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While and admits
While she admits to having a high regard for the mythic and gothic, she denies any solitary dedication to any one religion, including Wicca.
While this doesn ’ t quite make complete sense, Lewis wished to stress its implicit point: that even within the attempt to prove that the concept of omnipotence is immediately incoherent, one admits that it is immediately coherent, and that the only difference is that this attempt if forced to admit this despite that the attempt is constituted by a perfectly irrational route to its own unwilling end, with a perfectly irrational set of ' things ' included in that end.
While her husband admits he was thinking as much about his own future as his son's, for her, ' it was 80 / 20 ' about Sergey.
While it provided a wonderful framework for describing interactions in terms of types of feedback within the system, it was rarely possible to put the quantitative values that Systems Theory requires for full use, as Flannery himself admits.
While Kant admits that humanity could subsist ( and admits it could possibly perform better ) if this were universal, he states in Grounding:
While the two fight, George admits that he had known the kidnapping was staged.
While Epiphanius often let his zeal come before facts-he admits on one occasion that he writes against the Origenists based only on hearsay ( Panarion, Epiphanius 71 )-the Panarion is a valuable source of information on the Christian church of the fourth century.
While the purpose is humanitarian aid, Graham also admits, " I believe as we work, God will always give us opportunities to tell others about his Son.
While the Prakriti is a single entity, the Samkhya admits a plurality of the Puruṣas in this world.
While he admits he was part of the team that carried out the bombing, he still does not accept the fingerprint on the registration card was his.
While he admits that it is problematic to assume such a reference point, he sees it as the only viable option.
" While Greene admits he couldn't validate the authenticity of the accounts in the letters he received, he did believe spitting occurred, stating ," There were simply too many letters, going into too fine a detail, to deny the fact.
While he admits he cannot prove his thesis beyond all doubt — by definition, so ingenious a scheme would never have left a paper trail — his circumstantial evidence taken from a careful reading of the Venona Intercepts explains much in the public domain that is otherwise is a conundrum.
While Chrysostomos admits that, " in terms of classical Orthodox thought on the subject, Saint Augustine placed grace and human free will at odds, if only because his view of grace was too overstated and not balanced against the Patristic witness as regards the efficacy of human choice and spiritual labor.
While he admits both artists have his respect, Birdman said there is no truth to the speculation stating " Both of them is two of the little homies I have the utmost respect for ," he said.
While Mill admits that these freedoms could — in certain situations — be pushed aside, he claims that in contemporary and civilized societies there is no justification for their removal.
While Mill general opposes the religiously motivated societal interference, he admits that it is conceivably permissible for religiously motivated laws to prohibit the use of what no religion obligates.
While " not an aphrodisiac ", he admits the sex drive may be improved.
While Crescas admits this, he differs from Maimonides in that he will not admit the refusal of the prophetic gift when these conditions are fulfilled.
While Petra admits to being in love with Karin, Karin herself can only say she likes Petra.
While he admits to the affairs, he declares his love for Fran, but tells her that he must leave in order to catch his train home to spend Christmas Eve with his family.
While Durham's other colleges accept postgraduates, Ustinov College admits them exclusively, and is less formal in its structure than the other colleges.
While Hannah does like Johnny, she admits she is actually in love with Don ; she also admits to deliberately making mistakes when they rehearse so she can be with him longer.

While and existence
While I fully agree with Sir Anthony's contention, I think that we must carry the analysis farther, bearing in mind that while common peril may be the measure of our need, the existence or absence of a positive sense of community must be the measure of our capacity.
While there is no scientific evidence for the cryptid's existence, there have been over 300 reported sightings.
While Maitreya ( Pāli: Metteya ) is mentioned in the Pāli canon, he is not referred to as a bodhisattva, but simply the next fully awakened Buddha to come into existence long after the current teachings of the Buddha are lost.
While some recent scholars have questioned the existence of a large-scale Domitian persecution, others believe that Domitian's insistence on being treated as a god may have been a source of friction between the Church and Rome.
While " there is an intentional editorial unity with a cohesive purpose and message in the canonical form of the book ," Job contains many separate elements, some of which may have had an independent existence prior to being incorporated into the present text.
While most people have a strong intuition for the existence of what they refer to as consciousness, skeptics argue that this intuition is false, either because the concept of consciousness is intrinsically incoherent, or because our intuitions about it are based in illusions.
While this agreement reportedly kept the company in existence, it also left RuneQuest moribund, leading to products of questionable quality, long gaps with no products published at all, and, eventually, the death of the game altogether.
While other knowledge could be a figment of imagination, deception or mistake, the very act of doubting one's own existence serves to some people as proof of the reality of one's own existence, or at least that of one's thought.
While Gramsci's views argue that culture ( beliefs, perceptions and values ) allows the ruling class to maintain domination, Marx's explanation is along more economic lines, with concepts such as commodity fetishism demonstrating how the ideology of the bourgeoisie ( in this case, the existence of property as a social creation rather than an ' eternal entity ') dominate over that of the working classes.
While the appearance and relative existence of the leaf ceases, the components that formed the leaf become particulate material that goes on to form new plants.
: While accepting the canonical possibility of recognising the existence ( υποστατόν ) of sacraments performed outside herself, ( the Eastern Orthodox Church ) questions their validity ( έγκυρον ) and certainly rejects their efficacy ( ενεργόν ).
While there is little scholarly debate about the existence of some of these differences, their causes remain highly controversial both within academia and in the public sphere.
While Dr. Hill and Dr. Mennill are themselves convinced of the bird's existence in Florida, they are quick to acknowledge that they have not yet conclusively proven the species ' existence.
While many viewers came only to laugh, the Salon des Refusés drew attention to the existence of a new tendency in art and attracted more visitors than the regular Salon.
While he does not deny the existence of stimulus, sensation, and response, he disagreed that they were separate, juxtaposed events happening like links in a chain.
While phrenologist did not contend the existence of talented women, this minority did not provide justification for citizenship or participation in politics.
While there is no concrete proof of the existence of gravitons, quantized theories of matter may necessitate their existence.
While doing laboratory work in biochemistry, Pirsig became greatly troubled by the existence of more than one workable hypothesis to explain a given phenomenon, and, indeed, that the number of hypotheses appeared unlimited.
While the existence of racial IQ gaps is well-documented and not subject to much dispute, there is no consensus among researchers as to their cause.
: While nongovernmental organizations argue over how to end slavery, few deny the existence of the practice.
While later televisions were cable-ready with a standard converter built-in, the existence of premium television ( aka pay per view ) and the advent of digital cable have continued the need for various forms of these devices for cable television reception.

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