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While and rural
While there may still be many Faulknerian Lucas Beauchamps scattered through the rural South, such men appear to be a vanishing breed.
While strong forms of the various dialects are not normally fully comprehensible to Northern Germans, communication is much easier in Bavaria, especially rural areas, where Bavarian dialect still predominates as the mother tongue.
While this was OK for Europe, it meant that GSM could not cover large, sparsely populated rural areas of Australia cost effectively.
While urban areas are growing and thriving, economic adjustments have been harsh in rural and resource-dependent communities, and emigration has been an ongoing phenomenon for some parts of the region.
While noir is often associated with an urban setting, many classic noirs take place in small towns, suburbia, rural areas, or on the open road ; so setting cannot be its genre determinant, as with the Western.
While admitting that Russia's rural " commune is the fulcrum of social regeneration in Russia ", Marx also warned that, in order for the mir to operate as a means for moving straight to the socialist stage without a preceding capitalist stage, it " would first be necessary to eliminate the deleterious influences which are assailing it ( the rural commune ) from all sides.
While stereotyped as rural music, the Country music format is common and popular throughout the United States and in some other countries ( particularly Canada and Australia, both of which share much of the same Anglo-Saxon and Celtic roots as the United States ).
While remote, rural areas still largely depend on non-mechanized means of transport, a modern maglev train system was built in China to connect the city center of Shanghai with its international airport.
While many notable historical events occurred in Moscow and St. Petersburg, there was also a visible movement in cities throughout the state, among national minorities throughout the empire and in the rural areas, where peasants took over and redistributed land.
While rural agrarian peasants had been emancipated from serfdom in 1861, they still resented paying redemption payments to the state, and demanded communal tender of the land they worked.
While many renewable energy projects are large-scale, renewable technologies are also suited to rural and remote areas, where energy is often crucial in human development.
While the core community has remained the same, the look and feel of Ros Na Rún has changed and evolved over the years to incorporate the changing face of rural Ireland.
While the Germanic peoples were slowly converted to Christianity by varying means, many elements of the pre-Christian culture and indigenous beliefs remained firmly in place after the conversion process, particularly in the more rural and distant regions.
While geophagy is most often seen in tribal and rural societies among children and pregnant women, it is practiced by members of all races, social classes, ages, and sexes.
While the innovations of the fast food industry gave Americans more and cheaper dining options, it has come at the price of destroying the environment, economy, and small-town communities of rural America while shielding consumers from the real costs of their convenient meal, both in terms of health and the broader impact of large-scale food production and processing on workers, animals, and land.
While cities certainly have a larger variety of markets and goods than rural areas, infrastructure congestion, monopolisation, high overhead costs, and inconvenience of cross town trips team up to make marketplace competition as often as not worse in cities than in rural areas.
While urban areas are almost never thought of as pristine, there are certainly no lack of rural areas that suffer from severe environmental problems.
While predominantly rural, the county has become increasingly suburban in recent years.
While scholars in Turkey allege that the Armenians launched a rebellion in Van in 1915, most historians agree that the Armenian residents, hoping to avoid the slaughter being inflicted on the rural populations surrounding Van, defended themselves in the Armenian quarters of the city against the Turks.
While this plan was not confirmed by the Leningrad Oblast Executive Committee, in 1935 – 1937 several rural localities of Kolsky and Polyarny Districts were merged into Murmansk anyway.
While primarily rural, the county is included in the Jacksonville Metropolitan Area.
While attempting to eat in a small rural Louisiana restaurant, the trio's appearance attracts the attention of the locals.

While and upper
While Crittenden was away in Richmond, Zollicoffer moved his forces to the north bank of the upper Cumberland River near Mill Springs ( now Nancy, Kentucky ), putting the river to his back and his forces into a trap.
While John the Baptist's use of a deep river for his baptism suggests immersion, pictorial and archaeological evidence of Christian baptism from the 3rd century onward indicates that a normal form was to have the candidate stand in water while water was poured over the upper body.
While there is a well defined lower-limit to the length of a daitō, the upper limit is not well enforced ; a number of modern historians, swordsmiths, etc.
While the early saxophone had two separate octave vents to assist in the playing of the upper registers just as modern instruments do, players of Sax's original design had to operate these via two separate octave keys operated by the left thumb.
While the eighteenth century upper classes continued to dance the minuet, bored noblemen slipped away to the balls of their servants.
While a large part of the population continued to struggle with high unemployment and deprivations in the aftermath of World War I, the upper class of society, and a growing middle class, gradually rediscovered prosperity and turned Berlin into a cosmopolitan city.
While the Legislative Councils in British Australasian and North American colonies were unelected upper houses and some of them had since abolished themselves, the Legislative Council of Hong Kong has remained the sole chamber and had in 1995 evolved into a fully elected house, yet only part of the seats are returned by universal suffrage.
While Armstrong often soared into the upper register, Beiderbecke stayed in the middle range, more interested in exploring the melody and harmonies than in dazzling the audience.
* While the Roman alphabet has two distinct forms in common use, which are designated as lower and upper case, this concept does not exist in the Quikscript alphabet.
While the stapes is present in all tetrapods, the malleus and incus evolved from lower and upper jaw bones present in reptiles.
While this specie's relative, the Brown ( Norway ) Rat prefers to nest near the ground of a building the black rat will prefer the upper floors and roof.
While many locals continue to shop at the numerous bazaars, many upper class residents and tourists shop at the retail stores and at Malldova.
While other groups of fish, such as cichlids, also possess pharyngeal teeth, the cypriniformes ' teeth grind against a chewing pad on the base of the skull, instead of an upper pharyngeal jaw.
While the lower section corresponds to the color red, the upper area is divided once in a blue square and a white rectangle whose lengths are in proportion 1: 2, respectively.
While the air has already been dried by orographic lift before reaching the Great Basin as well as by subsidence from the upper atmosphere, the relative humidity of the air is further decreased as it descends from the high desert toward the coast, often falling below 10 percent.
While it fed chiefly on terrestrial plants it could also stand on its hind legs, using its tail as a balancing tripod and reach for upper growth vegetation.
While the top grade was 5. 10, a large range of climbs in this grade were completed, and climbers realized a subdivision of the upper grades were required.
While on a yacht in New York harbor that summer, Cleveland had his entire upper jaw removed and replaced with an artificial device, an operation that left no outward scar.
While the majority of the population within these countries suffered from poverty, the " upper classes " received the benefits of the neoliberal system.
While he had managed to get the upper hand over Charles Mears he was about to find himself on the same end of the stick that he knocked Mears down with.
While snow is not rare, it is not as frequent as in the upper Midwest.
While relative stability was maintained until 1848, with enough bourgeois elements still content to exchange the " right to rule for the right to make money ", the landed upper class found its economic base sinking.
While he thought that all three were possible, he suggested that the valley was too steep to allow a conventional canal with locks to be economic, and he therefore proposed a tub-boat canal, suitable for four-ton boats, which would use two inclined planes on the upper section, rather than locks.
While the river is navigable for to Tongue End, the upper reaches above Pinchbeck Bars are only suitable for smaller boats, as there are no locations where it is possible to turn a boat which is over long.

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