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While and patent
While the RSA patent expired in 2000, there are patents in force covering certain aspects of ECC technology, though some argue that the Federal elliptic curve digital signature standard ( ECDSA ; NIST FIPS 186-3 ) and certain practical ECC-based key exchange schemes ( including ECDH ) can be implemented without infringing them.
While Royal Assent and the royal sign-manual are required to enact laws, letters patent, and Orders in Council, the authority for these acts stems from the New Zealand populace.
While the patent was initially rejected by the patent office as being a purely mathematical invention, following 12 years of appeals, Pardo and Landau won a landmark court case at the CCPA ( Predecessor Court of the Federal Circuit ) overturning the Patent Office in 1983 — establishing that " something does not cease to become patentable merely because the point of novelty is in an algorithm.
While Dewar was recognised as the inventor, because he did not patent his invention there was no way to stop Thermos from using the design.
While the patent was filed in 1991, the first litigation was initiated in 2005.
While obtaining a patent on a naturally occurring organism as previously known or used is not possible, patents may be taken out on specific chemicals isolated or developed from plants.
While the vast majority of the patent application dealt with male sperm, one line suggested that the procedure would work with XX cells, i. e., cells from an adult woman to make female sperm.
While he kept the Khan's patent to collect taxes for all of Russia, Dmitry is also famous for leading the first Russian military victory over the Mongols.
While in New York City to visit his daughter and to talk with his patent agency, Richard Gatling died at his daughter's home on February 26, 1903.
While Goodyear decided to manufacture tyres, Hutchinson bought the patent to manufacture footwear and moved to France to establish " A l ' Aigle " (" To the Eagle ") in 1853, to honour his home country.
While the numerous patent and trademark disputes have left an unfortunate legacy, the fact is that these disputes did not occur until well after Windsurfing International, its licensees, class associations, retailers, schools and owners had built the sport to a successful commercial basis.
" While working for this company, he obtained his first patent, which was for a rotary water pump.
While Linoleum, coined by its inventor and patent holder Frederick Walton, is the first product term ruled by a court as generic, it was never used as a trademark.
While the patent survives ( No. 70, 147 ), much of the actual process of grilling was not well documented, and there has been considerable research trying to recreate what happened and when.
While Baur was the true inventor of the Pringles crisp, according to the patent, Liepa was the inventor of Pringles.
While the Canada Act 1982 received royal assent on March 29, 1982 in London, it was not until the Queen came to Canada that the Constitution Act, 1982, its Canadian equivalent, was proclaimed by letters patent as a statutory instrument by the Queen during her presence in Canada.
While on HMS Barham, Blackett was co-inventor of a gunnery device on which the Admiralty took out a patent.
While his first appearance was unsuccessful, it is noted that this production was produced illegally under the Licensing Act of 1737 which forbid the production of plays by theatres not holding letters patent or the production of plays not approved by the Lord Chamberlain.
While a patent is usually invalid if the patented device or process does not work, this is typically only determined if the patent is challenged ( which is not normally done unless the patent holder sues an alleged patent infringer ).
While the European Patent Convention does not totally overcome the need for translations ( since a translation may be required after grant to validate a patent in a given EPC Contracting State ), it does centralise the prosecution in one language and defers the cost of translations until the time of grant.

While and suits
While two-piece bathing suits had been worn on the beach before, the modern bikini was invented by French engineer Louis Réard in 1946.
While state and local jurisdictions will implement training in the manner that best suits the community, the Citizen Corps CERT program has an established curriculum.
While collateral attacks on criminal convictions, such as state level habeas corpus petitions, are usually considered to be technically civil cases, because they are not brought by a prosecutor and do not seek to convict someone of a crime, these suits are, in both states, appealed to the criminal court of last resort, rather than the civil court of last resort.
While departing Melpomenia, they notice a carbon-dioxide-feeding moss has begun feeding off insignificant leakages in their space suits.
While suits seeking monetary compensation have failed, in 2002 the German government issued an official apology to the gay community.
While the statute of limitations is generally three years, suits against cruise lines must usually be brought within one year because of limitations contained in the passenger ticket.
While it is possible that suits not represented by any player at the start are simply in the deck waiting to be drawn, it is also possible that a few key cards are already discarded in the hidden cards deck.
While McQueen felt that asbestos used in movie soundstage insulation and race-drivers ' protective suits and helmets could have been involved, he believed his illness was a direct result of massive exposure while removing asbestos lagging from pipes aboard a troop ship during his time in the Marines.
While there is evidence that suggests that, after Livy's death in 1904, Twain began wearing white suits on the lecture circuit, modern representations suggesting that he wore them throughout his life are unfounded.
While fighting in Nasiriya, coalition forces discovered and confiscated weapons caches and gear to protect against chemical weapons, including a T-55 tank, over 3, 000 chemical suits with masks, and Iraqi munitions and military uniforms.
While its tight seating configuration suits basketball very well, it made it difficult to fit a standard NHL rink onto the floor.
While strictly speaking the Council is not a court, it functions as a judicial body by adjudicating suits and claims against administrative authorities.
While full tweed suits are not worn by many now, the jackets are often worn as sports jackets with odd trousers ( trousers of different cloth ).
While this was originally exclusively a feature of country suits, used for conveniently storing a train ticket, it is now seen on some town suits.
While in Washington, D. C., he would sport expensive suits, starched shirts, and perfectly shined shoes.
* While searching for Red Rackham's Treasure, Tintin, Captain Haddock, and the Thompson Twins used diving suits, with varying levels of success.
While there are early predecessors such the Roman-era lorica segmentata, full plate armour developed in Europe during the Late Middle Ages, especially in the context of the Hundred Years ' War, from the coat of plates worn over mail suits during the 13th century.
While they were not in open space outside the ISS, Padalka and Barratt had to wear space suits in the depressurized compartment.
While the ' 33 Act contains an antifraud provision ( Section 17 ), when the ' 34 Act was enacted, questions remained about the reach of that antifraud provision and whether a private right of action — that is, the right of an individual private citizen to sue an issuer of stock or related market actor, as opposed to government suits — existed for purchasers.
While staying with Tom Roberts in his famous Grosvenor chambers studio, he painted A holiday at Mentone ( 1888 ), which shows men and women at the beach relaxing while clothed from head to foot – the men in suits and hats ; the ladies in long, girdled dresses with boots and pretty hats.
While handling two jobs ( switching between casual wear and business suits in the elevator ), Brantley also falls head-over-heels for Christy Wills ( Helen Slater ), a fellow financial wizard who recently graduated from Harvard.
While people widely agree that tunnelling is unethical, penalties for tunnelling vary widely ; some states impose criminal sanctions, whereas other states provide either for civil suits only, or for no sanctions at all.
While a clear improvement over the original design, the GM II was soon outclassed by the high-performance transformable mobile suits introduced in the Gryps Conflict of U. C.

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