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from Brown Corpus
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When and values
: When comparing the above illustration to the below text, please note that the above x: y aspect ratio values are shown as vertical orientation rectangles to better demonstrate visual differences, whereas the aspect ratio values of the text below are written as rotated horizontal orientation rectangles ( e. g. compare 3: 4 vertical orientation illustration to 4: 3 horizontal orientation text ).
When reconstructing the data, owing to the evaporation of successive layers of material from the sample, the lateral and in-depth reconstruction values are highly anisotropic.
When the functions J < sub > n </ sub >( x ) are plotted on the same graph, though, none of the zeros seem to coincide for different values of n except for the zero at x = 0.
When the circuit is solved, the circuit element currents may have positive or negative values.
When other methods of calculation are used, it is conventional ( although not obligatory ) to quote the results on a scale that covers the same range of numerical values: this is known as an electronegativity in Pauling units.
When testing a hash function, the uniformity of the distribution of hash values can be evaluated by the chi-squared test.
When the hash function is used to store values in a hash table that outlives the run of the program, and the hash table needs to be expanded or shrunk, the hash table is referred to as a dynamic hash table.
When the data values are long ( or variable-length ) character strings — such as personal names, web page addresses, or mail messages — their distribution is usually very uneven, with complicated dependencies.
When changing moral behavior, one is said to be " internalized " when a new set of beliefs, attitudes, and values replaces or habituates the desired behavior.
When the result sequence is exhausted ( e. g. there are no more values within the result sequence ), the expression or function fails.
When it acts on a tensor product of two state vectors, it exchanges the values of the state vectors:
When transaction costs are low and parties involved are perfectly informed, a mutually beneficial agreement will occur: whoever values the property the highest will end up with it.
When many values have to be searched in the same list, it often pays to pre-process the list in order to use a faster method.
When comparing periodic trends in the size of atoms it is often desirable to apply so-called Goldschmidt correction, which converts the radii to the values the atoms would have if they were 12-coordinated.
When interpreting the results of a test, it is important to consider the morphine usage history of the individual, since a chronic user can develop tolerance to doses that would incapacitate an opiate-naive individual, and the chronic user often has high baseline values of these metabolites in his system.
When more than two buffer solutions are used the electrode is calibrated by fitting observed pH values to a straight line with respect to standard buffer values.
When parameters are present, the definition actually defines a whole family of functions, one for every valid set of values of the parameters.
When two geometrically similar flow patterns, in perhaps different fluids with possibly different flow rates, have the same values for the relevant dimensionless numbers, they are said to be dynamically similar.
When properly managed, these values are converted into intensities or voltages via gamma correction to correct the inherent nonlinearity of some devices, such that the intended intensities are reproduced on the display.
When sulfide minerals are precipitated, isotopic equilibration among solids and liquid may cause small differences in the δS-34 values of co-genetic minerals.
When the values x < sub > i </ sub > are weighted with unequal weights w < sub > i </ sub >, the power sums s < sub > 0 </ sub >, s < sub > 1 </ sub >, s < sub > 2 </ sub > are each computed as:

When and temperature
When the temperature reached 32-degrees-F all protozoan activity ceased ; ;
When this water level has been reached, inject steam into the wheel until the temperature reaches that shown in Column B of Table 2.
When this water level has been reached, inject steam until the temperature is that shown in Column Aj.
When this water level has been reached inject steam until the temperature is that shown in Column Aj.
When the pressure applied on a parcel of air decreases, the air in the parcel is allowed to expand ; as the volume increases, the temperature falls and internal energy decreases.
When compressed at room temperature to 7 GPa, α-berkelium transforms to the beta modification, which has a face-centered cubic ( fcc ) symmetry and space group Fmm.
When the working liquid is water and the bain-marie is used at sea level, the maximum temperature of the material in the lower container will not exceed 100 degrees Celsius ( 212 F ), the boiling point of water at sea level.
When the partial pressure of is reduced, for example when a can of soda is opened, the equilibrium for each of the forms of carbonate ( carbonate, bicarbonate, carbon dioxide, and carbonic acid ) shifts until the concentration of in the solution is equal to the solubility of CO < sub > 2 </ sub > at that temperature and pressure.
When the temperature is low, the spring winds and closes the valve, which allows the fan to spin at about 20 % to 30 % of the shaft speed.
When a small increment of heat is gained by a calorimetric body, with small increments, of its volume, and of its temperature, the increment of heat,, gained by the body of calorimetric material, is given by
When the temperature decreases again, the rock contracts, causing pieces of the rock to break off.
When the moisture content evaporates during detonation, cooling occurs, which reduces the temperature of reaction.
When a system, for example, n moles of a gas of volume V at pressure p and temperature T, is created or brought to its present state from absolute zero, energy must be supplied equal to its internal energy U plus pV, where pV is the work done in pushing against the ambient ( atmospheric ) pressure.
When the process of escape and return reaches an equilibrium, the vapor is said to be " saturated ," and no further change in either vapor pressure and density or liquid temperature will occur.
When the temperature rises beyond a certain point, called the Curie temperature, there is a second-order phase transition and the system can no longer maintain a spontaneous magnetization, although it still responds paramagnetically to an external field.
" When Groucho himself was on his deathbed, and a nurse came around with a thermometer, explaining that she wanted to see if he had a temperature, he responded, " Don't be silly — everybody has a temperature.
When heat is added to a thermal system, the change in entropy is the increase in mass-energy divided by temperature:
When this insulation is insufficient to maintain body temperature, they may resort to shivering -- rapid muscle contractions that quickly use up ATP, thus stimulating cellular metabolism to replace it and consequently produce more heat.
When the blade of an ice skate passes over the ice, the ice undergoes two kinds of changes in its physical state and a change in temperature due to kinetic friction and the heat of melting.
When the temperature drops below 50 ° F ( 10 ° C ), feeding, particularly with protein, is halted or the food can spoil in their stomachs, causing sickness.
When temperature is changed one of the phases grows, forming different morphologies depending on the temperature change.

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