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While and wins
While the wasted vote effect is strongest when a party wins by narrow margins across multiple districts, gerrymandering narrow margins can be risky when voters are less predictable.
While the Giants have more wins in franchise history, both National League West teams are tied for the most National League pennants with 21, and both teams have each won six World Series titles.
While the Thrashers ' playoff hopes were done for the year, they finished second in the Southeast Division to Tampa Bay and tenth in the Eastern Conference, only a handful of wins away from the playoffs.
While it is common to think of the electoral votes impersonally, as mere numbers, the Electoral College is in fact made up of real people ( usually party regulars of the party whose candidate wins each state ) with the capacity to adapt to unusual situations.
While by standard implementation the first matching robots. txt pattern always wins, Google's implementation differs in that Allow patterns with equal or more characters in the directive path win over a matching Disallow pattern.
While Maryland finished the year with only 2 wins, White did little worth noting during that year.
While filming the movie in Arkansas, Remick lived with a local family and practiced baton twirling so that she would be believable as the teenager who wins the attention of Lonesome Rhodes ( played by Andy Griffith ).
While the ABA overall had a winning record vs. the NBA in head to head competition, the Stars had an overall record of 7 wins and 9 losses against NBA teams.
While performing, Miho's outfit changes into her previous designs, and it seems that she wins.
While 10 wins is usually enough to make the playoffs, this time it wasn't, and San Francisco ended up not playing in the postseason for the first time since 1982.
While he posted 30 wins against them during his career, they bested him 36 times.
While the 1988 Lakers did not produce as many wins in the regular season as the 1987 Lakers, they still managed to win the NBA title, becoming the first team in 19 years to repeat as champions.
While he gave up the most hits, earned runs and home runs of any pitcher in the 1980s, he also started the most games, pitched the most innings and had the most wins of any pitcher in that decade.
While on the space fortress, Minmay wins the Miss Macross beauty pageant and is propelled into celebrity.
While restarting play, the scrum serves to keep the forwards in one area of the field for a time, thus creating more space for back play and special plays, an advantage to the side that wins the scrum.
While Daz became a life member of the Stockport County Supporters Trust after he released ' The County Song '; The song pays tribute to Stockport County's football league record of nine consecutive wins without conceding a goal.
While Zimonjić is known as a doubles specialist, he has recorded two big wins in his singles career.
While with the Leafs, he had three consecutive seasons of 30 + wins, he was twice runner-up for the Vezina Trophy in 1999 and 2000, a finalist for the Lester B. Pearson Award in 1999, and won the King Clancy Memorial Trophy in 2000.
While a Conservative victory was thought likely, the scale of the victory surprised many people ; the Conservative wins in Camden, Greenwich, Hammersmith and Haringey were particularly impressive.
While apprenticed to Sharrock, Walker won 653 races, most in New Zealand ( a record 631 wins ), but also in Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Japan, Singapore and Macau.
While Faldo's professional individual tournament wins ( 39 ) pale in quantity to that of contemporaries Greg Norman, Seve Ballesteros, and Bernhard Langer, the prestige and stature of his successes are impressive, and he has more major victories than any of these players.
While playing, Bunton also spent the 1936 VFL season as senior coach at Fitzroy, but could only manage two wins.
While at first upset that Lizzie has grown up, Fred agrees to help Lizzie become happy again, which she believes will only happen when she wins back her husband.
While having similar victory conditions with Greco-Roman and freestyle, such as wins by fall, decision, injury, and disqualification, victory conditions in collegiate wrestling differ on some points from the international styles:
While Lindsay wins, the Arena leaves both him and Constantine catatonic.

While and worldly
While he is worldly, the musician often cultivates public attitudes of childlike astonishment and naivete.
While going off to war in 1204, Francis had a vision that directed him back to Assisi, where he lost his taste for his worldly life.
While awaiting its convocation, he thought to remove the more serious defects by a reform of the monasteries, which had become exceedingly worldly in spirit and from which many of the inmates were departing.
While the latter attacked him and sought ecclesiastical censure, he recommended himself to the former by his criticism of the worldly possessions of the clergy.
Coddington was usually at odds with Roger Williams, who described him in a letter, several years after the founding of Portsmouth ( 1638 ) as, "... a worldly man, a selfish man, nothing for public, but all for himself and private ..." While highly critical of Coddington for obtaining a commission to govern Aquidneck Island separately from Providence and Warwick, Rhode Island historian and Lieutenant Governor Samuel G. Arnold had this to say of him: " He was a man of vigorous intellect, of strong passions, earnest in whatever he undertood, and self-reliant in all his actions.
While Balzac sought the comprehensive scope of Dante, his title indicates the worldly, human concerns of a realist novelist.

While and pursuits
While they can be considered completely independent intellectual pursuits, increasingly scholars are interested in the areas of critique where the two overlap.
While in southern Africa, he engaged in a broad variety of scientific pursuits free from a sense of strong obligations to a larger scientific community.
While it is commonly accepted that the foundations of chemistry are based in physics, and microbiology is rooted in chemistry, similar statements become controversial when one considers less rigorously defined intellectual pursuits.
While Zschokke appeared as one of the most distinguished and energetic public men in Switzerland, he still found time to cultivate his favorite literary pursuits, and it is chiefly by his numerous writings, historical and fictitious, that he became known to the world at large.
While he remained fond of hunting, he also enjoyed more academic pursuits in his downtime including reading and writing poetry and playing the piano and accordion.
While Cixi handled all state affairs, Ci ' an gave herself up to literary pursuits and led the life of a student.
While Godfrey was a great fan of technology, including aviation and aerospace developments, he also found time for pursuits of an earlier era.
While the Community of Christ is somewhat more in line doctrinally with mainline Protestantism, they also believe in the Book of Mormon and an open scriptural canon, and place great emphasis upon peacemaking and similar pursuits.
While Luigi made few demands on him, allowing him considerable time for his own musical pursuits, he paid him the tiny salary of only five scudi a month, about which Marenzio complained in the dedication ( to Bianca Capello, Grand Duchess of Tuscany ) of his Libro terzo a sei ( 1585 ).
While on the SS America, they obtained information about the movement of ships and military defense preparations at the Panama Canal, observed and reported defense preparations in the Canal Zone, and met with other German Agents to advise them in their espionage pursuits.
While engaging to some extent in the traditional pursuits of whaling and sealing with harpoons and spears, they were primarily employed in the harvest of fur-bearing animals, notably sea otters and fur seals.
While both the international leisure travel industry ( particularly outdoor activities based vacations ) and the boating industry have boomed in the last decade, so too has the bareboat charter industry which incorporates both of these pursuits.
While ruling, he continued with significant educational pursuits, mainly history and poetry.
While each agency pursues its own mandate, all of them work together within the overarching framework of the Aga Khan Development Network so that their different pursuits can interact and reinforce one another.
While Fullmer always had artistic and musical inclinations — drawing, painting, building and playing musical instruments — his parents were not convinced that such creative pursuits were ever going to amount to anything, hoping that one day he'd " get that out of his system .” Nevertheless, Fullmer continued to proceed along an artistic path and made a name for himself in several creative circles.
While following these literary pursuits he made two or three journeys to Russia, and formed numerous acquaintances among the literary classes there.
While it is postulated ( by Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier in The Morning of the Magicians in 1960 and by Gerald Suster in Hitler and the Age of Horus in 1981 ) that occult elements played an important role in the formative phase of Nazism, and of the SS in particular, after his rise to power Adolf Hitler discouraged such pursuits.
While his brother Nick left the group, Tommy DeVito continued his musical pursuits, reforming and realigning the group.

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