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While and Israeli
While modern M16s and equipment are standard issue, much of the secondary equipment used by the Ghanaian military is generally older than that used in Western military forces, and Ghanaian troops frequently rely on British, Brazilian, Swiss, Swedish, Israeli, and Finnish weaponry.
While Doha also took a tough stand in the reaction to the Israeli invasion of Gaza.
While still opposed, like all mainstream Israeli leaders in the 1970s and early 1980s, to talks with the PLO, he distanced himself from settlers and spoke of the need for " territorial compromise " over the West Bank and Gaza.
While a significant portion of Israeli Jews still retain memories of their Sephardic, Ashkenazi and Mizrahi origins, mixed Jewish marriages among the communities are very common.
While not compromising on religious issues and their strict code of life, Haredi Jews have become more open to the secular Israeli culture.
While Israeli forces killed an estimated 1, 100 Palestinians and Palestinians killed 164 Israelis, Palestinians killed an estimated 1, 000 other Palestinians as alleged collaborators, although fewer than half had any proven contact with the Israeli authorities.
While he was being wheeled out of an early morning prayer session in Gaza city, an Israeli AH-64 Apache helicopter gunship fired Hellfire missiles at Yassin and both of his bodyguards.
While the CNU has international participation in Canada, sister organizations have been formed in other areas of the world including the Council for European Urbanism ( CEU ), the Movement for Israeli Urbanism ( MIU ) and the Australian Council for the New Urbanism.
While Rabbi Schneerson rarely chose to involve himself with questions of halakha ( Jewish law ), some notable exceptions were with regard to the use of electrical appliances on Shabbat, sailing on Israeli boats staffed by Jews, and halakhic dilemmas related to certain religious observances which may arise when crossing the International Date Line.
While Gush Emunim no longer exists officially, vestiges of its power remain in Israeli society.
While the Palestinian historian Mattar blames him as the main culprit of sowing the seeds of the Arab-Israeli conflict, Israeli historian Elpeleg, who formerly governed both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, compares him to Chaim Weizmann, David Ben-Gurion, and even to Theodor Herzl.
While the missiles were ineffective during the Battle of Latakia in 1973, four Styx missiles sank the Israeli destroyer Eilat in October 1967, marking the first time that ship-to-ship missiles were successfully used in combat.
While considered a children's favourite, sociologists have found that it is consumed as a comfort food by Israeli expatriates in the United States.
Further in other areas such as East Jerusalem the UN in May 2009 noted that " only 13 percent of East Jerusalem land is currently zoned by the Israeli authorities for Palestinian construction, and much of that is already built up " While the settlers constitute 17 % of the residents of the West Bank ( 300, 000 out of a total population of 1. 8 million ), the built up areas in the settlements occupy just 1. 7 % of the West Bank ; and if they continue to build solely at the rate of their natural growth ( 9, 000 births per year ), they will consume over the next decade a total of just one-half of one per cent in an area already delineated as their " municipal boundaries ".
While the Israeli authorities recognized the right to return of the villagers in principle, officials resisted implementing this right.
While no injuries were reported and the attacker was subdued by guards hidden among the passengers 15 minutes before the plane landed safely in Turkey, authorities did shut down Ben Gurion for some time after the attack to reassess the security situation and an investigation was opened to determine how the man, an Israeli Arab, managed to smuggle the knife past the airport security.
While in Israel, the narrator seeks out an impersonator who has appropriated his identity — sharing the same facial features and name as Philip Roth — and used this celebrity to spread " Diasporism ," a counter-Zionist ideology advocating the return of Israeli Jews to their European nations of exile.
While some soldiers guarded the Arabs, others went to a nearby hilltop where the headless bodies of two Israeli soldiers were found.
While on his visit to Ireland, he also unveiled in Sneem Culture Park, Co Kerry, a modern polished steel Israeli sculpture, in honour of his childhood friend, Cearbhall Ó Dálaigh, the fifth President of Ireland.
While music education for Israeli Arabs is less developed, there has been a steady growth of opportunities in this sector.
While the act was universally condemned by the Israeli establishment, some extremists praised it.
While serving as the United Nations envoy to Iraq, Brahimi described Israeli policy as " the big poison in the region.
While these laws were originally meant to be draft chapters of a future Israeli constitution, they are already used on a daily basis by the courts as a formal constitution.

