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Page "belles_lettres" ¶ 26
from Brown Corpus
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While and sovereignty
While the Freien Ämter often had independent lower courts, they were forced to accept the Confederation's sovereignty.
While the Greenland Home Rule Government has primary sovereignty over mineral deposits on the mainland, oil resources are within the domain of the Danish exclusive economic zone.
While recognizing Morocco's administrative control of Western Sahara, and generally supportive of the Moroccan government, the United States has not endorsed the country's claim of sovereignty over Western Sahara, but it does support Morocco's autonomy proposal.
While Mary's grandparents, Ferdinand and Isabella, had retained sovereignty of their own realms during their marriage, there was no precedent to follow in England.
While Britain and France refused to allow Soviet Union to impinge on the sovereignty of its neighbors, Germany possessed no such reservations.
While much of this structure remains in place, the President Lee Teng-hui in 1991 unofficially abandoned the government's claim of sovereignty over mainland China, stating that they do not " dispute the fact that the Communists control mainland China.
While Rousseau's social contract is based on popular sovereignty and not on individual sovereignty, there are other theories espoused by individualists, libertarians and anarchists, which do not involve agreeing to anything more than negative rights and creates only a limited state, if any.
While recognizing Jordanian administration over the West Bank, the United States, other Western powers and the United Nations maintained the position that ultimate sovereignty was subject to future agreement.
While the GDR transferred its financial policy sovereignty to West Germany, the West started granting subsidies for the GDR budget and social security system.
While they were still on the high seas, in May 1840 Hobson proclaimed British sovereignty over the South Island by virtue of Captain Cook's discovery.
While Bhutan sees its destiny as being closely linked with that of India, for which reason it strives to promote excellent relations with it, it has also quietly striven to assert its sovereignty at the same time.
While the federal government has sovereignty and responsibility in some matters apart from the say of sub-divisional governmental structures, the subdivisions also have sovereignty in some matters where the federal government does not have jurisdiction.
While the above issue is mostly academic, since the Crown does have sovereignty in New Zealand, the question of whether the Crown is bound by the Treaty has been hotly contested since 1840.
While Langlois and his colonists sheltered from unfavourable winds at Pigeon Bay on the other side of the peninsula, the British raised their flag at Greens Point between Akaroa and Takapuneke and courts of law convened to assert British sovereignty over the South Island.
While Colonial Secretary, he wrote a letter of instructions to William Hobson, in which the government's policy for the sovereignty of New Zealand was set out.
While opponents of sovereignty were pleased with the defeat of the referendum, most recognized that there were still deep divides within Quebec and problems with the relationship between Quebec and the rest of the country.
While the concession lasted for approximately a year, the entire debacle set the foundation for the revolts against the tobacco concession in 1890 as it demonstrated that any attempt by a foreign power to infringe upon Iranian sovereignty would infuriate the local population as well as rival European powers, in this case the Russian government, who had their own interests in the region.
While Ecuador had to give up its decades-old territorial claims to the eastern slopes of the Cordillera, as well as to the entire western area of Cenepa headwaters, Peru was compelled to give to Ecuador, in perpetual lease but without sovereignty, one square kilometer of its territory, in the area where the Ecuadorian base of Tiwinza — focal point of the war — had been located within Peruvian soil.
While this doctrine, also known in Kansas Territory as " squatter sovereignty ," was not actually formulated by U. S. Senator Lewis Cass, he nevertheless earned the sobriquet " Father of Popular Sovereignty " by providing its ideological framework in a letter published in the Washington Daily Union, which later also secured for Cass the presidential nomination of the Democratic party.
While Senegal ’ s intervention was ostensibly to rescue President Jawara ’ s regime, it had the effect of undermining The Gambia ’ s sovereignty, which was something that had been jealously guarded by Gambians and Jawara in particular.
While it is nominally under the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus, it is effectively administered by the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in Cyprus ( UNFICYP ).
While such raids had occurred since soon after the Muslim conquest of the region, the terms Barbary pirates and Barbary corsairs are normally applied to the raiders active from the 16th century onwards, when the frequency and range of the slavers ' attacks increased and Algiers, Tunis and Tripoli came under the sovereignty of the Ottoman Empire, either as directly administered provinces or as autonomous dependencies known as the Barbary States.

While and has
While the pattern is uneven, some having gained more than others, nationalism has in fact served the Western peoples well.
While The Space Merchants indicates, as Kingsley Amis has correctly observed, some of the `` impending consequences of the growth of industrial and commercial power '' and satirizes `` existing habits in the advertising profession '', its warning and analysis penetrate much deeper.
While all citizens share in blame for lax municipal ethics the Wagner regime has seen serious problems in the schools, law enforcement and fiscal policies.
While 2-year-olds are still gaining most of the attention at the track, green horses are starting to go a bit, and Jimmy Cruise has several that can really make it.
While many companies have done fine work in developing sales personnel, much of it has been product rather than sales training.
While the U. S. Department of Labor has a program of projecting industry and occupational employment trends and publishing current outlook statements, there is little tangible evidence that these projections have been used extensively in local curriculum planning.
While availability of mortgage money has been a factor in encouraging apartment construction, the generally high level of prosperity in the past few years plus rising consumer income are among the factors that have encouraged builders to concentrate in the apartment-building field.
While each scene has its own character and completeness it must fit into the general sequence to which it belongs.
While that national dichotomy has stymied any effort at changing the tradition of the national anthem, " America the Beautiful " continues to be held in high esteem by a large number of Americans.
) While Rotokas has a small alphabet because it has few phonemes to represent ( just eleven ), Book Pahlavi was small because many letters had been conflated — that is, the graphic distinctions had been lost over time, and diacritics were not developed to compensate for this as they were in Arabic, another script that lost many of its distinct letter shapes.
While the Ural – Altaic hypothesis can still be found in encyclopedias, atlases, and similar general references, it has not had any adherents in the linguistics community for decades.
While most everyone has an experience with anxiety at some point in their lives, as it is a common reaction to real or perceived threats of all kinds, most do not develop long-term problems with anxiety.
While authors such as Emmanuel Le Roy Ladurie, Marc Ferro and Jacques Le Goff continue to carry the Annales banner, today the Annales approach has been less distinctive as more and more historians do work in cultural history, political history and economic history.
While the 68000 family has a 32-bit design, the 68000 used in several early models is generally referred to as 16-bit.
While the civil market has had weather radar for a while, there are strict rules about using it to navigate the aircraft.
While AA has pamphlets that suggest meeting formats, groups have the autonomy to hold and conduct meetings as they wish " except in matters affecting other groups or A. A. as a whole ".
While the term — literally meaning " sailing the air "— originally referred solely to the science of operating the aircraft, it has since been expanded to include technology, business and other aspects related to aircraft.
While tanks are seen as being integral to armoured warfare, in forces with a remit of power projection deployability has always been a consideration, which conventional main battle tanks cannot provide.
While an autobiography typically focuses on the " life and times " of the writer, a memoir has a narrower, more intimate focus on his or her own memories, feelings and emotions.
While paracetamol is usually taken orally or rectally, an intravenous preparation introduced in 2002 has been shown to improve pain relief and reduce opioid consumption in the perioperative setting.
While the use of paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen and other NSAIDS concurrently with weak to mid-range opiates ( up to about the hydrocodone level ) has been said to show beneficial synergistic effects by combatting pain at multiple sites of action, several combination analgesic products have been shown to have few efficacy benefits when compared to similar doses of their individual components.
While this opinion has remained popular, other views have been expressed as well.
While not all these conclusions have been accepted, it has had an enduring influence on archaeoastronomy, especially in Europe.

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