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While and popular
While this opinion has remained popular, other views have been expressed as well.
While popular during the 1950s, these terms are infrequently used today.
While the Shepherd of Hermas was popular and sometimes bound with the canonical scriptures, it didn't retain canonical status, if it ever had it.
While living in Hall County, Texas they also played at ' ranch dances ' which were popular in both North Texas and eastern New Mexico.
While the rail infrastructure dates from colonial and early republican times, passenger service along the principal Havana to Santiago corridor is increasingly reliable and popular with tourists who can purchase tickets in Cuban convertible pesos.
While in popular usage the term " myth " is often thought to refer to false or fanciful stories, creation myths are by definition those stories which a culture accepts as both a true and foundational account of their human identity.
While the conceptual and external levels design can usually be done independently of any DBMS ( DBMS-independent design software packages exist, possibly with interfaces to some specific popular DBMSs ), the internal level design highly relies on the capabilities and internal data structure of the specific DBMS utilized ( see the Implementation section below ).
While the loss of traditional folk music in the face of the rise of popular music is a worldwide phenomenon, it is not one occurring at a uniform rate throughout the world.
While popular in many countries, particularly where it is brewed locally, Foster's Lager does not enjoy widespread success in Australia.
While the popular vote total was close, with Cleveland winning by just one-quarter of a percent, the electoral votes gave Cleveland a majority of 219 – 182.
While this album was also successful, it was not quite as popular as her previous album in the mainstream.
While music is an art form in itself, playing an instrument such as the guitar has long been a popular subject for painters.
While tensions remain ( for example, with Muslim immigrants and in the Basque region ), modern Spain has seen the development of a robust, modern democracy as a constitutional monarchy with popular King Juan Carlos, one of the fastest-growing standards of living in Europe, entry into the European Community, and the 1992 Summer Olympics.
While Howland Island was colonized in 1935 as a future aviation facility and is known in popular culture mostly because of its association with the last flight of Earhart and Noonan, no aircraft is known to have ever landed there, although anchorages nearby could be used by floatplanes and flying boats during World War II.
While the term " impi " has become synonymous with the Zulu nation in international popular culture, it appears in various video games such as Civilization III, Civilization IV: Warlords and Civilization: Revolution, where the Impi is the unique unit for the Zulu faction with Shaka as their leader and also as an appearance as unique unit of the Bantu nation in Rise of Nation ( Zulus are among many tribes who make up the Bantu people ).
On 27 February 1914, two days after his death, the Daily Graphic recalled Tenniel: " He had an influence on the political feeling of this time which is hardly measurable … While Tenniel was drawing them ( his subjects ), we always looked to the Punch cartoon to crystallize the national and international situation, and the popular feeling about it — and never looked in vain.
Janis Joplin charted five singles, and other popular songs from her four-year career include " Down On Me ", " Bye, Bye Baby ", " Coo Coo ", " Summertime ", " Piece of My Heart ", " Turtle Blues ", " Ball ' n ' Chain ", " Try ( Just A Little Bit Harder )", " Maybe ", " To Love Somebody ", " Kozmic Blues ", " Work Me, Lord ", " Move Over ", " Cry Baby ", " A Woman Left Lonely ", " Get It While You Can ", " My Baby ", " Trust Me ", " Mercedes Benz ", " One Night Stand ", " Raise Your Hand " and her only number one hit, " Me and Bobby McGee ".
While his presidency has been criticized as authoritarian, due to his successful economic and diplomatic policies, Tito was " seen by most as a benevolent dictator ," and was a popular public figure both in Yugoslavia and abroad.
While the dishes are still popular in Korea with a segment of the population, dog is nowhere near as widely consumed as beef, chicken, and pork.
While Italianate buildings remained popular, an eclectic blend termed Indo-Saracenic or Anglo-Mughal began to emerge in some locations.
While popular usage translates it as ' Keep it simple, stupid ', Johnson translated it as ' Keep it simple stupid ', and this reading is still used by many authors.
While the phrase free love is often associated with promiscuity in the popular imagination, especially in reference to the counterculture of the 1960s and 1970s, historically the free-love movement has not advocated multiple sexual partners or short-term sexual relationships.
