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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 850
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

When and we
When we opened the door again for business and switched on the lights she said:
When these had been pocketed, we could still spend a morning cracking open other pebbles for our delight in seeing how much prettier they were inside than their dull exteriors indicated.
When we `` forced '' individuals to assume the corporate structure by means of taxes and other legal statutes, we adopted what I would term `` pseudo-capitalism '' and so took a major step toward socialism.
When Peter B. Kyne ( Pride Of Palomar, 43 ) informed us in 1921 that we had an instinctive dislike for the Japanese, did the heated debates of the Californians settle the truth or falsity of the proposition??
When some question arises in the medical field concerning cancer, for instance, we do not turn to free and open discussion as in a political campaign.
When we consider the disorganized state of the world community, and the legacy of predispositions adversely directed against all who are identified as Jews, it is obvious that the struggle for the minds and muscles of men needs to be prosecuted with increasing vigor and skill.
When we turn to Aristotle's ideas on the moral measure of literature, it is at once apparent that he is at times equally concerned about the influence of the art.
When the work was finished, we would walk.
When we went for our walks Lilly's brother would come along every once in a while.
Sir -- When the colonies decided upon freedom from England, we insisted, through the Declaration of Independence, that the nations of the world recognize us as a separate political entity.
When we become firm enough to stand for those ideals which we know to be right, when we become hard enough to refuse to aid nations which do not permit self-determination, when we become strong enough to resist any more drifts towards socialism in our own Nation, when we recognize that our enemy is Communism not war, and when we realize that concessions to Communists do not insure peace or freedom, then, and only then will we no longer be `` soft ''.
When the end did come, and the schools were disbanded and abandoned, we felt and hoped that the machinery of psychological warfare would not be allowed to rust.
When we got there, Trig and the Negro were quarreling over possession of a gold crucifix around the neck of a wounded Filipino.
When he was in the war, he was in Law or Supplies or something like that, and an old buddy of his told me he would come down on Sundays to the Pentagon and read the citations for medals -- just like the one we sent in for Trig -- and go away with a real glow.
When we separated that evening Pat pushed a hundred dollar bill into Eileen's hand to help towards a layette.
When you first acquire a pool, we earnestly recommend -- for your own mental health -- a good long chat with your insurance agent.

When and assert
When did women begin to assert themselves sexually??
When we wish to assert that is a group ( for example, when stating a theorem ), we say that " is a group under ".
When the Revolution opened, some women struck forcefully, using the volatile political climate to assert their active natures.
When Scotland finally paid the ransom in 1424, James, aged 32, returned with his English bride determined to assert this authority.
When the federal government tried to assert authority on behalf of the Cherokees, the governor of Georgia took up arms.
When Richard still did not return from the crusade, John began to assert that his brother was dead or otherwise permanently lost.
When Balaam saw that he could not curse the children of Israel, the Rabbis assert that he advised Balak, as a last resort, to tempt the Hebrew nation to immoral acts and, through these, to the worship of Baal-peor.
When Darius tries to assert his independence from Bagoas ' control, Bagoas attempts to poison him, but the king is warned and forces Bagoas to drink the poison himself.
When an astronomer says " Andromeda Galaxy | M31 is situated in the Andromeda ", this does not assert a proximity of that galaxy to stars of the Andromeda constellation in the space | 3-dimensional space.
When the British government resolved the dispute in New York's favor, the colonial government attempted to assert control over the grants and force residents who had purchased land grants from Wentworth to pay a fee and confirm their titles.
In his Essay on the Theory of the Earth, he did say that " no human bones have yet been found among fossil remains ", but he made it clear exactly what he meant: " When I assert that human bones have not been hitherto found among extraneous fossils, I must be understood to speak of fossils, or petrifactions, properly so called ".
When dealing with the complex networks of interactions presented by ecosystems, one cannot assert positively that there is absolutely no competition between or benefit to either species.
When King Henry tried to assert his independence and dismiss Richard as Protector, Salisbury joined him in fighting at the First Battle of St Albans, claiming that he was acting in self-defence.
When the National Front and the British National Party were led by John Tyndall, his record of involvement in openly Neo-Nazi groups made it far easier to assert that the National Front and BNP were fascist or Neo-Nazi in nature.
When Frederick Barbarossa descended into Italy to assert his authority, Cremona sided with him in order to gain his support against Crema, which had rebelled with the help of Milan.
When Napoleon showed himself eager to blame the still powerful Jacobins, Fouché firmly declared that he would not only assert but would prove that the outrage was the work of Royalists.
One year later, Philip of Alsace had his protégé married to his niece, Isabelle of Hainaut, offering the County of Artois and other Flemish territories as dowry, much to the dismay of Baldwin V. When Louis VII died, Philip II began to assert his independence.
When slaves attempted to assert power through leaving the plantations or disobeying their masters, they were subjected to this violence in the form of whippings, which were a personal lesson and a warning for other slaves, and more extreme torture such as castration or burning.
When the central government was weaker, however – such as during foreign invasions or civil wars – individual nomes would assert themselves and establish hereditary lines of succession.
When a registrant chooses a domain name, the registrant must " represent and warrant ", among other things, that registering the name " will not infringe upon or otherwise violate the rights of any third party ", and agree to participate in an arbitration-like proceeding should any third party assert such a claim.
When a group member does not feel that his / her effort is justified in the context of the overall group, the individual will be less willing to assert the effort.
When two riparian owners assert competing claims over the exercise of certain water rights, courts applying the reasonable use doctrine generally attempt to measure the economic value of the water rights to each owner.
When the device has multiple interrupt outputs to assert, it asserts them in the order of their relative priority.
When the three main leaders of coup died of old age and natural causes eight years later, Jungjong began to assert his authority and carried out a large-scale reformation of the government with help of Jo Gwang-jo and other Sarim scholars.

