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While and formed
While he was working at Friends Bubbles formed an association with Hawkwind and became responsible for a run of their album sleeves, including X In Search of Space, Doremi Fasol Latido and Space Ritual.
While these included elite Bersaglieri, Alpini and Cacciatori units, a large proportion of the troops were inexperienced conscripts recently drafted from metropolitan regiments in Italy into newly formed " di formazione " battalions for service in Africa.
While many of these systems involve cars permanently attached to the cable, the system developed by Poma-Otis, a company formed by the merger of the cable car interests of the Pomagalski ski lift company and the Otis Elevator Company, allows the car to be decoupled from the cable under computer control, and can thus be considered a modern interpretation of the cable car.
While the appearance and relative existence of the leaf ceases, the components that formed the leaf become particulate material that goes on to form new plants.
While the conservative wing of the German political spectrum, primarily formed of the CDU and CSU, enjoys considerable support, this support tends to be less extended to Stoiber.
While the Fujiwara fell into disputes among themselves and formed northern and southern factions, the insei system allowed the paternal line of the imperial family to gain influence over the throne.
While in prison, he formed a gospel quartet with fellow cell mates Johnny Terry, " Hucklebuck " Davis and a person named " Shag ", and made homemade instruments-a comb and paper, a washtub bass, a drum kit made from lard tubs and for Brown, what he called " a sort of mandolin out of a wooden box.
While there have been many variations in overall focus, gameplay and features in MUDs, some distinct sub-groups have formed that can be used to help categorize different game mechanics, game genres and non-game uses.
While arm power, accuracy, and pocket presence – the ability to successfully operate from within the " pocket " formed by his blockers – are still the most important quarterback virtues, the ability to elude or run past defenders creates an additional threat that allows greater flexibility in the team's passing and running game.
While other senior government officials like Thaimu Bangura, Edward Kargbo and Desmond Luke resigned from the APC and formed their own respective political parties to challenge the ruling APC.
While other senior government officials like Thaimu Bangura, Edward Kargbo and Desmond Luke resigned from the APC and formed their own respective political parties to challenge the ruling APC.
While automobile engine technology had remained fairly stagnant in World War II, advanced aircraft piston engine development had provided a great deal of available data, and NASCAR was formed just as some the improved technology was about to become available in production cars.
While still in France, Paine formed the Church of Theophilanthropy with five other families ; this civil religion held as its central dogma that man should worship God's wisdom and benevolence and imitate those divine attributes as much as possible.
While an " underground railroad " running south toward Florida, then a Spanish possession, existed from the late 17th century until shortly after the American Revolution, the network now generally known as the Underground Railroad was formed in the early 19th century, and reached its height between 1850 and 1860.
While it had long been supposed that Wordsworth relied chiefly on Coleridge for philosophical guidance, more recent scholarship has suggested that Wordsworth's ideas may have been formed years before he and Coleridge became friends in the mid 1790s.
While the Pacific Railroad Act was to award the eastern contract to the newly formed Union Pacific, it was left up to then President Lincoln to formally choose the location for the railroad to start and Lincoln in 1862 was to follow the advice of his former client.
While technically ' bong ' does not mean a device used for smoking mainly marijuana, drug-related connotations have been formed with the word itself ( partly due to punning with Sanskrit bhangah " hemp ").
While the pursuit of pleasure formed the focal point of the philosophy, this was largely directed to the " static pleasures " of minimizing pain, anxiety and suffering.
Historian and Forrest biographer Brian Steel Wills writes,While there is no doubt that Forrest joined the Klan, there is some question as to whether he actually was the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan .” The KKK ( the Klan ) was formed by veterans of the Confederate Army in Pulaski, Tennessee in 1866 and soon expanded throughout the state and beyond.
While outwardly appearing to be similar, single-tier authorities formed using older legislation are not Unitary Authorities thus excluding e. g. the Isle of Wight Council or any other single-tier authority formed under the Local Government Act 1972 or older legislation.
While they do not burrow or build nests, they frequently seek shelter in the burrows of other animals, as well as in crevices and tunnels formed by vegetation.
While in office, he formed an authoritarian regime, amassed vast personal wealth, and attempted to purge the country of all colonial cultural influence, while also maintaining an anti-communist stance.
While in office, he formed an authoritarian regime responsible for numerous human rights violations, attempted to purge the country of all Belgian cultural influences and maintained an anti-communist stance to gain positive international diplomacy.
