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Where and being
Where different groups are being discussed and compared, denotes the identity of the specific group.
Where & subject is the string being scanned, and & pos is the cursor or current position within the subject string.
# Where the witness is hostile to the examiner, or reluctant or unwilling to testify, in which situation the witness is unlikely to accept being " coached " by the questioner.
Where there have been more than one candidates, all candidates are officially vetted before being able to stand for candidacy and the system has frequently been structured to give advantage to official candidates over others.
Where Nestorianism holds that Christ had two loosely-united natures, divine and human, monophysitism holds that he had but a single nature, his human nature being absorbed into his divinity.
This can render occupying the corner largely useless, and often much worse than that because of loss of tempo ( Where it is an issue of running out of desirable moves and being forced to make undesirable ones, the grabbing of a corner may give the opponent not only the wedging response but also a follow-up move which one cannot respond to practically ).
Where possible, local enemies of the party being attacked were invited by the British to accompany them as allies.
While many networks followed the show's success by scheduling other cartoons in the early 1960s, including Scooby-Doo, Where Are You !, The Jetsons, Top Cat, and The Alvin Show, none of these programs survived more than a year ( save Scooby-Doo, which, despite not being a primetime cartoon, has managed to stay afloat for over four decades ).
Where a fence or hedge has an adjacent ditch, the ditch is normally in the same ownership as the hedge or fence, with the ownership boundary being the edge of the ditch furthest from the fence or hedge.
Where Henny plays the role of the observer, Ernst's lyrics witness a left-engaged ladies ' man being a stranger in his father's land ( the Indonesia-themed Ruma Saya ) and having intimate moments with a girl whose heart belongs to someone else ( Alice ).
Where borrow pits containing suitable material are accessible at an elevation such that the earth can be sluiced to the fill after being washed from the bank by high-pressure nozzles, hydraulic fill is likely to be the most economic method of construction.
Where the naval bombardment had set grass fires burning, as it had at Dog Red opposite the Les Moulins strongpoint, the smoke obscured the landing troops and prevented effective fire from being laid down by the defenders.
Where these drugs are being created is a federal lab called Project JOOTS, where Irmageddon's husband just happens to work.
Where Greenberg used the German word kitsch to describe the antithesis of avant-garde culture, members of the Frankfurt School coined the term mass culture to indicate that this bogus culture is constantly being manufactured by a newly emerged Culture industry ( comprising commercial publishing houses, the movie industry, the record industry, the electronic media ).
Where these activities are under the control of an operational commander and being applied for the purpose of situational awareness, threat recognition, or EM targeting, they also serve the purpose of Electronic Warfare surveillance ( ES ).
Where the improvisation is intended to solve a problem on a temporary basis, the " proper " solution being unavailable at the time, it may be known as a stop-gap.
Jennings has collaborated on many songs for films, the most notable songs being " Up Where We Belong " for An Officer and a Gentleman, a song which won the Academy Award in America and the BAFTA ( British Academy Award ) in the United Kingdom and was a number one hit for Joe Cocker and Jennifer Warnes.
In " Baby Looney Tunes ", he is shunned and ridicued by the other babies ( except for Taz ) for being " weird ", as he is too shy to speak to them, before they befriend him upon seeing how helpful he is, and later in songs Including " Oh Where oh where has my Marvin Gone " ( Based on the Children's song Oh Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone ).
Where the measures of the test are consensual only to the party being measured, the test is created by the same value system as the action in question and can result only in a positive proof.
Where the Commission feels there has been mismanagement or maladministration, it can sanction the trustees, removing them, appointing new ones or temporarily taking the trust property itself to prevent harm being done.
His naturalistic performance led to director Fred Zinneman's being asked, " Where did you find a soldier who can act so well?

Where and noun
Where a singular noun ends in a sibilant sound —,,,, orthe plural is formed by adding.
# Where the embedded clause is placed relative to the head noun ( in the process indicating which noun phrase in the main clause is modified ).

Where and is
Where then is the sound planning and cooperation between agencies within the community that you have called for in other editorials??
As Sir Giles Overreach ( how often had he had to play that part, who did not believe a word of it ), he raised his arm and declaimed: `` Where is my honour now ''??
`` Where is everyone??
Where we end our journey is always the same.
Where the pool excels is in its compilation of maintenance and cost-data studies and analyses.
Where a building permit is required, find out what you must present when applying for one.
Where boundary maintenance describes the boundaries or limits of the group, systemic linkage is defined `` as the process whereby one or more of the elements of at least two social systems is articulated in such a manner that the two systems in some ways and on some occasions may be viewed as a single unit.
Where there is comparison or contrast, dominant stresses normally operate to center attention.
Where flexural strength is an important factor, be sure that your urethane foam processor is aware of it.
Where a growing season may, with luck, allow 60 days without frost, and where the soil is poor, sandy, quick-drying and subject to erosion, many farmers fail.
Where sewing is concerned, I'm a total loss.
Where it is not actually erupting, it rumbles and smolders in sullen resentment like a volcano, ready to explode at any moment.
Where there is a left-hand entry in the ledger, there is a right-hand one, he remembered from his school days.
Where there is a victim, there is a killer.
Where is he ''??
`` Where is that ''??
Since the hero, a sterling and upright fellow, is a rich Brown senior, while two Yalies are cast as virtual rapists, I suppose I should disqualify myself from sitting in judgment on `` Where The Boys Are '', but I shall do nothing of the sort.
Where is everybody ''??
Where a lake has formed within the basin, the water body is usually saline as a result of the internal drainage — the water has no outlet to the sea.
Where territory is occupied in the course of hostilities by an enemy's force, even if the annexation of the occupied country is proclaimed by the enemy, there can be no change of allegiance during the progress of hostilities on the part of a citizen of the occupied country ( R v Vermaak ( 1900 ) 21 NLR 204 ( South Africa )).

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