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While and Octel
While Unisys evetually secured PacBell's residential voice-mail services, Boston Technology became the mainstay of Bell Atlantic's residential voice-mail offering and Comverse Technology enjoyed some success in the European market ; Octel became the world's leading provider of voice-mail platforms for virtually all of the major US wireless carriers ( including the seven RBOCs, AT & T Wireless and McCaw ), Canadian cellular carriers and a large percent of the GSM carriers around the world.

While and benefited
While the wealthy capitalists who controlled the House of Commons benefited from these monopolies, Parliament found it difficult to implement them because of the high cost of group decision making.
While many species of pigeons and doves have benefited from human activities and have increased their ranges, many other species have declined in numbers and some have become threatened or even succumbed to extinction.
While income from manual labor in Israel benefited some Palestinians, unemployment was increasing, even for those with university degrees.
While the Xiongnu benefited handsomely, from the Chinese perspective marriage treaties were costly, humiliating, and ineffective.
While the doctrine benefited from strong support from the Reagan administration, the Heritage Foundation and several influential Members of Congress, many votes on critical funding for resistance movements, especially the Nicaraguan contras, were extremely close, making the Reagan Doctrine one of the more contentious American political issues of the late 1980s.
While in late 2009 the civic heart of Cookstown, the Burn Road has benefited greatly from an Environmental Improvement Scheme.
While the park's arrival benefited Gatlinburg and made many of the town's residents wealthy, the tourism explosion led to problems with air quality and urban sprawl.
While the siege was seen as a public relations disaster for Maskhadov, his more radical Islamic field commanders have correspondingly benefited.
While demand has been trending down in North America in recent years, the rapid economic expansion of such Asian countries as China and India greatly benefited the print newspaper, and thus their newsprint suppliers.
While privatisation generally improved the working conditions of Malaysians in privatised industries and raised significant revenue for the government, many privatisations occurred in the absence of open tendering processes and benefited Malays who supported UMNO.
While the decision cost O ' Neill some support among older voters in his home district, he benefited from new support among students and faculty members at the many colleges and universities there.
While Thai classical music was somewhat discouraged as being unmodern and backward looking during Thailand's aggressively nationalistic modernization policies of mid-20th century, the classical arts have benefited recently from increased governmental sponsorship and funding as well as popular interest as expressed in such films as Homrong: The Overture ( 2003 ), a popular fictionalized biography of a famous traditional xylophone ( ranat ek ) performer.
While it suffered neglect in the wake of the area's industrial decline, the Blackburn stretch has benefited from a number of regeneration projects since the 1990s.
While Spain benefited from the European post-World War I boom, its economic growth also came from Primo de Rivera's policies and the order his regime gave the country.
While not a pupil, Jorge Bolet benefited from Hofmann's interest.
While consumers have benefited with top quality Riesling wines being underpriced in comparison with some of the world's other great wines from places like Bordeaux, Burgundy and California, the economic hardship created by the prices has caused some of the smaller Mosel vineyards to go out of business.
While Bates preferred to have patients imagine something black, he also reported that some found objects of other colors easiest to visualize, and thus were benefited most by remembering those, because, he asserted, " the memory can never be perfect unless it is easy ".
While Stevens benefited from the many boxes of research notes and a 700-page outline of the story left behind by Haley, he would later say that his writing was guided mainly by their many long conversations.
While most of Marr's opponents came under heavy pressure from the Soviet authorities, Chikobava benefited from his friendship with the First Secretary of the Georgian Central Committee, Kandid Charkviani, and continued his attacks against Marr's hypotheses.
While sponsorship of artists and the commissioning of artwork is the best-known aspect of the patronage system, other disciplines also benefited from patronage, including those who studied natural philosophy ( pre-modern science ), musicians, writers, philosophers, alchemists, astrologers, and other scholars.
While the development team benefited from Acclaim's clout as a longtime Nintendo supporter, getting earlier feedback from the publisher and more face-to-face time during production, most of the developers at Iguana were new and inexperienced ; Turok was Dienstbier's first title.
While most of the larger towns, and all of the state, benefited from the triumph of the railroads, many of the smaller villages and hamlets did not.
While agriculture was the primary subsistence and economical activity of the region, the seigneury of Montarville, thanks to its proximity to Mount Saint-Bruno, benefited much from the industrial activity that developed around the hydraulic power it could harvest from the mount's many ponds and streams.
While its contribution to SIOP was minor compared to the enormous SAC arsenal of 1, 600 bombers and 800 missiles, as RAF officers who worked with the Americans rose to leadership positions their experience benefited later partnerships between the two countries.