When and value
When solving an equation that involves division as well as other steps, do all the division steps first to reduce those parts of the equation to their numerical value.
When surplus land is not expensive to buy or to keep up, it is usually better to buy it than to buy so small an acreage that the development of adjoining properties might impair the residential value of the farm.
When a man invests a block of his years at a university without gaining the coveted promotion, not only is he faced with the problem of starting over but there is also a certain depreciation in the market value of his services.
When bearing off, a player may also move a lower die roll before the higher even if that means ' the full value of the higher die ' is not fully utilized.
When a player decides to double the opponent, the value is then a double of whatever face value is shown ( e. g. if two automatic doubles have occurred putting the cube up to 4, the first in-game double will be for 8 points ).
When Attlee died, his estate was sworn for probate purposes at a value of £ 7, 295, a relatively modest sum for so prominent a figure.
When U and V are two independent normally distributed random variables with expected value 0 and variance 1, then the ratio U / V has the standard Cauchy distribution.
When the appropriate conditions above are satisfied a system is said to be asymptotically stable: the variables of an asymptotically stable control system always decrease from their initial value and do not show permanent oscillations.
* Granularity: When a continuously variable analog value is represented in digital form there is always a decision as to the number of symbols to be assigned to that value.
When waves are added together, their sum is determined by the relative phases as well as the amplitudes of the individual waves so that the summed amplitude of the waves can have any value between zero and the sum of the individual amplitudes.
When investors and managers perform DCF analysis, the important thing is that the net present value of the decision after discounting all future cash flows at least be positive ( more than zero ).
When a castle appears on the event die, progress cards of the corresponding type may be drawn depending on the value of the red die.
When used to represent carried traffic, a value ( which can be a non-integer such as 43. 5 ) followed by “ erlangs ” represents the average number of concurrent calls carried by the circuits ( or other service-providing elements ), where that average is calculated over some reasonable period of time.
When used to describe offered traffic, a value followed by “ erlangs ” represents the average number of concurrent calls that would have been carried if there were an unlimited number of circuits ( that is, if the call-attempts that were made when all circuits were in use had not been rejected ).
" When land replaced currency as the primary store of value, the Germanic word * fehu-ôd replaced the Latin word beneficium.
When businesspeople perceive that the issuer is committed to a policy of rapid currency expansion, they mark up prices to cover the expected decay in the currency's value.
When storing records in a large unsorted file, one may use a hash function to map each record to an index into a table T, and collect in each bucket T a list of the numbers of all records with the same hash value i. Once the table is complete, any two duplicate records will end up in the same bucket.
When this approach is used, the hash function must be chosen so that the result has fairly uniform distribution between 0 and n − 1, for any value of n that may occur in the application.
When this involves having sex with, or performing certain actual sexual acts for another person in exchange for money or something of value, it is called prostitution.
When both the DSAP and the SSAP are set to the hexadecimal value 0xAA ( or 0xAB, if the low-order bit of the field is set ), the SNAP service is requested.
When speaking in terms of a labor theory of value, value, without any qualifying adjective should theoretically refer to the amount of labor necessary to the production of a marketable commodity, including the labor necessary to the development of any real capital employed in the production.

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