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from Brown Corpus
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While and one
While his comrades cocked the trap, that one behaved as if it was some dull maneuver.
While convalescing in his Virginia home he wrote a book recording his prison experiences and escape, entitled: They Shall Not Have Me Published originally in ( Helion's ) English by Dutton & Co. of New York, in 1943, the book was received by the press as a work of astonishing literary power and one of the most realistic accounts of World War 2, from the French side.
While the picture was taken, Mr. Miller's disposition to be generous to Mr. Sandburg increased to the point where he advised, ' I won't even charge you the one dollar rental fee ' ''.
While I was sitting at one of the rewrite telephones with my derby and my great beard, Arthur Brisbane whizzed in with some editorial copy in his hand.
While some think we move too fast and others too slowly, Florida's record is a good one and stands out among the 50.
While she was settling the teacart, he went back across the hall to their bedroom, opened one of the suitcases, and took out powdered coffee and sugar.
While there should be no general age limit or restriction to one sex, there will be particular projects requiring special maturity and some open only to men or to women.
While this may well be true in general, I believe it is also important to keep in mind that some recent developments suggest that over the next year or so military electronics may be one of the most strongly growing areas in an economy which is not expanding rapidly in other directions.
While the interpretations that have been given are inferences only, they gain support from such comments as the following, which was made by one of the Kohnstamm-negative subjects who did not, on the first trial, perceive the tilt illusion.
While roleplaying for testing is not too well understood at the present time, it represents one of the major uses of this procedure.
While the phonemes can be very easily stated, no one is likely to be satisfied with the statement until phonemic occurrences can be related in some way to morphemic units, i.e. until the morphophonemics is worked out, or at least far enough that it seems reasonable to expect success.
While fifty years before, Albert Goodwill Spalding, secretary of the Chicago Ball Club of the National League, could write earnestly to the manager of the Buffalo club and request a guarantee of one hundred dollars for a baseball game in August, in this Golden Era a game at the Yankee Stadium might bring in nearly a hundred thousand dollars at the gate.
While women had always attended ball games in small numbers ( it was the part of a `` dead game sport '' in the early years of the twentieth century to be taken out to the ball park and to root, root, root for the home team ), they had often sat in patient martyrdom, unable even to read the scoreboard, which sometimes seemed to indicate that one team led another by a score of three hundred and eighty to one hundred and fifty-one.
While ideas about altruism from one field can have an impact on the other fields, the different methods and focuses of these fields always lead to different perspectives on altruism.
While Nicomachus ' algorithm is the same as Euclid's, when the numbers are prime to one another it yields the number " 1 " for their common measure.
While the group only recorded one album together as the Analog Brothers, a few bootlegs of its live concert performances, including freestyles with original lyrics, have occasionally surfaced online.
While experimenting with the products of radioactive decay, in 1913 radiochemist Frederick Soddy discovered that there appeared to be more than one type of atom at each position on the periodic table.
While Renaissance artists sought nature to find their style, the Mannerists looked first for a style and found a manner. In Mannerist paintings, compositions can have no focal point, space can be ambiguous, figures can be characterized by an athletic bending and twisting with distortions, exaggerations, an elastic elongation of the limbs, bizarre posturing on one hand, graceful posturing on the other hand, and a rendering of the heads as uniformly small and oval.
While modelling atoms in isolation may not seem realistic, if one considers atoms in a gas or plasma then the time-scales for atom-atom interactions are huge in comparison to the atomic processes that are generally considered.
While in the city, there are many buses and taxi services one can take to get from place to place, but most of the locals choose to walk to their destinations.
While the Mercury capsule could only support one astronaut on a limited Earth orbital mission, the Apollo spacecraft was to be able to carry three astronauts on a circumlunar flight and eventually to a lunar landing.
While Andronikos was on one of his incursions, his castle was surprised by the governor of Trebizond, and Theodora and her two children were captured and sent to Constantinople.
While his views on legitimation are different from Esler, Pervo agrees that Luke ’ s work can be seen as one of legitimation.

While and element
While most prophets had heroic names ( e. g., Isaiah means " God has saved "), Jonah's name carries with it an element of passivity.
While most elements are generally viewed as stable, a small amount of natural transformation of one element to another also occurs in the present time, through decay of radioactive elements as well as other natural nuclear processes.
While this may result in some loss of specificity, the remaining element value ( without the qualifier ) should continue to be generally correct and useful for discovery.
While the force acting on each surface molecule is ~, the force acting on the whole element is ~~.
While people expected elements with higher atomic number to form from neutron bombardment of lighter elements, nobody expected neutrons to have enough energy to actually split a heavier atom into two light element fragments, and it was thought still more unlikely that slow neutrons could accomplish such a task.
While De Forest's addition of a third element to the Audion ( the grid ) and the subsequent move to modulated ( voice ) radio is not disputed, De Forest did not put his device to work.
While many cases an alien language is but an element of fictional reality, in a number of science fiction works the core of the plot are linguistic and psychological problems of communication between various alien races.
While with the Naval Ordnance Laboratory he developed an arithmetic element for an electronic digital calculator that he called an " electronic brain.
While the second element is certainly from the Old Norse haugr usually meaning a mound, there have been several different theories postulated for the first element, maes.
While the wrestling matches themselves are the primary focus of professional wrestling, a key dramatic element of the business can be entrances of the wrestlers to the arena and ring.
While one perception is that leisure is just " spare time ", time not consumed by the necessities of living, another holds that leisure is a force that allows individuals to consider and reflect on the values and realities that are missed in the activities of daily life, thus being an essential element of personal development and civilization.
While " smuggling " refers to facilitating the illegal entry of a person into a State, " trafficking " includes an element of exploitation.
While in general chemical elements can be purified through chemical processes, isotopes of the same element have nearly identical chemical properties, which makes this type of separation impractical, except for separation of deuterium.
While the number for " N " represents the percentage weight of nitrogen, in some European countries, the other two components are not for the analysis of the element, but rather, the analysis of the " available " or " soluble " form of the element.
While action has long been an element of films, the " action film " genre began to develop in the 1970s.
While the precise definition of an inverse element varies depending on the algebraic structure involved, these definitions coincide in a group.
While the ethnic based army was generally successful on the battlefields, they began to have negative effects on the Fatimid's internal politics, traditionally the Berber element of the army had the strongest sway over political affairs, but as the Turkish element grew more powerful they began to challenge this, and eventually by 1020 serious riots began to break out among the Black African troops who were fighting back against a Berber / Turks Alliance.
While some revolutions seek and achieve national independence, others aim only to redistribute power — with or without an element of emancipation, such as in democratization — within a state, which as such may remain unaltered.
While not always appearing of sufficient number or organization to be called a movement, separatists are a significant, vocal, and active element within many parts of the LGBT community.
While dahlias produce anthocyanin, an element necessary for color production, to achieve a true blue color in a plant, the anthocyanin delphinidin needs six hydroxyl groups.
While other parties ( Kach, Herut ) have advocated transfer, Moledet is the party most associated with this notion in Israel, due to its almost lack of any other element in its platform, and due to Ze ' evi's success in bringing together opposing elements ( in particular, both secular and religious ) under the transfer flag.

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