While the highlight of the film was undoubtedly Dhak Dhak Karne Laga-probably the sexiest and most popular dance of Madhuri's career, her blazing performance-that of a woman married to an illiterate, well-meaning man and who exposes her scheming mother-in-law whom her husband dotes on-had film reviewers gushing with several people jokingly saying the film should have been called Beti instead!
While stereotyped as rural music, the Country music format is common and popular throughout the United States and in some other countries ( particularly Canada and Australia, both of which share much of the same Anglo-Saxon and Celtic roots as the United States ).
" While the original image was a popular humorous graphic for many decades before Mad adopted it, the face is now primarily associated with Mad.

While and cinema
While in town, Valentino met actor Norman Kerry, who convinced him to try a career in cinema, still in the silent film era.
While he played only supporting roles in English-language cinema, Selwart starred in Italian and French films, notably in Lupo della Frontiere ( Wolf of the Frontier, 1951 ), during the 1950s ; he never appeared in a German film.
While the nationalistic representation of Hindu values may seem unusual in that the " Mother India " figure was portrayed by a Muslim actress and directed by a Muslim director, people such as Salman Rushdie stated that Bombay cinema is " highly syncretic ", and its " hyphenated Hindu-Muslim nature is present in not only its discourses and production practices but indeed its very ideology ".
While appearing on British television, he also recorded voice-overs or narrations of many television and other documentaries, training films, commercials and cinema shorts, and has been involved in many industrial presentations, conferences, in-house videos and fund-raising charity events.
While maintaining his career, he attended UCLA, receiving his degree in theater and cinema arts in 1975.
While the Lumiere Brothers are generally credited with the birth of modern cinema, it is undisputably American cinema that soon became the most dominant force in an emerging industry.
While in school, he worked at the Follies, a cinema showing " nudies " ( brief, plotless films featuring naked performers ), and observed that each night the theater was filled with " horn dick daddies " ( masturbators ) who arrived simply for the onscreen nudity.
While Thea von Harbou is renowned for her active role in German cinema, she is also remembered for a campaign against paragraph 218 in Germany, which made abortion illegal.
While there he first met a young George Lucas, and they became not only Delta Kappa Alpha cinema fraternity brothers but also long standing friends.
While Gemini Ganesan and Savitri were cast in the lead roles, Kamal Hassan-who was then a child, was cast in the film, thereby making his debut in cinema.
While in prison, he worked on a third edition of his work on cinema and started to adapt a work on Falstaff which he hoped to film with Raimu.
While this genre is far more established in the United States with movies such as Hard Ball ( 2001 ) or The Mighty Ducks ( 1992 ) in which an underdog team is posed to somehow find the spirit to win an important game against a far superior opponent, these kinds of movies are relatively rare in German cinema.
While Colombian movies were still silent, the international industry was already exploiting color and sound films, thus putting the Colombian cinema in a considerable disadvantage.
While in Tokyo, he became fascinated with Japanese culture, particularly Japanese cinema.
While growing up he discovered his two passions, the cinema and water polo.
While at Paramount McGrath led the development of stadium-seated cinemas building 800 + stadium screens in Canada at Famous Players, eventually achieving a 50 % market share ; while spurring the re-birth of the contemporary international cinema business building some 1, 300 screens in stadium " megaplexes " in 13 countries at United Cinemas International ( UCI ).
While still working in his father's business, he wrote musical works of all kinds, including symphonic and choral works, lieder, chamber music, and scores for cinema and theatre.
While Wolfgang Petersen moved to the cinema and today works successfully in Hollywood, Lichtenfeld remained a writer for television.
While in Lyon, Epstein served as a secretary and translator for Auguste Lumière, considered one of the founders of cinema.
While Mozzhukhin left no official progeny, French novelist Romain Gary ( original name Roman Kacew ) had maintained that his birth in Vilnius on 8 May 1914 was the result of an affair between his mother Nina Owczyńska and the 24-year-old Ivan Mozzhukhin who was on the verge of becoming the most popular leading man of Czarist cinema.
While most of the platoon are on their way to the cinema to see a training film, the church bells ring, and Mainwaring, Jones and Frazer take up a defensive position at Godrey's cottage.

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