While and from
While several yards from it, still concealed by the shrubbery, she'd seen two men on her left at the pool's edge.
While he was handling the multi-million-dollar funding operations of the Government he had to resort to borrowing small sums from friends.
While convalescing in his Virginia home he wrote a book recording his prison experiences and escape, entitled: They Shall Not Have Me Published originally in ( Helion's ) English by Dutton & Co. of New York, in 1943, the book was received by the press as a work of astonishing literary power and one of the most realistic accounts of World War 2, from the French side.
While my memory holds with relentless tenacity, as I cannot too often stress, to my wrongs, when it comes to my shames, it gestures and jokes and toys with chronology like a prestidigitator in the hope of distracting me from them.
While studying at the seminary in Andover, Adoniram had been working on a New Testament translation from the original Greek.
While Thomas' injured back led him to restrain his mount from its most violent gait he moved quickly enough when he had to.
While Aristotle censors literature only for the young, Plato would banish all poets from his ideal state.
While Councilman Olson cited the anticipated increase in school costs in answer to a direct question from a taxpayer, the impact upon a school system does not have to be measured only in increased taxes to find alarm in uncontrolled growth.
While it is easy enough to ridicule Hawkins' pronouncement in Pleas Of The Crown from a metaphysical point of view, the concept of the `` oneness '' of a married couple may reflect an abiding belief that the communion between husband and wife is such that their actions are not always to be regarded by the criminal law as if there were no marriage.
`` While Henry Morgan was escorting Miss Vera Green from the church social last Saturday night, a savage dog attacked them and bit Mr. Morgan on the public square ''.
While there are many different possibilities for the timing of casework intervention, the experiments recently reported from a variety of traditional settings all point up the importance of an immediate response to the client's initial need for help.
While other conditions might be even more effective in bringing about a change from immobility to mobility in Kohnstamm reactivity, it is our hypothesis that all such conditions would have as a common factor the capacity to induce an attitude in the subject which enabled him to divorce himself temporarily from feelings of responsibility for his behavior.
While the interpretations that have been given are inferences only, they gain support from such comments as the following, which was made by one of the Kohnstamm-negative subjects who did not, on the first trial, perceive the tilt illusion.
While population at Fort Garry increased rapidly, from 2,417 in 1831 to 4,369 in 1840, economic opportunities did not increase at a similar rate.
While accounts of the progress of the tsunami came in from various points in the Pacific ( Midway reported it was covered with nine feet of water ), the Hawaiian station made its calculations and notified the military services and the police that the first big wave would arrive at Honolulu at 23:30 Greenwich time.
Many years later ( on August 3, 1915 ), Lucy Upton wrote Winslow's daughter soon to be graduated from Smith College: `` While I love botany which, after dabbling in for years, I studied according to the methods of that day exactly forty years ago in a summer school, it must be fascinating to take up zoology in the way you are doing.
While Communists were undermining United Nations efforts to rescue the Congo from chaos, two other Communist offensives stirred the Eisenhower Administration into emergency conferences and serious decisions.
While young Lincoln's formal elementary education consisted approximately of a year's worth of classes from several itinerant teachers, he was mostly self-educated and was an avid reader.
While ideas about altruism from one field can have an impact on the other fields, the different methods and focuses of these fields always lead to different perspectives on altruism.
While cyanobacteria have been traditionally considered algae, recent works usually exclude them due to large differences such as the lack of membrane-bound organelles, the presence of a single circular chromosome, the presence of peptidoglycan in the cell walls, and ribosomes different in size and content from those of the Eukaryotes .< ref >
While not entirely synonymous with Anatolia, the term Asia Minor, derived from the Latin Asia Minores, refers to Asia inside the Roman Empire, versus Asia Magna, all of Asia beyond the borders.
While current mouthwash treatments must be used with a degree of frequency to prevent this bacteria from regrowing, future treatments could provide a viable long term solution.
" While chemical issues in the brain that result in anxiety ( especially resulting from genetics ) are well documented, this study highlights an additional environmental factor that may result from being raised by parents suffering from chronic anxiety.

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