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Where and individual
Where responsible behavior is prevented by social conditions, or is simply beyond the ability of an individual, the conspiracy theory facilitates the emotional discharge or closure that such emotional challenges ( after Erving Goffman ) require.
Where the goal of Dianetics is to rid the individual of his reactive mind engrams, the stated goal of Scientology is to rehabilitate the individual's spiritual nature so that he may reach his full potential.
Where Hegel argues that an ultimate understanding of the logical structure of the world is an understanding of the logical structure of God's mind, Kierkegaard asserting that for God reality can be a system but it cannot be so for any human individual because both reality and humans are incomplete and all philosophical systems imply completeness.
Where many other denominations, including Roman Catholics, Protestant Episcopalians, Lutherans, and Unitarians, believed that the ill-effects of liquor should be controlled by self-discipline and individual restraint, Methodists believed that it was the duty of the government to enforce restrictions on the use of alcohol.
Where an EUN individual won a medal, the national flag of the medallist's nation was raised rather than the Olympic flag, and a gold medallist's national anthem was played rather than the Olympic Hymn.
Where the signals passing through the actual device are modulated sinusoidal voltage waveforms ( e. g., RF amplifier ), device nonlinearities can be expressed in terms of how they affect individual sinusoidal signal components.
Where X equals the height multiplied by the width, the first X indices in the array are Y ' values that correspond to each individual pixel.
Where Muybridge's system relied on a series of cameras triggered to produce a sequence of individual photographs, Eakins preferred to use a single camera to produce a series of exposures on one negative.
Where first generation fantasy role-playing games such as Dungeons & Dragons restricted players to particular character classes, DragonQuest was one of the first games to utilize a system that emphasized skills, allowing more individual customization and a wider range of options.
# Where an individual can take the gun
Where many scholars will argue that all of the poems in the Vercelli are in fact Cynewulf's, the noted German scholar Franz Dietrich demonstrates that the similarities between Cynewulf's " Elene " and The Dream of the Rood reveals that the two must have been authored by the same individual.
Where a state entity moves to accommodate the right to individual religious expression under the latter clause, opponents of that " expression " may cite such accommodation as state " promotion " of one religious activity over another.
Where they exist, such individual councils are usually part of a larger organization called, variously, Residence Hall Association, Resident Students Association, or Junior Common Room Committee which typically provides funds and oversees the individual building council.
Where they exist, such individual councils are usually part of a larger organization called, variously, Residence Hall Association, Resident Students Association, or Junior Common Room Committee which typically provides funds and oversees the individual building council.
Where detailed information is needed on individual movements, tiny radio transmitters can be fitted on to birds.
Where several teams work together, such as the different staff shifts on an individual prison wing, there will be an overall supervisor with the new position of Prison Service Manager ( previously the rank of Principal Prison Officer closed in 2010 ).
* Where sufficient channel is available to have individual traffic directions on each side the likelihood of vessel-to-vessel collisions is reduced.
Where previously albums were purchased as collections of songs, often with a common theme, the rise of individual song downloads may have significant impact on consumers ' exposure to an artist's music.
* Where contemporaries look for balance in life and subordination of the will of the individual ( whether to God, or society, or both ), Gottfried appears to exalt love as the supreme value, regardless of social consequences and heedless of the sinful nature of Tristan and Isolde's adultery.
They sounded at times like post-punk / dance group New Order, and a summation of this stage of their career can be found on their first studio album, Where It Is, which is a compilation of previously released material, consisting of singles and related B-Sides, pressed onto one individual long playing work.
Where a legal system would appear to require an impossible proof, the remedies are reversing the burden of proof, or giving additional rights to the individual facing the probatio diabolica.
Where symbolic capital is earned on an individual basis and may fluctuate widely between members in a community, social capital is the overarching sense of trust and cooperation that actors in an environment possess in between one another.

Where and uses
Where he does not specify, it is still possible to identify books that he must have had access to by quotations that he uses.
Where the etching technique uses a needle to make lines that retain ink, aquatint relies on powdered rosin which is acid resistant in the ground to create a tonal effect.
Where the old system uses < č, š, ž, št, j, ă >, the new system uses < ch, sh, zh, sht, y, a >.
Where the engraving technique uses a needle to make lines that print in black ( or whatever colour ink is used ), aquatint uses powdered rosin to create a tonal effect.
Baby Cow Productions ' latest venture is Where Are the Joneses, an online sitcom which uses wiki technology to allow the audience to upload scripts and storyline ideas.
* One ball skittler ( Bristol, Worcestershire ): Where a player uses only one ball to good effect.
Where the Turner version uses a walking bass line, the Comets version, produced by Milt Gabler of Decca Records, features an energetic slap bass.
Where the Gregorian chant is no longer syllabic but uses ligatures and melismes, both voices proceed in a rhythmic mode.
John Mayer uses one on his cd / DVD Where the Light Is during the main concert and extra features.
Where the standard has “ pf ”, Kölsch uses “ p ”, as do Lower German and English.
" The " Heavenly Questions " chapter of the Chu Ci uses Shu and Hu as one name: " Where are the hornless dragons which carry bears on their backs for sport?
Where z-fighting is caused by different transformation paths in hardware for the same geometry ( for example in a multi-pass rendering scheme ) it can sometimes be resolved by requesting that the hardware uses invariant vertex transformation.
Where Euler's Method uses the forward difference approximation to the first derivative in differential equations of order one, Verlet Integration can be seen as using the central difference approximation to the second derivative:
Where URL rewriting is possible, XOOPS often uses redirects that may confuse search engines.
Where many other languages refer to tables, rows, and columns / fields, SAS uses the terms data sets, observations, and variables ( although in some of the GUI applications, it is not consistent with these terms, sometimes referring to columns and rows ).
Where a user legitimately uses alternative accounts, the alternative accounts should be clearly identified by the user.
Where the first novel focuses on masks, Yaka uses a traditional wooden statue utilized by the yakas, social organizations dedicated to the prosecution of war, to structure the narrative.
Where a channel reference is warranted, it uses " Channel 9 "-its primary cable channel number on most cable systems in southwestern British Columbia.
Early uses of the term include the 1925 jazz recording by Johnny Bayersdorffer's Jazzola Novelty Orchestra entitled " I Wonder Where My Easy Rider's Riding Now " ( later covered by Mae West ).
The land uses implied by the mix of activities were allocated from “ Where is the land available ?” and “ What ’ s the use now ?” Considerations.
Where SHAM is limited to low resolution HAM modes, Dynamic HiRes uses the 4bitplane ( 16 colour ) high resolution modes.
Where normal mouse control uses single-click for selection and double-click to open / edit / etc, the xmouse system automatically selects objects after hovering the mouse over the object for a certain period of time ( often one second ).

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