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While and five
While the particular limits of these groupings may seem artificially arbitrary, they do fairly express a corresponding grouping of more variable material, and they eventuate also in five classes, along a similar scale, containing approximately equal numbers of cases, namely 19, 14, 15, 11, 12 in Athabascan.
While most casts have five toes — like all known apes — some casts of alleged Bigfoot tracks have had numbers ranging from two to six.
While Brown is considered a small research university with 682 full-time faculty and 1, 919 graduate students, five of its professors and two of its alumni have been honored as Nobel Laureates.
While in the first five years following World War II, massive emigration from these states to the West occurred, restrictions implemented thereafter stopped most East-West migration, except that under limited bilateral and other agreements.
While no earthquake or tsunami followed the test, the opposition grew when the U. S. announced they would detonate a bomb five times more powerful than the first one.
While in the FA Cup final against Manchester United, United were looking for their first trophy since the Munich air disaster of five years earlier which had claimed the lives of eight of the Busby Babes whom Banks had faced as an adolescent.
While Sanskrit has six classes, Latin is traditionally said to have five declension classes, and Ancient Greek three declension classes.
While a run of five heads is only
While Constantinople experienced a succession of councils alternately approving and condemning doctrine concerning hesychasm considered as identified with Palamism ( the last of the five senses in which, according to Kallistos Ware, the term is used ), the Western Church held no council in which to make a pronouncement on the issue, and the word " hesychasm " does not appear in the Enchiridion Symbolorum et Definitionum ( Handbook of Creeds and Definitions ), the collection of Roman Catholic teachings originally compiled by Heinrich Joseph Dominicus Denzinger.
While photographs and portraits portray Stalin as physically massive and majestic ( he had several painters shot who did not depict him " right "), he was only five feet four inches tall ( 160 cm ).
Janis Joplin charted five singles, and other popular songs from her four-year career include " Down On Me ", " Bye, Bye Baby ", " Coo Coo ", " Summertime ", " Piece of My Heart ", " Turtle Blues ", " Ball ' n ' Chain ", " Try ( Just A Little Bit Harder )", " Maybe ", " To Love Somebody ", " Kozmic Blues ", " Work Me, Lord ", " Move Over ", " Cry Baby ", " A Woman Left Lonely ", " Get It While You Can ", " My Baby ", " Trust Me ", " Mercedes Benz ", " One Night Stand ", " Raise Your Hand " and her only number one hit, " Me and Bobby McGee ".
While they had both lived in the United States since they were four and five, respectively, neither had officially obtained U. S. citizenship.
While there are no official numbers, LDS Family Services estimates that there are on average four or five members per LDS ward who experience same-sex attraction.
While the bowler stood with his hands on his hips perplexed, the five calls provoked an immediate response by the Sri Lankan captain Arjuna Ranatunga who left the field at in order to take advice from his team management.
While being debriefed by the crisis team, Genscher and Tröger told them that they had seen " four or five " attackers inside the apartment.
While the PDP Democratic faction controls the Democratic party chapter under the state chairmanship of former senator Roberto Prats, two of the five DNC members residing in Puerto Rico, Senate president Kenneth McClintock and Francisco Domenech are statehooders.
While that was about twice the petroleum fuel cost in 2010, it is expected to be much less than the market price in less than five years if recent trends continue.
While successful, the missions returned much poorer images than the Voyager's five years later.
While MGM had included five films in his contract, no more were made.
While there is some evidence that early intervention in those with a psychotic episode may improve short term outcomes, there is little benefit from these measures after five years.
While not complete strangers, the five teenagers are each from a different clique or social group.
While Christianity includes the five books of Moses ( the Pentateuch ) among their sacred texts, in its Old Testament, Islam believes that only the original Torah was sent by the One true God.
While still in France, Paine formed the Church of Theophilanthropy with five other families ; this civil religion held as its central dogma that man should worship God's wisdom and benevolence and imitate those divine attributes as much as possible.
While these absences in the Marine Corps, which took almost five years out of the heart of a great baseball career, significantly limited his career totals, he never publicly complained about the time devoted to service in the Marine Corps.

While and minutes
While over the far side of the Moon, the Command / Service Module's Service Propulsion System engine burned for six minutes and fifteen seconds, braking the spacecraft into an orbit around the Moon with a low point ( pericynthion ) of 58. 3 and a high point ( apocynthion ) of 170. 4 nautical miles ( 108. 0 and 315. 6 km, respectively ).
