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Whilst and I
Whilst in Baghdad, ` Abdu ' l-Bahá composed a commentary at the request of his father on the Muslim tradition of " I was a Hidden Treasure " for a Súfí leader named ` Alí Shawkat Páshá.
" Whilst I agree that it can take a bit of time to see it through carefully, it nevertheless, demonstrates to our regional friends that we are principled in our approach to international relations and diplomacy ," Mataitoga said.
Whilst in the SOE, she met Leo Marks, codes officer of the SOE, who gave her what is now thought of as the definitive World War II poem code, The Life That I Have.
Whilst engaged in writing in his spare time, Garner attempted to gain employment as a teacher, but soon gave that up, believing that " I couldn't write and teach ; the energies were too similar ", and so began working as a general labourer for four years, remaining unemployed for much of that time.
Whilst at the school, he records in his autobiography that " by a mutual understanding, I was considered rat-catcher to the establishment, and also fox-taker, foumart-killer, and cross-bow charger at the time when the young rooks were fledged.
Whilst Lee has downplayed autobiographical parallels in the book, Truman Capote, mentioning the character Boo Radley in To Kill a Mockingbird, described details he considered biographical: " In my original version of Other Voices, Other Rooms I had that same man living in the house that used to leave things in the trees, and then I took that out.
Whilst American pop success proved elusive, the group made regular appearances in the UK Singles Chart, including the Top Ten twice with "( Do The ) Spanish Hustle " and " I Found Lovin '".
: Whilst I his fate do tell.
Whilst this reaction is usually uncontrollable, Tom Marvolo Riddle, later known as Lord Voldemort, was able to " make things move without touching them ... make animals do what he wanted without training them ... make bad things happen to people who annoy him ... or ' make them hurt if I want to '" when he was a young child, apparently intentionally.
Whilst in Liège, the college received patronage from Maximilian I, Elector of Bavaria, and the blue and silver on the College's coat of arms was adopted from Maximilian's own crest.
Whilst on board the Beagle I was quite orthodox, & I remember being heartily laughed at by several of the officers ( though themselves orthodox ) for quoting the Bible as an unanswerable authority on some point of morality.
: Whilst I, poor Jack, will do that
Whilst saying mass in the Chapel Royal of St James's Palace on 25 December 1558 he incurred the wrath of a furious Queen Elizabeth I ( who had succeeded her half-sister Mary I on the latter's death on 17 November ) when, contrary to her explicit instructions, he elevated the host, thereby implying the corporeal presence of Christ — an anathema to Elizabeth I's more Protestant religious beliefs.
Whilst talking about the problems with Raquel, Trigger confused the subjects, advising him to just " get shot of it ," and proceeding to say, " I know what it's like, you give ' em pet names, I've done it, but take my advice, go to the dentist and have it taken out.
Whilst promoting the album during an interview in 2010, Mick stated ; In regards to our older material I think that we have always worked really fast, around obstacles and within the limitations of a small budget – with the exception of our Prayer record – so we have ended up with something other than a super glossy user-friendly collection of past albums.

Whilst and was
Whilst Raymond and the other leaders often quarrelled with each other over the leadership of the crusade, Adhemar was always recognized as the spiritual leader of the crusade.
Whilst it may not have been as popular as the Spectrum, Commodore 64 or Amstrad CPC, it did sell in sufficient numbers to ensure that new software was being produced right up until the early 1990s.
Whilst at Monmouth he was later, for a shorter period, also the Archbishop of Wales.
Whilst these events around Blenheim and Lutzingen were taking place, Marlborough was preparing to cross the Nebel.
Whilst awaiting trial, Kidd was confined in the infamous Newgate Prison and wrote several letters to King William requesting clemency.
Whilst his early work was rooted in traditional late-19th century romantic Italian opera, he successfully developed his work in the ' realistic ' verismo style, of which he became one of the leading exponents.
Whilst GATT was a set of rules agreed upon by nations, the WTO is an institutional body.
Whilst the general public was not aware of nature observation ( formally conducted as field research ) during the 1930s, practitioners of the hobby went on to become the pioneers of the conservation movement that flourished in the UK from 1965 onwards ; a movement that eventually became a global political movement within a generation's timespan.
Whilst this was primarily an English event, the so-called " Glorious Revolution " had a great impact on Scottish history.
Whilst members of the dynasty reigned over monarchies, and, eventually, the whole of the Holy Roman Empire, the Hohenstaufen coat of arms was used as a breast shield on the empire s coat of arms.
Whilst Holt stated that his friendship with Johnson was reflected in the strong relationship between Australia and the US, former Australian diplomat and foreign affairs expert Alan Renouf was more cynical in his assessment of the situation.
Whilst Humayun succeeded in protecting Agra from Sher Shah, the second city of the Empire, Gaur the capital of the vilayat of Bengal, was sacked.
Whilst he was thus deeply engaged at a tavern, he was called on by a grenadier, who desired his immediate attendance on his colonel ; but no entreaties could prevail on the disciple of Aesculapius to postpone his sacrifice to Bacchus.
Whilst editor of the paper, Marx and the other revolutionary socialists were regularly harassed by the police, and Marx was brought to trial on several occasions, facing various allegations including insulting the Chief Public Prosecutor, committing a press misdemeanor, and inciting armed rebellion through tax boycotting, although each time he was acquitted.
Whilst at Cambridge, he was treasurer of the Cambridge University Socialist Society and canvassed for the Labour candidate for Cambridge in the 1931 election.
Whilst his work was far less political than key figures in Berlin Dada, such as George Grosz and John Heartfield, he would remain close friends with various members, including Hannah Hoch and Raoul Hausmann for the rest of his career.
Whilst there, he staged regular Merz recitals, including a performance of Silence, his first poem in English, but was apparently seen as a somewhat pathetic irrelevant figure by other artists at the camp.
Whilst this was dubious in terms of batting technique, it seemed the best way to cope with the barrage, and Bradman averaged 56. 57 in the series ( an excellent average for most, but well short of his career average of 99. 94 ), while being struck above the waist by the ball only once.
Whilst the Old Trafford pitch was not as suited to bodyline as the hard Australian wickets, Martindale did take 5 for 73, but Constantine only took 1 for 55.
Whilst the Soviet ambassador in Washington suspected that the Marshall Plan could lead to the creation of an anti-Soviet bloc, Stalin was open to the offer.
Whilst the amounts involved have not been publicly disclosed, it is believed that neither Daimler nor Sony recouped all of their original investments ( what Daimler managed to get was reportedly well short ).

Whilst and standing
Whilst travelling through Ireland, Oisín was asked by some men to help them move a standing stone.
Whilst the British Army has the capability there is no standing UK Corps organisation, forces being allocated through a number of multi-partite arrangements to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation ( NATO ) and European commitments, providing much of the headquarters capability and framework for the multinational Allied Rapid Reaction Corps.
Whilst the line was being built, the directors were trying to decide whether to use standing engines or locomotives to propel the trains.
Whilst there, Arlen Nalaam commented on the strangeness of Saidin around Altara, when he went to deliver a captured Sul ' dam to Rand in accordance with his standing order.
Whilst there are a number of mansions still standing in present day Parktown, a vast majority were destroyed during the late 1960s and 1970s to facilitate the construction of the M1 motorway and the increasing popularity of Parktown as a business district.
Whilst many private companies will offer the " right " to name a star, for a fee, they have no legal standing to assign any star a name, and can offer no guarantee of the name being noted.

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