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While and much
While S.K. did not like Dylan Thomas, I liked his poems very much, but I made the mistake of telling Dylan Thomas so, whereupon he said to me, `` I suppose you think you know all about me ''.
While The Space Merchants indicates, as Kingsley Amis has correctly observed, some of the `` impending consequences of the growth of industrial and commercial power '' and satirizes `` existing habits in the advertising profession '', its warning and analysis penetrate much deeper.
While many companies have done fine work in developing sales personnel, much of it has been product rather than sales training.
While strong forms of the various dialects are not normally fully comprehensible to Northern Germans, communication is much easier in Bavaria, especially rural areas, where Bavarian dialect still predominates as the mother tongue.
While the use of iron started to become more widespread around 1200 BC, mainly because of interruptions in the trade routes for tin, the metal is much softer than bronze.
" ( Acts 28: 14-15 ) While Walton agrees that Luke ’ s main concern is apolitical, he believes that “ there is too much politically sensitive material for this view to be tenable when Luke-Acts is read in its first-century settings, both Jewish and Greco-Roman .”
While it contains much in the way of Native American tradition, it should not be confused with the tribal beliefs of any community of native people.
While acrylic retarders can slow drying time to several hours, it remains a relatively fast-drying medium, and the addition of too much acrylic retarder can prevent the paint from ever drying properly.
While not considered orthodox Christian, the Ecclesia Gnostica Catholica uses roles and titles derived from Christianity for its clerical hierarchy, including bishops who have much the same authority and responsibilities as in Roman Catholicism.
" While Frank Miller has described the relationship between Batman and the Joker as a " homophobic nightmare ," he views the character as sublimating his sexual urges into crimefighting, concluding, " He'd be much healthier if he were gay.
While the complexity, size, construction, and general form of CPUs have changed enormously since 1950, it is notable that the basic design and function has not changed much at all.
While maintaining much diversity in class, race, and age, it became harder and harder for those who grew up in the city to be able to afford to stay.
While not a national holiday, it does appear on all printed calendars, much as Father's Day does in the West.
While all Catholics must therefore hold that " the infliction of capital punishment is not contrary to the teaching of the Catholic Church, and the power of the State to visit upon culprits the penalty of death derives much authority from revelation and from the writings of theologians ", the matter of " the advisability of exercising that power is, of course, an affair to be determined upon other and various considerations.
While an unlicensed satellite dish can often be identified easily, satellite radio receivers are much more compact and can rarely be easily identified, at least not without flagrantly violating provisions against unreasonable search and seizure in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
While Clausewitz was intensely aware of the value of intelligence at all levels, he was also very skeptical of the accuracy of much military intelligence: " Many intelligence reports in war are contradictory ; even more are false, and most are uncertain ....
While rocks melted by the impact resemble volcanic rocks, they incorporate unmelted fragments of bedrock, form unusually large and unbroken fields, and have a much more mixed chemical composition than volcanic materials spewed up from within the Earth.
While integrating garbage collection into the language's compiler and runtime system enables a much wider choice of methods, post hoc GC systems exist, including some that do not require recompilation.
While substantial water was detected spectroscopically, it was not as much as predicted beforehand, meaning that either the water layer thought to exist below the clouds was thinner than predicted, or that the cometary fragments did not penetrate deeply enough.
While much of the urban areas were now under the control of the KMT, much of the countryside remained under the influence of weakened yet undefeated warlords and Communists.
While the Chicago River historically handled much of the region's waterborne cargo, today's huge lake freighters use the city's Lake Calumet Harbor on the South Side.
While there were still a number of loud / fast songs, much of the music featured an eclectic mix of instruments including trumpets and synthesizers.
While Kronecker would die soon after, his constructivist philosophy would continue with the young Brouwer and his developing intuitionist " school ", much to Hilbert's torment in his later years.

While and construction
While availability of mortgage money has been a factor in encouraging apartment construction, the generally high level of prosperity in the past few years plus rising consumer income are among the factors that have encouraged builders to concentrate in the apartment-building field.
While bishop he was largely responsible for the construction of a large organ in the cathedral, audible from over a mile ( 1600 m ) away and said to require more than 24 men to operate.
While his building was still under construction late in 1854, Bunsen suggested certain design principles to the university's mechanic, Peter Desaga, and asked him to construct a prototype.
While most species of North American red oak are unsuitable for construction of bokken, there are some Asian species of red oak that have a significantly tighter grain and will be able to withstand repeated impacts.
While there were visible signs of damage, in the vegetation and an apparent lack of construction in some places, the Island was bustling again as some things had been freshly re-built and those that were not were quite on their way.
While the double bass is nearly identical in construction to other violin family instruments, it also embodies features found in the older viol family.
While the building was under construction, the Barge Office nearby at the Battery was used for immigrant processing.
While encouraging the construction of large dams ( which Nehru called the " new temples of India "), irrigation works and the generation of hydroelectricity, Nehru also launched India's programme to harness nuclear energy.
While it is one of the most commonly used concepts in logic it must not be mistaken for a logical law ; rather, it is one of the accepted mechanisms for the construction of deductive proofs that includes the " rule of definition " and the " rule of substitution " Modus ponens allows one to eliminate a conditional statement from a logical proof or argument ( the antecedents ) and thereby not carry these antecedents forward in an ever-lengthening string of symbols ; for this reason modus ponens is sometimes called the rule of detachment.
While under his leadership Naval construction yards produced fewer ships than the 1970s, greater emphasis was placed on technology and qualitative improvement.
While the house was under construction, the young Mudds lived with Frankie's bachelor brother, Jeremiah Dyer, finally moving into their new home in 1859.
While single-stage rockets were once thought to be beyond reach, advances in materials technology and construction techniques have shown them to be possible.
While marginal costs tend to be accordingly low, initial development and construction costs are highly dependent on performance, especially the intended mass, acceleration, and velocity of projectiles.
While Cross Keys was still under construction, Rouse decided to build a whole new city.
While construction continued, the land rising out of Montreal harbour was not owned by the Expo Corporation yet.
While there are critical debates on the construction of prose, its simplicity and loosely defined structure has led to its adoption for the majority of spoken dialogue, factual discourse as well as topical and fictional writing.
While governor, Clinton was largely responsible for the construction of the Erie Canal.
While the term has been attributed to Latin per centum, this is a pseudo-Latin construction and the term was likely originally adopted from the French pour cent.
While the Susquehanna River has a wide floodplain that has necessitated the construction of floodwalls to protect a large percentage of the city, the areas away from the river increase in elevation approaching Wilkes-Barre Mountain.
While much of Thomsen's understanding of Sumerian grammar would now be rejected by most or all Sumerologists, Thomsen's grammar ( often with express mention of the critiques put forward by Pascal Attinger in his 1993 Eléments de linguistique sumérienne: La construction de du11 / e / di « dire ») is the starting point of most recent academic discussions of Sumerian grammar.
While it is messy-looking, free-form construction can be used to make more compact circuits than other methods.
While many trails have arisen through common usage, quality trail design and construction is a complex process requiring certain sets of skills.
While in 1950 agriculture and farming shaped the landscape of the territory ( 42. 4 % of the working force vs 30. 5 % in industry and construction ), the trend shifted gradually during the 60s and 70s on the grounds of a growing industrial activity in the Alavese Plains ( Llanada Alavesa ), with the main focus lying on the industrial estates of Vitoria-Gasteiz ( Gamarra, Betoño and Ali Gobeo ) and, to a lesser extent, Salvatierra-Agurain and Araia.

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