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While and regular
While at university, Gauss independently rediscovered several important theorems ; his breakthrough occurred in 1796 when he showed that any regular polygon with a number of sides which is a Fermat prime ( and, consequently, those polygons with any number of sides which is the product of distinct Fermat primes and a power of 2 ) can be constructed by compass and straightedge.
While the new capital was easier to defend, it was poorly situated to allow Roman forces to protect central Italy from the increasingly regular threat of barbarian incursions.
While Cabrera, Willis, and several others posted very good first-half numbers, Lowell was one of the least productive regular major-league starters, and Leiter went 3 – 7 with an ERA of 6. 64 before being traded to the New York Yankees on July 15 for a player to be named later.
While his stories appeared in the pages of prominent pulp magazines such as Weird Tales ( eliciting letters of outrage as often as letters of praise from regular readers of the magazines ), not many people knew his name.
While some hedge funds that are based offshore report their NAV to the Financial Times, for the most part there is no method of ascertaining pricing on a regular basis.
While many viewers came only to laugh, the Salon des Refusés drew attention to the existence of a new tendency in art and attracted more visitors than the regular Salon.
While no Orthodox legal authorities agree that women can form a minyan ( prayer quorum ) for the purpose of regular services, women in these groups read the prayers and study Torah.
Worf was the only character to be a regular in more than one live-action Star Trek series ( While Miles O ' Brien was featured in both The Next Generation and Deep Space Nine, he was not a regular cast member in the former series ).
While the recurring character of Michael Eddington ( played by Kenneth Marshall ) in Deep Space Nine was a member of the Maquis, Voyager contained three regular Maquis characters, Chakotay ( Robert Beltran ), Seska ( Martha Hackett ) and B ' Elanna Torres ( Roxann Dawson ), as well as Tom Paris ( Robert Duncan McNeill ), a regular character that had been captured and imprisoned for joining the Maquis.
While the 1972 team faced no competition that possessed a better record than 8-6 in the regular season, the 1973 team played a much tougher schedule that included games against the Oakland Raiders, Pittsburgh Steelers, and Dallas Cowboys ( all playoff teams ), plus two games against a resurgent Buffalo Bills squad that featured 2, 000-yard rusher O. J.
While SVO is considered " regular ," it often changes to emphasize a different part of the sentence.
While real-world sound changes often admit exceptions ( for a variety of known reasons, and sometimes without one ), the expectation of their regularity or " exceptionlessness " is of great heuristic value, since it allows historical linguists to define the notion of regular correspondence ( see: comparative method ).
While most herbal teas are safe for regular consumption, some herbs have toxic or allergenic effects.
While regular season and post-season games in the NFL are all broadcast by national television contracts on CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN and NFL Network, the television broadcasts are for the most part handled by the individual teams.
While the encoding default for HTML pages served as XML is required to be UTF-8, the encoding default for a regular Web page ( that is: for HTML pages serialized as ) varies depending on the localization of the browser.
While very few women with Turner Syndrome menstruate spontaneously, estrogen therapy requires a regular shedding of the uterine lining (" withdrawal bleeding ") to prevent its overgrowth.
While it is possible to construct analogies to the Penrose triangle with other regular polygons to create a Penrose polygon, the visual effect is not as striking, and as the sides increase, the object seems merely to be warped or twisted.
While they may be more costly to install than regular heat pumps, they can produce markedly lower energy bills — 30 to 40 percent lower, according to estimates from the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency.
While Greek tragedy continued to be performed throughout the Roman period, the year 240 BCE marks the beginning of regular Roman drama.
While life peerages were often created in the early days of the Peerage, their regular creation was not provided for by Act of Parliament until the Appellate Jurisdiction Act 1876.
While some tramps may do odd jobs from time to time, unlike other temporarily homeless people they do not seek out regular work and support themselves by other means such as begging or scavenging ( see Waste picker ).
While all nouns have a regular ending for the six locative cases, many have a preferred irregular short illative form.
While the Spurs were bouncing the Nuggets, the Mavericks, who had an NBA best 67 – 15 record in the regular season, were unraveling, losing to the Golden State Warriors in six games.

While and prehistoric
While trapped on prehistoric Earth, Arthur Dent and Ford Prefect see Slartibartfast's signature deep inside a glacier in ancient Norway.
While initially identified as a prehistoric plesiosaur, analysis later indicated that the body was the carcass of a basking shark.
While there are a few prehistoric genera that are now completely extinct, Thiornis ( Late Miocene -?
While Egypt as a part of the wider Ancient Near East had entered historicity since the Bronze Age, the Maghreb remained in the prehistoric period longer.
While never traveling again, Tylor continued to study the customs and beliefs of tribal communities, both existing and prehistoric ( based on archaeological finds ).
While there is evidence of prehistoric, probably Pictish earthworks in the grounds of the castle, the remains most visible today are of the castle constructed in the mid 15th century by Thomas Cochran ( later to become an Earl of Mar ( 1458-79 ).
While looking out of a window on a train between Yokohama and Tokyo, Morse discovered the Ōmori shell mound, the excavation of which opened the study in archaeology and anthropology in Japan, and shed much light on the material culture of prehistoric Japan.
While some scholars speculate that prehistoric Native Americans may have placed the mound in relation to this geological anomaly, others think there was nothing visible at ground level that would have captured their attention.
While the specific trends associated with a given period are not always agreed on among all scientists due to the subjective nature of art, broad similarities and patterns can be formed which work to augment the archaeological study or prehistoric man by forming observations and theories on which other archaeologists can develop.
While such a tripartite structure must have been common to all Indoeuropean peoples on accounts of its widespread traces in religion and myths from India to Scandinavia and from Rome to Ireland, it had disappeared from most societies since prehistoric times, with the notable exception of India.
While existing from prehistoric times, the peak of trade extended from the 8th century until the late 16th century.
While employed there, Wilma shares various adventures with prehistoric superhero Captain Caveman, who ( in a secret identity ) also works for the newspaper ( a la Clark Kent ).
While employed there, she shared various adventures with prehistoric superhero Captain Caveman, who ( in a secret identity ) also works for the newspaper.
While the old museum always had a clear mandate to show archaeological relics ( to also include some rare medieval textiles and rug pieces ), the new museum began its life by featuring the exquisite Amlash pottery from the prehistoric Caspian Sea regions of Iran.
While a single late Bronze Age site has been discovered in the forest outside Appenzell, there is no evidence of a prehistoric settlement.
While a few tribes are medieval in their origin, mainly due to events in history, there are a few who date their origin back to one of the oldest prehistoric civilizations in world viz.
While Howard never dwells in theology, his version of prehistoric Mithraism is the religion closest resembling monotheism in his works.
While the prehistoric ancestors of midwife toads had these pads, Kammerer considered this an acquired characteristic brought about by adaptation to environment.
While some prehistoric cultures, like the Adena culture, used mounds preferentially for burial, others used mounds for other ritual and sacred acts, as well as for secular functions.
* While the British ITV series Primeval mostly focuses on prehistoric life, several of its creatures, most specifically the Mer and Future predator, are from the future.

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