While and law
While all citizens share in blame for lax municipal ethics the Wagner regime has seen serious problems in the schools, law enforcement and fiscal policies.
While it is easy enough to ridicule Hawkins' pronouncement in Pleas Of The Crown from a metaphysical point of view, the concept of the `` oneness '' of a married couple may reflect an abiding belief that the communion between husband and wife is such that their actions are not always to be regarded by the criminal law as if there were no marriage.
While Hans devoted himself to the sciences of medicine, physics, and astronomy, his brother studied law.
While traditional teaching maintains that any bishop with apostolic succession can validly perform the ordination of another bishop, some churches require two or three bishops participate, either to ensure sacramental validity or to conform with church law.
" While the document itself is not in any way actual law, it is used by the town council, board of adjustment, and other committees to guide decision making as to what types of development are appropriate.
While every crime violates the law, not every violation of the law counts as a crime ; for example: breaches of contract and of other civil law may rank as " offences " or as " infractions ".
While modern systems distinguish between offences against the " State " or " Community ", and offences against the " Individual ", the so-called penal law of ancient communities did not deal with " crimes " ( Latin: crimina ), but with " wrongs " ( Latin: delicta ).
While Eddy's Manual established limited executive functions under the rule of law in place of a traditional hierarchy, the controversial 1991 publication of a book by Bliss Knapp led the then Board of Directors to make the unusual affidavit during a suit over Knapp's estate that neither acts by it violating the Manual, nor acts refraining from required action, constituted violations of the Manual.
While seventeenth century English admiralty law allowed captains great leeway in using violence against their crew, outright murder was not permitted.
While modern law has officially abolished the class hierarchy, there are reports of discrimination against the Buraku or Burakumin underclasses.
While studying law, he taught at Delaware Academy.
While most international law has a broader interpretation of the term treaty, the U. S. sense of the term is more restricted.
While the equation is definitely superior to the ideal gas law and does predict the formation of a liquid phase, the agreement with experimental data is limited for conditions where the liquid forms.
While it establishes some common EU rules on the SE, these rules are incomplete, and the holes in the rules are to be filled in using the law of the member state in which the SE is registered.
While in the eastern Mediterranean, Eleanor learned about maritime conventions developing there, which were the beginnings of what would become admiralty law.
While it is possible to identify earlier legal structures that would today fall into the " environmental " law metric-for example the common law recognition of private and public rights to protect interests in land, such as nuisance, or post-industrial revolution human health protections-the concept of " environmental law " as a separate and distinct body of law is a 20th Century development.

While and is
While the pattern is uneven, some having gained more than others, nationalism has in fact served the Western peoples well.
While sovereignty has roots in antiquity, in its present usage it is essentially modern.
While it is hazardous to project the trend of history, it seems clear that a genuine community is painfully emerging in the Western world, particularly among the countries of Western Europe.
While he is worldly, the musician often cultivates public attitudes of childlike astonishment and naivete.
While some think we move too fast and others too slowly, Florida's record is a good one and stands out among the 50.
While white is the coolest summer shade, there are lots of pastel hues along with tintable fabrics that will blend with any wardrobe color.
While this may well be true in general, I believe it is also important to keep in mind that some recent developments suggest that over the next year or so military electronics may be one of the most strongly growing areas in an economy which is not expanding rapidly in other directions.
While clay is still pressed in mold, press three equally spaced holes 1/4'' '' deep, using pencil eraser, in bottom of clay to allow for proper drying and firing.
While assembled lid is still on design head, gently but firmly press it on plaster board.
While some regression is inevitable, it is discouraged rather than encouraged so that the transference does not follow the stages of planned regression associated with certain casework adaptations of the psychoanalytic model for insight therapy.
While other conditions might be even more effective in bringing about a change from immobility to mobility in Kohnstamm reactivity, it is our hypothesis that all such conditions would have as a common factor the capacity to induce an attitude in the subject which enabled him to divorce himself temporarily from feelings of responsibility for his behavior.
While we had expected that compulsive children in the unstructured school setting would have difficulty when compared to those in the structured, we were surprised to find that the achievement of the high compulsives within the schools where the whole-word method is used in beginning reading compares favorably with that of the low compulsives.
While roleplaying for testing is not too well understood at the present time, it represents one of the major uses of this procedure.
While the phonemes can be very easily stated, no one is likely to be satisfied with the statement until phonemic occurrences can be related in some way to morphemic units, i.e. until the morphophonemics is worked out, or at least far enough that it seems reasonable to expect success.
While the U. S. Department of Labor has a program of projecting industry and occupational employment trends and publishing current outlook statements, there is little tangible evidence that these projections have been used extensively in local curriculum planning.
While it had long been known in general, that `` the public is always wrong '', the use of odd-lot indices now puts the adage on a statistical basis.
While there may be several such industries to which the model of this paper is applicable, the authors make particular claim of relevance to the explanation of the course of wages and prices in the steel industry of the United States since World War 2.
While this influence is a complex matter, depending upon personality factors in the individual as well as upon his social-class experience, there probably are some general statements about social-class background and educational policy that can be made with a fair degree of truth.
While one element is announcing progress, another is delineating its problems.

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