stress in constricted vessels, they release ATP which causes the vessel walls to relax and dilate so as to promote normal blood flow.
When Spaceball One begins to undergo its metamorphosis into " Mega Maid ," Dark Helmet exclaims " Ready, Kafka?
When cosmic rays enter the atmosphere, they undergo various transformations, including the production of neutrons.
When too many mast cells exist in a person's body and undergo degranulation, the additional chemicals can cause a number of symptoms which can vary over time and can range in intensity from mild to severe.
When using satyagraha in a large-scale political conflict involving civil disobedience, Gandhi believed that the satyagrahis must undergo training to ensure discipline.
When geopolymers are subjected to sufficient geothermal pressures for sufficient geologic time, they begin to undergo certain peculiar changes to become kerogen.
When embryonic ectodermal cells are cultured at low density in the absence of mesodermal cells they undergo neural differentiation ( express neural genes ), suggesting that neural differentiation is the default fate of ectodermal cells.
When reproducing, a spirochaete will undergo asexual transverse binary fission.
When these unusual creatures spring from hibernation, they undergo a fascinating and possibly unique genetic process.
When these genes are expressed in prokaryotic cells for the sake of protein production or purification, the RNA produced directly from transcription need not undergo splicing as the transcript contains only exons.
When combined, the reactants undergo a violent exothermic chemical reaction, raising the temperature to near the boiling point of water.
When these glands undergo a number of changes at the genetic level, they proceed in a predictable manner as they move from benign to an invasive, malignant colon cancer.
When these undergo substitution the stereochemistry will be inverted ( as in S < sub > N </ sub > 2 ) for many of the reacting molecules but a few may show retention of configuration.
When used, it is generally in combination with surgery and chemotherapy, or used only with chemotherapy in cases where the individual is unable to undergo surgery.
When survivors are able to talk with a rape crisis counselor as they undergo forensic exams and law enforcement interviews, they are more likely to participate in prosecutions and get the help they need to heal.
When the newly-elected Singapore government implemented compulsory conscription, all 18 year old able bodied Singapore males had to undergo training within the Armed Forces.
When taking the decision to undergo such a procedure it is recommended to compare the benefits with the potential risks and complications.
When a plume head encounters the base of the lithosphere, it is expected to flatten out against this barrier and to undergo widespread decompression melting to form large volumes of basalt magma.
When the mercury has evaporated, which is known by the surface having entirely become of a dull yellow color, the metal must undergo other operations, by which the fine gold color is given to it.
When Corpus falls to zero, a wraith may undergo a Harrowing ; Pathos can be spent to restore Corpus or to power various Arcanoi.

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