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While and phone
While the most widely recognized form of spam is e-mail spam, the term is applied to similar abuses in other media: instant messaging spam, Usenet newsgroup spam, Web search engine spam, spam in blogs, wiki spam, online classified ads spam, mobile phone messaging spam, Internet forum spam, junk fax transmissions, social networking spam, social spam, television advertising and file sharing network spam.
While on the phone reporting her success Mary ’ s shoe heel gets stuck in a manhole cover.
While there was a limited return path provided via an in-built 2400 baud modem, there was no requirement ( as with BSkyB ) to connect the set-top box's modem to a phone line.
While they watch, Richard receives a call from Susan from the 20th century on Reg's phone, a quirk of the time machine due to the phone company.
While John is in the detective's store, Melissa makes a phone call to him but is cut short when Screwface and his men invade into Hatcher's home and attempts to murder Melissa but they leave upon Hatcher's arrival.
While in the room, Thornhill answers the phone ; it is one of Vandamm's henchmen.
While Charles ' father and lawyers are on the phone with her pleading to settle quickly, Jean says she doesn't want any money at all, just for Pike to tell her it's over to her face.
" While at work one afternoon in April 1928, Earhart got a phone call from Capt.
While the phone is turned on, the geographical location of a mobile phone can be determined easily ( whether it is being used or not ), using a technique known multilateration to calculate the differences in time for a signal to travel from the cell phone to each of several cell towers near the owner of the phone.
While waiting for a phone call from ETS, Escalante receives word that the computers he was waiting for to teach his computer science class have finally arrived.
While POTS provides limited features, low bandwidth and no mobile capabilities, it provides greater reliability than other telephony systems ( mobile phone, VoIP, etc .).
While the phone books were separated, the force gauge that was used recorded of force when the interlacing failed.
While it suggested its headline referred to the fact that the election offered a chance to " pay back " politicians for their failings, its opponents suggested that the " payback " actually referred to its chance to get revenge for the refusal of the Rainbow Coalition to award the company a mobile phone licence.
While FDMA allows multiple users simultaneous access to a transmission system, FDD refers to how the radio channel is shared between the uplink and downlink ( for instance, the traffic going back and forth between a mobile-phone and a mobile phone base station ).
While the airport continues to expand and enhance its infrastructure it has also added numerous amenities, including free courtesy cell phone parking ( located in the rear of Lot 6B ).
While there, Mann makes a phone call to his wife ( Jacqueline Scott ), who is upset with him for not confronting one of their friends at a recent party who was making a pass at her.
* While originally required to renew their phone numbers every five years, consumers need now only register once to maintain their phone numbers on the Do Not Call Registry.
While they were holding him, forty-five days after the kidnapping, the Red Brigades called his family on the phone, taunting Moro's wife about her husband's impending death.
While Entragian is burying his bike, Johnny manages to get a call through to Steve on his cell phone ; however, due to the bad transmission, he is unable to tell him to call the state police.

While and company
While the first telegraph company was the Toronto, Hamilton and Niagara Electro-Magnetic Telegraph Company, founded in 1846, it was the Montreal Telegraph Company, controlled by Hugh Allan and founded a year later, that dominated in Canada during the technology's early years.
While it released the first two entries exclusively for the PS2 the company brought further entries to non-Sony consoles.
While often criticized for its reliance on existing franchises, the company developed several titles for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 based on original intellectual property: Lost Planet and Dead Rising.
While still a graduate student in 1934, Parkinson was commissioned into the Territorial Army as a member of the 22nd London Regiment ( The Queen's ), was promoted Lieutenant later the same year, and commanded an infantry company at the jubilee of King George V in 1935.
While this agreement reportedly kept the company in existence, it also left RuneQuest moribund, leading to products of questionable quality, long gaps with no products published at all, and, eventually, the death of the game altogether.
While many of these systems involve cars permanently attached to the cable, the system developed by Poma-Otis, a company formed by the merger of the cable car interests of the Pomagalski ski lift company and the Otis Elevator Company, allows the car to be decoupled from the cable under computer control, and can thus be considered a modern interpretation of the cable car.
While Compaq shareholders unanimously approved the deal, there was a public proxy battle within HP as the deal was strongly opposed by numerous large HP shareholders, including the sons of the company founders, Walter Hewlett and David W. Packard, as well as the California Public Employees ’ Retirement System ( Calpers ) and the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan.
While Titus received a court education in the company of Britannicus, Vespasian pursued a successful political and military career.
While IBM was a chief proponent of the ASCII standardization committee, they did not have time to prepare ASCII peripherals ( such as card punch machines ) to ship with its System / 360 computers, so the company settled on EBCDIC.
While Hannibal is mentioned in the company of history's greatest generals, military professionals have bestowed Fabius ' name on an entire strategic doctrine known as " Fabian strategy ", and George Washington has been called " the American Fabius.
While long-distance trains can be run by any railway company, the companies also receive no subsidies from the government.
While the company helped build some schools, it opposed the building highways, as they would compete with the UFC's railroad monopoly.
While most IKEA stores operate under the direct purview of Ingka Holding and the Ingka Foundation, the IKEA trademark and concept is owned by an entirely separate Dutch company, Inter IKEA Systems.
While doing research into local economics during 1989, Glover had seen an " Hour " note 19th century British industrialist Robert Owen issued to his workers for spending at his company store.
While on the surface it appears the broker represents the buyer ( not the insurance company ), and typically counsels the buyer on appropriate coverage and policy limitations, in the vast majority of cases a broker's compensation comes in the form of a commission as a percentage of the insurance premium, creating a conflict of interest in that the broker's financial interest is tilted towards encouraging an insured to purchase more insurance than might be necessary at a higher price.
While still nominally the sovereign, the Mughal Indian emperor became more and more of a puppet ruler, and anarchy spread until the company stepped into the
While in Dallas, Texas, where the insurance company he worked for was based, he spoke to John F. Kennedy as the presidential candidate and his running mate, Lyndon B. Johnson, who were touring the city during the 1960 Presidential election campaign.
While working for the insurance company, Peel filed card programs for an early IBM 1410 computer ( which led to his entry in Who's Who noting him as a former computer programmer ), and he got his first radio job, albeit unpaid, working for WRR ( AM ) in Dallas.
While the company performed strongly last year, registering a 17 % growth in client base ( to 7. 4m ) over the first three quarters of 2008, it began to falter as consumer spending slowed, resulting in a 1 % annual increase in turnover for Q2 2009.
While these reports generally get more detailed and expensive as the size of a company increases, this is not always the case as there are many complicated industries which require more attention to detail, regardless of size.
* Diversification: While this may hedge a company against a downturn in an individual industry it fails to deliver value, since it is possible for individual shareholders to achieve the same hedge by diversifying their portfolios at a much lower cost than those associated with a merger.
While the central company was responsible for feeding in moves and mailing the processed output back to players, players were also provided with the mailing addresses of others so that direct contact could be made and negotiations performed.
While the majority of the games Taito America published were games developed by the Japanese parent company, they did also publish games that they licensed from third-party companies, as well as games that were developed in the U. S. for Taito.
While originally called ultimate frisbee, it is now officially called ultimate in many areas because Frisbee is registered in some areas as a trademark, albeit genericized, for the line of discs made by the Wham-O toy company.

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