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Whether and actually
Whether Henry actually intended to bring about the assassination of Becket is debatable, but there is no question that at the time of the murder, the two men were embroiled in a bitter dispute regarding the power of Royal Courts to exercise jurisdiction over former clergymen.
Whether the marriage actually took place is not recorded.
Whether they were actually lovers is unknown, but their destruction of their letters to each other may point to something beyond mere privacy.
Whether the horti Maecenatiani bought by Fronto actually were the former gardens of Maecenas is unknown, and the domus Frontoniana mentioned in the twelfth century by Magister Gregorius may also refer to the gardens of Maecenas.
Whether or not the German-Polish invasion of Bohemia actually happened, the friendly relations between the Czechs and the Poles came to an end.
Whether Stalin's practices actually followed the principles of Karl Marx and Lenin is still a subject of debate among historians and political scientists.
Whether the two T-72s were actually delivered, or their final fate, remains unknown.
Whether a reaction actually will go in the arbitrarily-selected forward direction or not depends on the amounts of the substances present at any given time, which determines the kinetics and thermodynamics, i. e., whether equilibrium lies to the right or the left.
Whether he actually existed is commonly disputed ; however, the work attributed to him – the Daodejing – is dated to the late 4th century BC.
Whether or not this has actually happened, or if the concept is simply feasible enough for most people to imagine the result without needing it to be demonstrated, is unknown.
Whether Blanca and Valentino actually had a romantic relationship is unknown, but when the de Saulles couple divorced, Valentino took the stand to support Blanca de Saulles ' claims of infidelity on her husband's part.
Whether fida ' is were actually trained or dispatched by Nizari leaders is unconfirmed, but scholars including Vladimir Ivanov purport that the assassination of key figures including Saljuq vizier Nizam al-Mulk likely provided encouraging impetus to others in the community who sought to secure the Nizaris from political aggression.
However, satellite data show that cloud optical thickness actually increases with increasing temperature .< ref name = tselioudis-1992 > Whether the net effect is warming or cooling depends on details such as the type and altitude of the cloud ; details that are difficult to represent in climate models.
Whether he actually died in this way remains a mystery and is much debated.
Whether the problem is actually a paradox is disputed.
Whether or not his brothers ( all dignified members of the British foreign service ) actually considered young William the " black sheep of the family " for having become an actor, Karloff himself apparently worried they did feel that way.
Whether this order was actually given is disputed ; Medina was acquitted of all charges relating to the incident at a separate trial in August 1971.
Whether he actually held the doctrine which was afterwards called by that name is not clear.
They included an Epitome of Herodotus's History ( Whether this work is actually his is debated ), the Hellenics, the History of Philip, and several panegyrics and hortatory addresses, the chief of which was the Letter to Alexander.
Whether technical analysis actually works is a matter of controversy.
Whether Vacarius actually started a school in Theobald's household is unclear, but in the 1140s he taught briefly at Oxford.
Whether or not he actually solicited military aid, Nabû-nāṣir seems to have been the main beneficiary of these actions as his regime was stabilized and he was subsequently able to put down a revolt in Borsippa.
Whether this broadcast actually took place is disputed.
Whether it was actually an improvement or not is still debated among audiophiles.

Whether and do
Whether he sang well or badly had nothing to do with it.
" Grammer later told Maxim, " Whether or not you ’ re a celebrity — even if you ’ re just an old slob with a video camera — you don ’ t realize you shouldn ’ t do it.
Concluding quickly that since a writ of mandamus, by definition, was the correct judicial means to order an official of the United States ( in this case, the Secretary of State ) to do something required of him ( in this case, deliver a commission ), Marshall devotes the remainder of his inquiry at the second part of the question: " Whether it writ can issue from this court.
Whether these poems are meant to be autobiographical is not known, although elements of other parts of Sappho's life do make appearances in her work, and it would be compatible with her style to have these intimate encounters expressed poetically, as well.
" adding that " Whether they are predictable or not, we do not cause our causes.
Whether or not I love him, I do not know, but it seems to me that I do .” She married Gumilev in Kiev in April 1910 ; however, none of Akhmatova ’ s family attended the wedding.
Whether VGKC antibodies play a pathogenic role in the encephalopathy as they do in the peripheral nervous system is as yet unclear.
Whether father or mother, one must create, do something positive in their life, as the Supreme Good is a " generative power ".
Whether all of these orders represent relatives of the Passeriformes is uncertain, but not well-supported by more recent data ; however the bulk of evidence supports the hypothesis that most do indeed form a clade that also includes the Passeriformes.
Whether these are set, and what they are set to do, is up to the person who controls the computer running Squid.
Whether or not a radio source is expanding supersonically, it must do work against the external medium in expanding, and so it puts energy into heating and lifting the external plasma.
Whether to do certain operations in the database or outside may involve a trade-off.
Whether he did this because he was afraid to test his power or because he refused to do anything which would have given the Senate pretext to initiate violence remains unknown.
Whether all have become public I do not know, but I seriously suggest to the Government that the best way of clearing our honour in this matter is officially to publish the whole of the engagements relating to the matter, which we entered into during the war.
Whether they have any extant function or not, they have lost their former function and in that sense they do fit the definition of vestigiality.
Whether they do or not, by the end of their larval development all that remain are the pericardial, renal, and gonadal cavities of the adults.
O ' Brien later wrote: " Whether Home Rule is to have a future will depend upon the extent to which the Nationalists in combination with Ulster Covenanters, do their part in the firing line on the fields of France ".
Whether it is a local plumber or a government plumber the job is very difficult to accomplish and when they finally do come around to fixing the pipes it could potentially end up causing more issues such as more flooding, traffic around the area of construction, and a long wait for the resident to go with out water.
Whether this makes good or bad historiography is another matter, and one I do not propose to investigate here.
Whether writing for himself and Jane or for another performer, Ace's rating system of how well a script would do was based on the number of cigars he smoked while writing it.
Whether these diet restrictions are beneficial is uncertain ; recent studies have stated that nuts and popcorn do not contribute positively or negatively to patients with diverticulosis or diverticular complications.
Whether I shall finish it and whether it will come out successfully I do not know, but I would like very much to bring what I have begun to a successful conclusion ...
Whether politics and religion had something to do with it I don't know, but they behaved like animals.

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