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Page "religion" ¶ 67
from Brown Corpus
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Some Related Sentences

Whenever and New
Whenever possible, he played baseball with the Orange Athletic Club in New Jersey, a team of former collegiate players that was one of the best amateur teams in the country.
Whenever the two flew from Auckland to Wellington, sympathetic NAC and Air New Zealand staff ensured the two leaders were seated next to each other.
Whenever the media of New York needed to find some example of urban despair, they traveled to Newark.

Whenever and England
Whenever a man holds the title, he is styled the Premier Baron of England.
" Whenever any goods, chattels, bonds, debentures, promissory notes, bills of exchange, books of account, papers, writings, valuable securities or other personal property or effects have been wrongfully distrained under circumstances in which by the law of England replevin might be made, the person so complaining of such distress as unlawful, may obtain a writ of replevin in the manner prescribed by this Act ”

Whenever and is
Whenever the Secretary of the Treasury, or the Comptroller General of the United States, as the case may be, shall find that any person is entitled to any such payment, after such payment shall have been received by such person, it shall be an absolute bar to recovery by any other person against the United States, its officers, agents, or employees with respect to such payment.
Whenever there is a thaw or a few sunny days, you'll be likely to find a brave little blossom or two.
Whenever his or her punishments or rewards are over he or she is sent back to earth, also known as " Martyalok " or human world.
Whenever any result is sought by its aid, the question will then arise — By what course of calculation can these results be arrived at by the machine in the shortest time?
Whenever one is incorporated into him by grace through faith, one comes to share in Jesus ' special status as chosen of God.
Whenever a player accepts doubled stakes, the cube is placed on his side of the board with the corresponding power of two facing upward.
Whenever the first non-suit is a " queen ask ", then the next non-suit asks to bid 5NT.
Whenever one talks about the size, color, weight, composition, and so forth, of an object, one is talking about the properties of that object.
Whenever a relative atomic mass value differs by more than 1 % from a whole number, it is due to this averaging effect resulting from significant amounts of more than one isotope being naturally present in the sample of the element in question.
Whenever this happens, the above expression is undefined because it involves division by zero.
Whenever g ( x ) is not equal to g ( a ), this is clear because the factors of cancel.
Underblocking: Whenever new information is uploaded to the Internet, filters can under block content if the parties responsible for maintaining the filters do not update them quickly and accurately, and a blacklisting rather than a whitelisting filtering policy is in place.
The logical positivist interpretation is that Hume analyses causal propositions, such as " A caused B ", in terms of regularities in perception: " A caused B " is equivalent to " Whenever A-type events happen, B-type ones follow ", where " whenever " refers to all possible perceptions.
Whenever a door is opened outwards there is a risk that it could strike another person.
* John D. Caputo attempts to explain deconstruction in a nutshell by stating that: " Whenever deconstruction finds a nutshell — a secure axiom or a pithy maxim — the very idea is to crack it open and disturb this tranquility.
Whenever the leading capital letter designation is missing, this is interpreted as being an informal form with an implicit " A " unless otherwise explicitly stated.
Therefore whenever ( G ) appears before another representative lowercase letter ( subject ), the statement would read, " It is always Going to be the case ..." and whenever ( F ) appears before another subject, the statement would read, " At sometime in the Future it will be the case ...." Whenever ( H ) appears before another subject, the statement would read, " It Has always been the case ..." and whenever ( P ) appears before another subject, the statement would read, " At sometime in the Past it has been the case ...."
Whenever a head of state is not available for any reason, constitutional provisions may allow the role to fall temporarily to an assigned person or collective body.

Whenever and reminded
One night, after the children were asleep, Minokichi said to Oyuki: " Whenever I see you, I am reminded of a mysterious incident that happened to me.

Whenever and Parker
Whenever a situation arose that called for disguise as a woman, it was usually Tinker or Mister Parker that would end up dressing in drag.

Whenever and on
Whenever two or more standard broadcast stations operate simultaneously on the same or closely adjacent frequencies, each interferes to some extent with reception of the other.
Whenever Potter went on holiday to the Lake District or Scotland, she sent letters to young friends illustrating them with quick sketches.
# Whenever one body exerts a force F onto a second body, the second body exerts the force − F on the first body.
Whenever it reads a set pixel, it toggles filling mode on or off.
Whenever these Viking ships ran aground in shallow waters, the Vikings would reportedly turn them on their sides and drag them across the shallows into deeper waters.
Whenever he encountered British merchants or fur-traders, Céloron informed them of the French claims on the territory and told them to leave.
Book closure Date Whenever a company announces a dividend pay-out, it also announces a date on which the company will ideally temporarily close its books for fresh transfers of stock.
In response to a question on whether the Third Army's rapid offensive across France should be slowed to reduce the number of U. S. casualties, Patton replied " Whenever you slow anything down, you waste human lives.
Whenever a node needs to send data to another node on a network, it must first know where to send it.
Whenever natural fletching is used, the feathers on any one arrow must come from the same side of the bird.
" Whenever there was a shortage of fodder, Cyrus could get some on account of his having a lot helpers and his forethought.
The 1989 album, Avalon Sunset, which featured the hit duet with Cliff Richard " Whenever God Shines His Light " and the ballad " Have I Told You Lately " ( on which " earthly love transmutes into that for God.
Whenever Rukeyser was on vacation or otherwise absent, one of the show's regular panelists would fill in.
Whenever there are two people on Redemption Island there is a duel where the winner remains on the island and the losers are eliminated and must remove their buff and throw it into a small fire pit upon exiting.
Whenever Ndengei shakes himself fertilising rain will fall, delicious fruits hang on the trees, and the yam fields yield an excellent crop.
Whenever venturing into dangerous territory, Dave often rescues himself with a one-liner, " and I don't even know what that means " or " I wouldn't give his troubles to a monkey on a rock!
Whenever the conditions are right, ice boat s appear on the Navesink River | Navesink.
In the song " We Can Get Together " on the album Heaven is Whenever, The Hold Steady sing " she said Heavenly were cool, I think they were from Oxford.
Whenever someone is accused of infidelity, Don Francisco puts that person on a lie detector test, conducted by Joe Harper, a Miami-based polygraphist.
Whenever an obese contestant performs on the competition, Don Francisco frequently referenced Ritmo Dieta, a Zumba-style weight loss competition similar to Póngale Ritmo.
Whenever something becomes a success, everyone would jump on the bandwagon, this is very frightening.
Whenever the economy gets hit hard, one of the first thing to go is people's giving, and last on that list of things people give to is the arts because they feel it's not essential.

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