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While and earlier
While at prep school as a boarder his mother wrote to tell him she was marrying Cecil Pye, a bank manager, and when he was at home for the holidays his new family consisted of his mother, his stepfather and Christopher, his stepfather's son by an earlier marriage.
While the town's name is generally seen as a diminutive form of Barcelona in Spain, Albert Dauzat and Charles Rostaing point out an earlier attestation of the name Barcilona in Barcelonnette in around 1200, and suggest that it is derived instead from two earlier stems signifying a mountain, * bar and * cin ( the latter of which is also seen in the name of Mont Cenis ).
While the Great Wall had been built in earlier times, most of what is seen today was either built or repaired by the Ming.
While the earlier smaller species were insectivores, the later marmot-sized Cimolestes magnus probably took larger prey and were definitely a carnivore to some degree.
While repeating the earlier stories, the later sources of Suetonius and Cassius Dio provide additional tales of insanity.
While earlier versions of BIND offered no mechanism to store and retrieve zone data in anything other than flat text files, in 2007 BIND 9. 4 DLZ made available ( as a compile-time option ) zone storage in a variety of database formats including LDAP, Berkeley DB, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and ODBC.
While in the case of 1 Corinthians, the love ' does not ' statements like boasting remind one of the criticisms of the Corinthians earlier in the book, Colossians is different.
While it is possible to identify earlier legal structures that would today fall into the " environmental " law metric-for example the common law recognition of private and public rights to protect interests in land, such as nuisance, or post-industrial revolution human health protections-the concept of " environmental law " as a separate and distinct body of law is a 20th Century development.
While the previous seven ecumenical councils are recognized as ecumenical and authoritative by both East and West, many Eastern Orthodox Christians recognize the council of 879 as the Eighth Ecumenical Council, arguing that it annulled the earlier one.
While best known for his role on Diff ' rent Strokes, Coleman had appeared earlier on in television in The Jeffersons as Raymond, George Jefferson's nephew, and on Good Times as Penny's friend Gary.
While in the FA Cup final against Manchester United, United were looking for their first trophy since the Munich air disaster of five years earlier which had claimed the lives of eight of the Busby Babes whom Banks had faced as an adolescent.
While slight variations on the standard code had been predicted earlier, none were discovered until 1979, when researchers studying human mitochondrial genes discovered they used an alternative code.
While some scientists have claimed other objects ( such as Abell 1835 IR1916 ) have higher redshifts ( and therefore are seen in an earlier stage of the Universe's evolution ), IOK-1's age and composition have been more reliably established.
While these writings display some limited continuities with the earlier medical ideas known from the Vedas, historians have been able to demonstrate direct historical connections between early Ayurveda and the early literature of the Buddhists and Jains.
While the earlier era was characterized by a dramatic use of the major and minor scale systems, impressionist music tended to make more use of dissonance.
While Pasteur was not the first to propose germ theory ( Girolamo Fracastoro, Agostino Bassi, Friedrich Henle and others had suggested it earlier ), he developed it and conducted experiments that clearly indicated its correctness and managed to convince most of Europe it was true.
While earlier times had seen larger and taller longships in service, by this time the authorities had also gone over to other types of ships for warfare.
While slight variations on the standard code had been predicted earlier, none was discovered until 1979, when researchers studying human mitochondrial genes determined that they used an alternative code.
While four of the Black September members held the pilots at gunpoint ( breaking an earlier promise that they would not take any Germans hostage ), Issa and Tony walked over to inspect the jet, only to find it empty.
While the exact relationship of the short and apparently primitive text of Q1 to the later published texts is not resolved, Hardin Craig among others has suggested that it may represent an earlier draft of the play and hence would confirm that the play referred to in 1589 is in fact merely an earlier draft of Shakespeare's play.
While some examples of earlier prose strike modern readers as poetic, prose poetry is commonly regarded as having originated in 19th-century France, where its practitioners included Aloysius Bertrand, Charles Baudelaire, Arthur Rimbaud and Stéphane Mallarmé.
While the Philippines ' relationship with the United States remains strong, the administration of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo has sought to establish closer ties to its earlier colonizer, Spain.

While and settlers
While the French settlers debated how new revolutionary laws would apply to Saint-Domingue, outright civil war broke out in 1790 when the free men of color claimed they too were French citizens under the terms of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen.
While criticized as backward by British officials and white settlers, African farming proved resilient, and Kikuyu farmers engaged in widespread resistance to the colonial state's agrarian reforms.
While developing Santa Fe as a trade center, the returning settlers founded Albuquerque in 1706 from existing surrounding communities, naming it for the viceroy of New Spain, Francisco Fernández de la Cueva, 10th Duke of Alburquerque.
While the English were the first to lay claim to St. Vincent in 1627, the French would be the first European settlers on the island when they established their first colony at Barrouallie on the Leeward side of St. Vincent in 1719.
While still opposed, like all mainstream Israeli leaders in the 1970s and early 1980s, to talks with the PLO, he distanced himself from settlers and spoke of the need for " territorial compromise " over the West Bank and Gaza.
While there were almost no United States settlers in the future state of Washington in 1846, the United States had already demonstrated it could induce thousands of settlers to go to the Oregon Territory, and it would be only a short time before they would vastly outnumber the few hundred Hudson's Bay Company employees and retirees living in Washington.
While the French settlers were established in modern Quebec and Nova Scotia, new arrivals stopped coming from France.
While Lower Louisiana had been settled by French colonists since the late 18th century, the Cajuns trace their roots to the influx of Acadian settlers after the Great Expulsion from their homeland during the French and Indian War ( 1754 to 1763 ).
While the earliest settlers primarily came from England, colonial Charleston was also home to a mixture of ethnic and religious groups.
While the settlers at Echuca treated the local Aborigines with relative kindness, their way of life was irrevocably changed by their relationship with the Europeans.
While the Tennessee Valley did not have large Native American settlements at the time of the first white settlers, there was a Cherokee town named " Crow Town " near where Scottsboro is located today.
While the California Gold Rush of 1849 found no gold nearby, disappointed Sierra Nevada prospectors made their way to the region, bringing the first non-Spanish western settlers.
While the original settlers are not known for certain, early records and deeds mention the following: William and Jacob Waterhouse ( of Kennebunk ), Love Roberts, Alexander Grant, Thomas Lord, Jacob Rhoades, Benjamin and Mark Goodwin ( brothers who built one of the first mills at Goodwin's Mills ), John Low ( who served as town moderator and treasurer ), John Burbank, Joseph Witten, James and William Brock, Mark Ricker, Robert Cousens, Valentine Hill, and Gershom Downs.
While he lived, his people and the settlers lived in relative peace.
While at one point Spanish administrators wanted to attack the Big Osage, there were not sufficient French Canadian settlers to recruit for a militia to do so.
While there were no major confrontations with Indians, there were several scares, which caused some settlers to leave and not return.
While its earliest settlers were primarily Protestants, a Roman Catholic parish was erected in the village in 1906.
While the originators of the Welsh Tract were Quakers, the earliest settlers in the portion that became Easttown Township were mostly Anglicans.
While others wanted to honor one of the first and most important settlers to the area.
While Quakers made up the majority of the first European settlers in the area, they were soon followed by a diverse mix of immigrants from Ireland, Scotland and French Canada.
While sharing in the history of northeast Wisconsin, Little Chute has been influenced by two unique factors: the rapids and portages along the Fox River and the coming of Dutch-Catholic settlers in 1848.
While commonly believed to represent Greek settlers in Egypt, the Faiyum portraits instead reflect the complex synthesis of the predominant Egyptian culture and that of the elite Greek minority in the city.

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