While it looked as if co-operation between these parties would not be feasible a shared opposition to Fianna Fáil and Éamon de Valera overcame all other difficulties and the coalition government was formed.

While and main
While observing the operations of our Government in various parts of the world, I have felt that in many situations where our policies were good we have tended to ignore minor problems which spoiled our main effort.
While many tokens point forward, the main achievements stand as a culmination of the simple patterns of the Dark ages.
While the other main characters believe there is no rational explanation for the outbreak of plague, Paneloux believes there is.
While there are ancient relations between the Indian Vedas and the Iranian Avesta, the two main families of the Indo-Iranian philosophical traditions were characterized by fundamental differences in their implications for the human being's position in society and their view on the role of man in the universe.
While the emperor's palace no longer exists, the church built by Charlemagne is still the main attraction of the city.
" ( Acts 28: 14-15 ) While Walton agrees that Luke s main concern is apolitical, he believes that “ there is too much politically sensitive material for this view to be tenable when Luke-Acts is read in its first-century settings, both Jewish and Greco-Roman .”
While tanks are seen as being integral to armoured warfare, in forces with a remit of power projection deployability has always been a consideration, which conventional main battle tanks cannot provide.
While his work on deciphering the Maya script gained some support from Alfred Tozzer at Harvard, the main authority on Ancient Maya culture, J. E. S.
While Portuguese and Spanish activity in the region had weakened, the English had built fortified trading posts on tiny Ai and Run islands, ten to twenty kilometres from the main Banda Islands.
While often simplistically summarised as " aboutness " or the relationship between mental acts and the external world, Brentano defined it as the main characteristic of mental phenomena, by which they could be distinguished from physical phenomena.
While there were victims from many groups, Jews were the main targets.
While the main usage is religious, the term is also used to characterize a movement that has great commitment.
While cod was formerly the main catch, today the industry centers on cold-water shrimp and Greenland halibut.
While the use of layers much later became one of the main typical features of a contemporary GIS, the photographic process just described is not considered to be a GIS in itself – as the maps were just images with no database to link them to.
While " glasnost " is associated with freedom of speech, the main goal of this policy was to make the country's management transparent and open to debate, thus circumventing the narrow circle of apparatchiks who previously exercised complete control of the economy.
While their main force had constructed siege works and was close to taking the cities of Thessalonica and Cassandreia, it retreated to the Balkan interior at the news that the emperor was advancing.
While the main feature, the seven transmembrane helices, is conserved, the relative orientation of the helices differ significantly from that of bacteriorhodopsin.
While the majority of his films lost money at the box office ( the main reason for Santana's end ), at least two of them are still remembered today ; In a Lonely Place is now recognized as a masterpiece of film noir.
While the comb material does have a slight influence over the sound of the harmonica, the main advantage of a particular comb material over another one is its durability.
While data reduction ( compression, be it lossy or lossless ) is a main goal of transform coding, it also allows other goals: one may represent data more accurately for the original amount of space – for example, in principle, if one starts with an analog or high-resolution digital master, an MP3 file of a given size should provide a better representation than a raw uncompressed audio in WAV or AIFF file of the same size.
While police control barriers are a common sight on African highways, and while illicit demands for bribes at such stops are common in many countries, the main Malian highway heading south from Bamako to the Burkina Faso border was singled out in late 2008 as the worst in West Africa.
While the majority of plutinos have low orbital inclinations, a substantial number of them follow orbits similar to that of Pluto, with inclinations in the 10 – 25 ° range and eccentricities around 0. 2 – 0. 25, resulting in perihelia inside ( or close to ) the orbit of Neptune and aphelia close to the main Kuiper belt's outer edge ( where objects have 1: 2 resonance with Neptune ).
While the main business activities of a pawnshop are lending money for interest based on valuable items that customers bring in, some pawnshops also undertake other business activities, such as selling brand-new retail items that are in demand in the neighborhood of the store.
While working as the main bartender at Barrachina ( a restaurant in Puerto Rico ), Ramon mixed pineapple juice, coconut cream, condensed milk and ice in a blender, creating a delicious and refreshing drink, known today as the Piña Colada.
While still under the domain of the Mongol-Tatars and with their connivance, Moscow began to assert its influence in the Central Rus ' in the early 14th century, gradually becoming the main leading force in the process of the Rus ' lands ' reunification and expansion of Russia.

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