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While and filling
While we are filling outer space with scientific successes, for many the `` inner '' space of their soul is an aching void.
While pro wrestling is often described simplistically as a " soap opera for males ", it has also been cited as filling the role of past forms of literature and theatre ; a synthesis of classical heroics, commedia dell ' arte, revenge tragedies, morality plays, and burlesque.
While cartridges are mess free and more convenient to refill on the go than bottle filling, converter and filling systems are still sold.
While it is always possible in a secret ballot not to express any preference by filling in the voting form incorrectly, formal blank votes are counted, while spoiled papers are simply ignored.
While in the manga they appeared only in the first two volumes, later replaced by Shuutaro Mendou, in the anime they are among the main characters ( particularly Megane ), filling they roles alongside Mendou.
While filming Tales of Manhattan, a prankster switched the contents of the flask, filling it with actual pineapple juice.
While this approach was popular in the state, it was done in part to blunt the criticism he was receiving for a variety of reasons: failing to follow through with promises of jobs for office-seekers ; filling those jobs with acquaintances, and attempting to wrest control of state agencies from the legislature.
While filling this office he took a leading part in the successful prosecution of the radical M. P.
While many of the farmers in the area are of German descent as can be seen in last names such as Kraus, Steenken, and Worm ; they settled later after the civil war filling the void of the men lost in the war.
While these principles are an enforceable part of Canada's constitution, Canadian courts have not used them to override the written text of the constitution, instead confining their role to " filling gaps ".
While filling this position he helped to found Halifax, the capital of Nova Scotia, which was named after him, and he helped foster trade, especially with North America.
While Oaxaca ( or string ) cheese is the most common filling, other ingredients are also used in addition to cheese in traditional Mexican quesadillas.
While the gauge is filling up, the player can perform special attacks which vary depending on how much power the player has accumulated, which includes a flying hurricane kick.
:" While the type is identified as Homo erectus, there are modifications that suggest it is filling a gap between Homo erectus and the Neanderthal.
While learning the art of graining, marbleizing, gold plating and other techniques of decorative art in Räth's atelier, Carigiet spent a lot of his spare time filling volumes of sketchbooks with drawings of rural and urban scenes, farm animals and pets, anatomical studies of heads and beaks of the birds exhibited at Chur ’ s natural history museum, as well as with numerous caricatures of his acquaintances and family.
While not part of any specific religious rite in Judaism, blintzes that are stuffed with a cheese filling and then fried in oil are served on holidays such as Chanukah ( as oil played a pivotal role in the miracle of the Chanukah story ) and Shavuot ( when dairy dishes are traditionally served within the Ashkenazi minhag ).
While filling up his car, Ryder attempts to run him over, crashing into the pumps, causing gas to flood onto the concrete.
While the mall considered filling the vacancy with Bloomingdale's or another Macy's, negotiations with Federated were abandoned for a proposal to develop the area to incorporate a new wing and a smaller anchor, Barneys New York.
While classical yoga attempts to shut down the mind and senses, the Bhakti Yoga in the Bhāgavata teaches that the focus of the mind is transformed by filling the mind with thoughts of Krishna.
While filling in, he would say he was on the Dan Ingram show, but did not identify himself, nor would he claim to be Dan either ) moved from overnights to afternoons, and Sturgis Griffin joined for overnights, while Howard Hoffman did evenings.
While filling in for Anderson Cooper 360 on August 13, 2012, O ' Brien was seen on screen reading from a liberal blog during an interview with Barbara Comstock, an adviser to Mitt Romney ..
While the team was able to blow the door off of a safe by filling the safe with water and detonating an explosive inside it, the contents of the safe were destroyed and filling the safe with water required sealing it from the inside.
While some see hagwons as filling a need not being adequately met by the public school system, others see them as creating an unequal footing between the poor and rich in Korea.

While and its
While sovereignty has roots in antiquity, in its present usage it is essentially modern.
While Thomas' injured back led him to restrain his mount from its most violent gait he moved quickly enough when he had to.
While The Space Merchants indicates, as Kingsley Amis has correctly observed, some of the `` impending consequences of the growth of industrial and commercial power '' and satirizes `` existing habits in the advertising profession '', its warning and analysis penetrate much deeper.
While here, visit Theodore Roosevelt National Park for its spectacular scenery.
While one element is announcing progress, another is delineating its problems.
While ATP appears to be necessary for the occurrence of contraction, its presence and enzymatic hydrolysis of it by the muscle protein myosin are not the only criteria for contraction.
While accounts of the progress of the tsunami came in from various points in the Pacific ( Midway reported it was covered with nine feet of water ), the Hawaiian station made its calculations and notified the military services and the police that the first big wave would arrive at Honolulu at 23:30 Greenwich time.
While each scene has its own character and completeness it must fit into the general sequence to which it belongs.
While the Arrhenius concept is useful for describing many reactions, it is also quite limited in its scope.
) While Rotokas has a small alphabet because it has few phonemes to represent ( just eleven ), Book Pahlavi was small because many letters had been conflated — that is, the graphic distinctions had been lost over time, and diacritics were not developed to compensate for this as they were in Arabic, another script that lost many of its distinct letter shapes.
While the group only recorded one album together as the Analog Brothers, a few bootlegs of its live concert performances, including freestyles with original lyrics, have occasionally surfaced online.
While accompanying Mallowan on countless archaeological trips ( spending up to 3 – 4 months at a time in Syria and Iraq at excavation sites at Ur, Ninevah, Tell Arpachiyah, Chagar Bazar, Tell Brak, and Nimrud ), Christie not only wrote novels and short stories, but also contributed work to the archaeological sites, more specifically to the archaeological restoration and labeling of ancient exhibits which includes tasks such as cleaning and conserving delicate ivory pieces, reconstructing pottery, developing photos from early excavations which later led to taking photographs of the site and its findings, and taking field notes.
While the sun is similarly described as being aflame, it is not composed of rarefied air like the stars but rather of earth like the moon ; its burning comes not from its composition but rather from its rapid motion .< ref > Kirk, G. S., J. E.
While many leading chemists of the time refused to accept Lavoisier's new ideas, demand for Traité élémentaire as a textbook in Edinburgh was sufficient to merit translation into English within about a year of its French publication.
" ( Acts 28: 14-15 ) While Walton agrees that Luke ’ s main concern is apolitical, he believes that “ there is too much politically sensitive material for this view to be tenable when Luke-Acts is read in its first-century settings, both Jewish and Greco-Roman .”
While there are some similarities between the two movements, Theodism derived its origins primarily as a reaction to Wicca.
While this went on MCP renamed itself to MCP CHIP but ran into problems with the German computer magazine CHIP, and had to return to its former name.
While the earliest cuisine of the United States was influenced by indigenous American Indians, the cuisine of the thirteen colonies or the culture of the antebellum American South ; the overall culture of the nation, its gastronomy and the growing culinary arts became ever more influenced by its changing ethnic mix and immigrant patterns from the 18th and 19th centuries unto the present.
While often cited as an Indian legend, the white doe seems to have its roots in English folklore.
While many indigenous Amazonian people say they received the instructions directly from plants and plant spirits, researchers have devised a number of alternative theories to explain its discovery.
While the NFL retained its old name and logo, it nevertheless claims the rights to all AFL products and trademarks, including the name and the eagle logo.
While scratch matches were played by Australian " diggers " in remote locations around the world, the game lost many of its great players to wartime service.

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