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from Brown Corpus
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While and observing
While this is intuitively false and is also false according to Carnap's theory of induction, observing non-ravens ( according to that same theory ) causes us to reduce our estimate of the total number of ravens, and thereby reduces the estimated number of possible counterexamples to the rule that all ravens are black.
While the study of magma has historically relied on observing magma in the form of lava outflows, magma has been encountered in situ three times during drilling projects — twice in Iceland, and once in Hawaii.
While observing one chimpanzee feeding at a termite mound, she watched him repeatedly place stalks of grass into termite holes, then remove them from the hole covered with clinging termites, effectively “ fishing ” for termites.
While observing the slums of Manchester in close detail, Engels took notes of the horrors he observed, notably child labor, the despoiled environment and the overworked and impoverished laborers and sent back a series of articles to Marx, first for publication in the Rheinische Zeitung and then for publication in Deutsch – Franzosische Jahrbucher, chronicling the conditions amongst the working class in Manchester.
While inferences about protein folding can be made through mutation studies ; typically, experimental techniques for studying protein folding rely on the gradual unfolding or folding of a solution of proteins and observing conformational changes using standard non-crystallographic techniques for observing protein structure.
While observing the peaceful Ba ' ku people on their planet, Lieutenant Commander Data ( on secondment to the duck blind mission there ) appears to malfunction, revealing the hidden presence of the joint Federation and Son ' a task force to the Ba ' ku.
While observing the Nubecula Minor, he described it as a cloudy mass of light with an oval shape and a bright center.
While observing Ramadan, he decided to attack Riyadh and retake it from the Al Rashidi.
While observing that the system " may be hailed as providing a new and valid entertainment thrill ," Crowther expressed some skeptical reserve, saying " the very size and sweep of the Cinerama screen would seem to render it impractical for the story-telling techniques now employed in film ....
While part of this development may have been from Rimsky-Korsakov's need to find a spiritual replacement for Modest Mussorgsky, who had died that March, it may have also been from observing his progress on the first of Glazunov's eight symphonies.
While she studied drawing for three years at the Vilhelm Kyhn College of Painting in Copenhagen, she developed her own style and was a pioneer in observing the interplay of different colours in natural light.
While observing the construction of the piece from a helicopter, Smithson reportedly remarked " et in Utah ego " as a counterpoint to the famous pastoral Baroque painting et in Arcadia ego by Nicolas Poussin.
While Barney navigated U. S. Route 3, Betty reasoned that she was observing a falling star, only it moved upward, like a plane or a satellite.
While observing the solar eclipse of August 18, 1868 at Guntur, in Andhra Pradesh, British India, he noticed a bright yellow line with a wavelength of 587. 49 nm in the spectrum of the chromosphere of the Sun.
While it is not unusual for many types of neurobiology experiments to give rise to behavioral questions, many neuroethologists often begin their research programs by observing a species ’ behavior in its natural environment.
While University operations continued at the DDO, international observers used about 50 % of observing time there.
While Oddie and Humble both presented the series from an organic farm in Devon, England, where the nestboxes and sett were located, King worked on location-at Bass Rock observing gannets in the first week, at a quarry observing a family of peregrine falcons in the second week, at the London Wetlands Centre in the third week, and joining Oddie and Humble on the farm for the final programme.
While observing the apparently uniform fluorescence on a zinc sulfide screen created by the radioactive emissions ( mostly alpha radiation ) of a sample of radium, he spilled some of the radium sample, and, owing to its extreme rarity and cost, he was eager to find and recover it.
While at Yerkes he managed to do some variable star observing with some of the smaller telescopes, trace copies of the AAVSO charts that were in the Yerkes files, and learn about developing astronomical plates.
While observing the typical Earth activities ( television antennas, people with huge and little cars, children watch Cowboys and Indians on TV, and teenagers dancing to jukebox tunes ), the Martian discovers he likes this planet and decides to land there.
While observing one chimpanzee feeding at a termite mound, she watched him repeatedly place stalks of grass into termite holes, then remove them from the hole covered with clinging termites, effectively “ fishing ” for termites.
While observing the lock, the locksmith manipulates the dial to align the lock gates so that the fence falls and the bolt is disengaged.

While and operations
While he was handling the multi-million-dollar funding operations of the Government he had to resort to borrowing small sums from friends.
While there is no generally accepted formal definition of " algorithm ," an informal definition could be " a set of rules that precisely defines a sequence of operations.
While Allied forces in 1940 lacked the experience to successfully develop these strategies, resulting in France's capitulation with heavy losses, they characterized later Allied operations.
While it is not altogether clear whether totally asynchronous designs can perform at a comparable or better level than their synchronous counterparts, it is evident that they do at least excel in simpler math operations.
While the predominance of unit operations in chemical engineering courses in Britain and the United States continued until the 1960s, transport phenomena started to experience greater focus.
While the budget consists of limited amount of donations and business operations owned by the party, its majority comes from the grant of national treasury, the same way that supports the other 8 subordinative registered parties, which making a bizarre exception among modern political parties.
While we now see with our own eyes that such operations were a habit which is prevalent among all civilized people of the west "
While a business continuity plan ( BCP ) takes a broad approach to dealing with organizational-wide effects of a disaster, a disaster recovery plan ( DRP ), which is a subset of the business continuity plan, is instead focused on taking the necessary steps to resume normal business operations as quickly as possible.
While the Emperor received detailed reports from Sugiyama and Nagano about the operations in Southeast Asia and the attack of Pearl Harbor, Prime Minister Konoe made one last desperate attempt to avoid war.
While on active duty, he served in the Gulf War and later supported operations in Somalia.
While very efficient, the need for powerful instruction sets with multi-step addressing and complex operations ( see below ) made such " hard-wired " processors difficult to design and debug ; highly encoded and varied-length instructions can contribute to this as well, especially when very irregular encodings are used.
While formal foreign assistance evaporated at the height of the emergency, more than 200 non-governmental organizations were carrying out humanitarian operations.
* While engaged in military operations involving conflict with an opposing foreign force
While the CTSP is still under development, many firms ( including AU Optronics ) have already moved into the park and begun manufacturing operations.
While foreign operations had once shown promise, nearly 70 percent of SCI ’ s revenue was generated by operations in the United States and Canada.
While his announcement of the government's plan to put a man on the moon drew all of the attention, in the same speech he announced his intention to spend over $ 100 million to strengthen U. S. special operations forces and expand American capabilities in unconventional warfare.
While both Rickover's military authority and congressional mandate with regard to the U. S. fleet's reactor operations was absolute, it was not infrequently a subject of Navy-internal controversy.
While pieces of light armor purportedly worn by ninja exist and date to the right time, there is no hard evidence of their use in ninja operations.
While Lee had been held prisoner by the British General Sir William Howe, 5th Viscount Howe in March, 1777, Lee drafted a plan for British military operations against the Americans.
While there are some large plantations with integrated operations, copra remains primarily a smallholder crop.
While Germany, and to some degree the Western Allies, adopted Blitzkrieg ideas, they were not much used by the Red Army which developed its armoured warfare doctrine based on deep operations.
While each of the operations taken individually was exactly abstracted, their composition isn't.
While representing input data as vectors has been emphasized in this article, it should be noted that any kind of object which can be represented digitally, which has an appropriate distance measure associated with it, and in which the necessary operations for training are possible can be used to construct a self-organizing map.

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