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While and living
While he waited in the living room.
While many of Alcott's ideas continue to be perceived as being on the liberal / radical edge, they are still common themes in society, including vegetarian / veganism, sustainable living, and temperance / self-control.
While living in Venice Salieri continued his musical studies with the organist and opera composer Giovanni Battista Pescetti, then following Pescetti's sudden death he studied with the opera singer Ferdinando Pacini or Pasini.
While a flood will kill most plants living low on the ground in a certain area, if there is rice there, it will thrive in the wet conditions.
While Judah I was still living, Rav, having been duly ordained as teacher — though not without certain restrictions ( Sanhedrin 5a )— returned to Babylonia, where he at once began a career that was destined to mark an epoch in the development of Babylonian Judaism.
While English and Russian are the dominant languages used by Aleuts living in the US and Russia respectively, the Aleut language is still spoken by several hundred people.
While living in Hall County, Texas they also played at ' ranch dances ' which were popular in both North Texas and eastern New Mexico.
While he was still living in Shanghai, Chiang and Yao adopted a son, Wei-kuo.
While presenting the Carnegie Institute's Gold Medal to Beaux in 1899, William Merritt Chase stated " Miss Beaux is not only the greatest living woman painter, but the best that has ever lived.
While living in New York, Elwes studied acting at both the Actors Studio and the Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute.
While living in Fortson, he attended historic Mountain Hill School.
While Mike, Mark, Zonker, BD, and Boopsie were all now graduates, BD and Boopsie were living in Malibu, where BD was a third-string quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, and Boopsie was making a living from walk-on and cameo roles.
While living in London, Thomas met Caitlin Macnamara whom he married in 1937.
While living at the Cecil House, Edward's daily studies consisted of dancing instruction, French, Latin, cosmography, writing exercises, drawing, and common prayers.
While George was away working in Scotland, Robert was brought up by a succession of neighbors and then by George's unmarried sister Eleanor ( Nelly ), who continued living with them in Killingworth on George's return.
While living in Busseto with Strepponi, Verdi bought an estate two miles from the town in 1848.
While the Trivers – Willard hypothesis predicts that birth sex is dependent on living conditions ( i. e. more male children are born in " good " living conditions, while more female children are born in poorer living conditions ), the probability of having a child of either gender is still regarded as 50 / 50.
While tensions remain ( for example, with Muslim immigrants and in the Basque region ), modern Spain has seen the development of a robust, modern democracy as a constitutional monarchy with popular King Juan Carlos, one of the fastest-growing standards of living in Europe, entry into the European Community, and the 1992 Summer Olympics.
While more of a science-fiction story, the film conveyed the fears of living in the Atomic Age and the terror of social alienation.
While living at Arrowhead, he befriended the author, Nathaniel Hawthorne, who lived in nearby Lenox.
While living in London, noting the American Engineer's patriotic intensity, some British acquaintances referred to him as the " star-spangled Hoover ".

While and home
While convalescing in his Virginia home he wrote a book recording his prison experiences and escape, entitled: They Shall Not Have Me Published originally in ( Helion's ) English by Dutton & Co. of New York, in 1943, the book was received by the press as a work of astonishing literary power and one of the most realistic accounts of World War 2, from the French side.
While driving the cow back home the woman was assaulted by a servant maid of Gorton.
While women had always attended ball games in small numbers ( it was the part of a `` dead game sport '' in the early years of the twentieth century to be taken out to the ball park and to root, root, root for the home team ), they had often sat in patient martyrdom, unable even to read the scoreboard, which sometimes seemed to indicate that one team led another by a score of three hundred and eighty to one hundred and fifty-one.
While details are still to be worked out, Ratcliff said he expects to tell home folks in Dallas why he thinks Berry's proposed constitutional amendment should be rejected.
While at prep school as a boarder his mother wrote to tell him she was marrying Cecil Pye, a bank manager, and when he was at home for the holidays his new family consisted of his mother, his stepfather and Christopher, his stepfather's son by an earlier marriage.
While driving home during a thunderstorm, the car in which he was a passenger skidded off the road and rolled over.
While the creator of the NES version would be restricted from making a competitive version of an NES game, the original arcade copyright holder was not precluded from licensing out rights for a home version of an arcade game to multiple systems.
While recovering from the stroke and heart attack, Diddley came back to his home town of McComb, Mississippi, in early November 2007 for the unveiling of a plaque devoted to him on the National Blues Trail stating that he was " acclaimed as a founder of rock and roll.
While en route to the Shi ' ar home world, Xavier is abducted and is later thrown into the M ' Kraan Crystal by Vulcan.
While filming The Madwoman of Chaillot in France, he phoned home to ask his family if they would like to eat at " Ying's Thing " that evening ; Kaye then flew home for dinner.
While Sheffield would be the family home for ten years, Allen was often absent for extended periods.
While accounts of the return journey are not entirely consistent, Allen apparently suffered an apoplectic fit en route, and was unconscious by the time they returned home.
While Bannister was well known in the artistic community of his adopted home of Providence, Rhode Island and admired within the wider East Coast art world ( he won a bronze medal for his large oil " Under the Oaks " at the 1876 Philadelphia Centennial ), he was largely forgotten for almost a century for a complexity of reasons, principally connected with racial prejudice.
While subject to criticism at home and abroad on issues of protection, enforcement, over-regulation, and imposition of externalities, the country remains an important source of environmental legal expertise and experience.
While Ichinose is visiting his old home in the seaside forest of Manazuru, they meet Mafune's lone daughter, Katsura.
" While the things that Thompson wrote about are basically true, he used previously mentioned satirical devices to drive his points home.
While recording, he saw a photo of a beautiful woman at a friend's home and was instantly smitten.
While Windows 2000 upgrades were available for Windows 95 and Windows 98, it was not intended for home users.
While many expected Aaron to break Ruth's home run record in 1973, a key moment of the season came on August 6.
While at the oasis of Takedda on his journey back across the desert, he received a message from the Sultan of Morocco commanding him to return home.
While weekly therapy is certainly valuable, most providers also suggest an aggressive self-care regimen at home to help combat muscle tension, such as daily muscle relaxation audiotapes, stress reduction and anxiety management on a daily basis.
While Kingston and Montego Bay are home to a number of retail stores, including American fast-food franchises such as Domino's, Burger King, and KFC, the majority of the towns in the interior of the country, such as Mandeville, May Pen, and Spanish Town, have small shops, public markets, and temporary roadside stands.
While attendance figures were stagnant for most of the NFL, Jacksonville saw an increase of 36. 5 %, by far the highest in the league, and had none of their home games blacked out.

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