While protons and neutrons combined to form the first atomic nuclei only a few minutes after the Big Bang, it would take thousands of years for electrons to combine with them and create electrically neutral atoms.
While mountain tops remain snow-capped year long, near the coast snow only stays on the ground for a few minutes or hours.
While < sup > 153 </ sup > Eu is stable, < sup > 151 </ sup > Eu was recently found to be unstable to alpha decay with half-life of, giving about 1 alpha decay per two minutes in every kilogram of natural europium.
* 1962 – Mercury program: While aboard Friendship 7, John Glenn becomes the first American to orbit the earth, making three orbits in 4 hours, 55 minutes.
While the Patriots possessed the ball, trailing the Raiders 13 – 10 with under two minutes left in regulation and no time outs, Tom Brady was sacked by defensive back Charles Woodson, and appeared to fumble the ball.
While this species carries the parasite that can cause Chagas disease, it rarely infects humans as defecation is delayed 20 – 30 minutes after feeding, in contrast to the immediate defecation behavior displayed by the Latin American species.
* February 27 – While trying to circumnavigate the world in a hot air balloon, Colin Prescot and Andy Elson set a new endurance record after being aloft for 233 hours and 55 minutes.
While commercially canned goods are required to undergo a " botulinum cook " in a pressure cooker at for 3 minutes, and so rarely cause botulism, there have been notable exceptions such as the 1978 Alaskan salmon outbreak and the 2007 Castleberry's Food Company outbreak.
While a majority of artificial satellites are placed in LEO, making one complete revolution around the Earth in about 90 minutes, many communication satellites require geostationary orbits, and move at the same angular velocity as the Earth.
While each cell of the cluster may only last 20 minutes, the cluster itself may persist for hours at a time.
While scoring 38 goals and 74 points in 67 games, he also recorded his highest penalty total of 125 minutes.
While Karen was always adamantly against marriage ( claiming that she valued her freedom above anything else ), she always found herself missing and needing Will when he was gone: " And yet even though Karen keeps Chad from overfilling the mold or Daisy from cutting herself with the scissors, she still cannot resist looking out the window every couple of minutes.
While Glass Harp could be very at home with the progressive rock bands of the era, they were in fact one of the pioneers of what would later be known as the jam rock genre, with songs many times reaching over 30 minutes in length with extended solo passages and group improvisation.
While railroads brought growth during the 19th century, growth today is driven by recession-resistant business expansion occurring primarily in Bloomington-Normal, located just 10 minutes north of Heyworth on U. S. Route 51.
While most radio shows used one or two sound-effect experts, Dragnet needed five: a script clocking in at just under 30 minutes could require up to 300 separate effects.
While all of the other states also have such a law, their exact provisions vary ; 41 states require advance notice of meetings, 37 states are required to take and publish minutes of every meeting, and in 31 states actions or decisions are only recognized as official if decided upon during an open meeting.
While performing " Let it Be " near the end of the show, the microphone mounted to Paul McCartney's piano failed for the first two minutes of the song, making it difficult for television viewers and the stadium audience to hear him.
While the basic plot of the live-action adaptation of The Cat in the Hat rotates around that of the book, the film filled out its 82 minutes by adding new subplots and characters quite different from those of the original story, similar to How the Grinch Stole Christmas.
While the news was breaking, CBS was approximately ten minutes into its live broadcast of the soap opera As the World Turns ( ATWT ), which had begun at the very minute of the shooting.
While still only a partial-talkie ( sequences still featured intertitles ), 66 minutes of the film's 105 minute running time featured dialogue or songs, making it the longest talking motion picture yet.
While in command of a single Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger he destroyed up to 14 tanks and 15 personnel carriers along with 2 anti-tank guns within the space of 15 minutes.
While WGN-TV ’ s analog transmitter is atop the John Hancock Center and thus engineers were almost immediately able to thwart the video hacker by changing the studio-to-transmitter frequency, WTTW's transmitter was atop the Sears Tower ( now Willis Tower ) which made it harder to stop the hacker before almost two minutes of the interruption.
While observations on the night of December 29, 1992, were normal, unusually high albedo and polarization features were recorded the following night that did not change in appearance over the six minutes of data collection.

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