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While and Henry
While neighbor women assumed some of the dead mother's duties, fund-raising events were being planned by a homeowners association and a student council for the hard-hit Henry Kowalski family, 34220 Viceroy.
While Wesley freely made use of the term " Arminian ," he did not self-consciously root his soteriology in the theology of Arminius but was highly influenced by 17th-century English Arminianism and thinkers such as John Goodwin, Jeremy Taylor and Henry Hammond of the Anglican " Holy Living " school, and the Remonstrant Hugo Grotius.
While the tunnel was being built, the railroad operated to a temporary terminal at Pacific Street and Henry Street.
While Henry VII and his councillors expected her to be easily manipulated, Catherine went on to prove them wrong.
While other philosophers have developed two-stage models, including William James, Henri Poincaré, Arthur Holly Compton, and Henry Margenau, Dennett defends this model for the following reasons:
While he volunteered for militia service in 1757 in response to French movements resulting in the Siege of Fort William Henry, his unit received word while en route that the fort had fallen, and turned back.
While at Reims, Callistus tried to effect a settlement with Henry I of England and his brother Robert.
While Pepys provides an account of the Plague through his diary, Henry Foe's nephew Daniel Defoe published A Journal of the Plague Year, a fictional account of the plague, in 1722, possibly based on Foe's journals.
While Henry was dallying in France, Catherine, who was serving as regent in his absence, and his advisers were left to deal with this threat.
While Pei and Musho were coordinating the Dallas project, their associate Henry Cobb had taken the helm for a commission in Boston.
While the ports of Burlington, Vermont ; Port Henry, New York ; and Plattsburgh, New York are little used nowadays except by small craft, ferries and lake cruise ships, they had substantial commercial and military importance in the 18th and 19th centuries.
* 1272 – While travelling during the Ninth Crusade, Prince Edward becomes King of England upon Henry III of England's death, but he will not return to England for nearly two years to assume the throne.
While officials in Washington, D. C. thought the project had merit, and Secretary of State Henry Clay formally presented it to the Congress of the United States in 1826, the plan was not approved.
While Henry in the south cooperated with the rebel Senate of Rome, Frederick I in the north blocked the passes of the Alps and cut off all communication between the Pope, then living in Verona, and his German adherents.
Historian Henry Commager wrote that " Even when definitions of terrorism allow for state terrorism, state actions in this area tend to be seen through the prism of war or national self-defense, not terror .” While states may accuse other states of state-sponsored terrorism when they support insurgencies, individuals who accuse their governments of terrorism are seen as radicals, because actions by legitimate governments are not generally seen as illegitimate.
While Hamilton was willing to negotiate with England to stop their support of the rebels and bring the castle back under his control, Mary of Guise decided that it could only be taken by force and requested the king of France, Henry II to intervene.
While Henry himself did not take part in the Battle on the Marchfeld, he had sent reinforcements to King Ottokar II, whose death was a serious blow to the Wrocław duke.
While another doctor called Guncelin, recognizing the symptoms of poisoning, was able to rescue the Duke from an imminent death, causing severe vomiting and cleansing the body ; but the assassin wasn't discovered, and this time put the poison in the knife used by Henry IV to cut his bread.
While many parties to the conflict blamed others ( the Indians blamed the French for bringing " bad medicine " as well as denying them prizes at Fort William Henry ), the disease was probably spread through the crowded conditions at William Henry after the battle.
** While Richard II is away on a military campaign in Ireland, Henry Bolingbroke, with exiled former Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Arundel as an advisor, returns to England and begins a military campaign to reclaim his confiscated land.
While the historical sources do not describe the conspirators ' goals, Henry II likely intended to restore his honor and to ensure his position as the second most influential man in the Empire.
While commander of Fort Davis, he started a controversial court-martial of second lieutenant Henry Flipper, the first black cadet to graduate from West Point.
While Henry was reduced to being a figurehead king, de Montfort broadened representation to include each county of England and many important towns — that is, to groups beyond the nobility.

While and Morgan
While Wyatt and Virgil were in Tucson for the federal hearing on the charges against Spence and Stilwell, Frank McLaury confronted Morgan Earp.
While in Nicholas County, Boone was supposed to have lived on the Brushy Fork of Hinkston Creek near current Millersburg in a cabin owned by his son Daniel Morgan Boone.
While achieving a national goal of desegregation, integration depleted the athletic strength of schools like Morgan and Grambling State University.
While Antioch College never diverged from the philosophy of Horace Mann, the final form of an Antioch education traced its roots from the election of Arthur Morgan as President of the college in 1920.
While running away with the diamonds, Angelo leaves them in a cushion, which is unknowingly used by Keung for the wheelchair of a disabled Chinese American boy named Danny ( Morgan Lam ), who is raised by his elder sister Nancy ( Françoise Yip ), a lingerie model / dancer who works in a seedy bar and is an associate / girlfriend of the bikies.
While many scholars have accepted this ( and other melodramatic claims made by Lady Morgan ) at face value, published works of correspondence about her family members make it extremely unlikely.
While some early prototype automobiles were steam tricycles, 1930s and 1940s-era three-wheeled cars such as Morgan Motor Company cars are often classified as cars rather than motorcycles.
While conservatives in the Progressive Era hailed Morgan for his civic responsibility, his strengthening of the national economy, and his devotion to the arts and religion, the left wing viewed him as one of the central figures in the system it rejected.
While superficially resembling the deployment successfully used by Daniel Morgan at Cowpens, the lines were hundreds of yards apart and could not support one another.
While he was pleased that this work was available, Morgan firmly believed in the importance of having the Old Testament translated into Welsh as well.
While Gates and his supporters took credit for the victory, military actions had actually been directed by a cohort of field commanders led by Benedict Arnold, Enoch Poor, Benjamin Lincoln, and Daniel Morgan.
While it straddles the two former counties, the majority of it lies in Morgan County.
While Guybrush and Winslow follow the creatures, they are intercepted by Morgan again who has returned to capture Guybrush for De Singe.
While in the manatee en route to La Esponja, Guybrush meets an unstable Coronado and collaborates with Morgan, posing as his wife, to get out of the manatee and obtain the sponge.
While Burton made up with his former tribe, Lillian's return was resented by Andrew and other Morgan members.
While the subtropical depression moved eastward, a new low level circulation redeveloped to the east, and Allison quickly made landfall on Morgan City, Louisiana on June 11.
While his father was busy recruiting and drilling local companies, Wyatt, along with his two younger brothers, Morgan and Warren, were left in charge of tending corn crop.
While strolling in the gardens, Adams is introduced to two of the country's leading abolitionists: the elderly freed slave Theodore Joadson ( Morgan Freeman ) and Christian activist Lewis Tappan ( Stellan Skarsgård ), both of whom are leading shipping magnates in New England and co-proprietors of the pro-abolitionist newssheet " The Emancipator ".
While Morgan himself was a frequent target, the blog often was critical of other opponents of sabermetrics, as well as sports journalists who misstated or misrepresented the concepts of the book Moneyball by Michael Lewis.
While I ’ m best known for baseball, I ’ ve always had a love of all sports ,” Morgan said in a statement.
While watching Vice President Morgan Clark being sworn in as President, Sinclair is approached by Kosh.
While at UC / Yerkes, Morgan continued his post-graduate studies and received a doctorate in December 1931.
While in Los Angeles, 54-year-old Alfred Bloomingdale began an affair with 18-year-old Vicki Morgan.

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