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White and :"
bar: CHC from: 1876 till: 1890 color: black text :" Chicago ~ White Stockings " textcolor: white $ Up
:" White Republicans as well as Democrats solicited black votes but reluctantly rewarded blacks with nominations for office only when necessary, even then reserving the more choice positions for whites.
:" Abbott-Detroit, Allen, American-Six, Anderson, Apperson, Arbenz, Auburn, Austin, Bell, Biddle, Brewster, Bour-Davis, Briscoe, Buick, Cadillac, Cameron, Case, Chalmers, Chandler, Chevrolet, Cole, Crow-Elkhart, Daniels, Davis, Detroiter, Dispatch, Dixie Flyer, Doble, Dodge, Dorris, Dort, Drexel, Elcar, Elgin, Emerson, Empire, Enger, Fiat, Ford, Fostoria, Franklin, F. R. P., Glide, Grant, Hackett, H. A. L., Halladay, Harroun, Harvard, Haynes, Hollier, Hudson, Hupmobile, Inter-State, Jackson, Jeffery, Jordan, King, Kissel, Kline, Laurel, Lenox, Lexington, Liberty, Locomobile, Lozier, Luverne, Madison, Maibohm, Majestic, Marion-Handley, Marmon, Maxwell, McFarlan, Mecca, Mercer, Metz, Mitchell, Moline-Knight, Monarch, Monitor, Monroe, Moon, Morse, Murray, National, Nelson, Oakland, Oldsmobile, Owen, Packard, Paige, Partin-Palmer, Paterson, Pathfinder, Peerless, Pierce-Arrow, Pilot, Premier, Princess, Pullman, Regal, Republic, Reo, Richmond, Roamer, Ross, Saxon, Scripps-Booth, Spaulding, Simplex, Singer, Standard, Stanley Steamer, Stearns-Knight, Stephens, Stewart, Studebaker, Stutz, Sun, Velie, Westcott, White, Willys-Knight, Winton, and Yale.
:" What is needed is for White South Africans to shake themselves out of their complacency, a complacency intensified by the present economic boom built upon racial discrimination.
:" The GAO will finally issue its report on the White House — the vandalizing of the White House in between the Clinton-Gore administration — Clinton and Bush administrations.
:" WMNF " may also refer to White Mountain National Forest.
* " White Trash Days Of Our Lives :" A spoof of Days of our Lives, which Ayda Field costars in.
bar: WhiteStar color: WhiteStar from: 1909 till: 1963 text :" White Star AC "
bar: RacingWhite color: RacingWhite from: 1963 till: 1973 text :" Racing White "
:" The White House just doesn't appreciate, doesn't know, what is going on in the health field.
:" You see, it had in it wealth, degeneracy, rich old wasters, delectable young chorus girls and adolescent artists ' models ; the behind-the-scenes of Theatredom and the Underworld, and the Great White Way .... the abnormal pastimes and weird orgies of overly aesthetic artists and jaded debauchees.
bar: white text :" Mick White "
:" Black or White " and Dangerous
:" What was said in court was a defense argument made that we put a cloud over the White House, as if, one, we were inventing something or, two, making something up, in order to convince the jury that they ought to convict.
:" Therefore, if law enforcement interviews of the President, Vice President or other senior White House officials become subject to routine public disclosure, even upon the conclusion of an investigation, there is an increased likelihood that such officials could feel reluctant to participate in voluntary interviews or, if they agree to such voluntary interviews, could decline to answer questions on certain topics.
:" Svatopluk, king of Dalmatia .... on Duvno field was crowned and his kingdom of Dalmatia is spread out into 4 regions: From the field called Duvno ( Tomislavgrad ), to Istra is called White Croatia ... and from that field to Drac ( Durrës in Albania ) is called Red Croatia ; and the mountainous side from the river Drina to Macedonia is called Rascia, and to that river to here is called Bosnia.
:" Margaret ( a slave ) had become so excessively negligent and indifferent to her duties … that Carrie ( Caroline Holmes White, Emma's sister ) asked Isaac to punish her ... He ... after dark took her to an extreme end of the garden, intending to reprimand her and with a light strap gave her two or three cuts across her shoulders ... She tore away ... and sprang into the creek … she plunged head foremost ... Mr. Bull had the creek dragged unsuccessfully ... and the current must have swept the body out ... She had ( said ) a few days ago that if she was ever touched again she would drown or kill herself … But none dreamed of such a demoniac temper ... It put poor Isaac nearly crazy, for he blamed himself as ... undue severity ... Poor fellow, to have his peace of mind destroyed by the blind rage of such a creature is too dreadful.

White and Being
Minor Threat's song " Guilty of Being White " led to some accusations of racism, but MacKaye has strongly denied such intentions and said that some listeners misinterpreted his words.
Being located on the south bank of White River, the town became a port in the days of flat and keel-boats.
Being satisfied with the location, he returned Eastward with his companions, and at White Pigeon made his land entry.
Being Harold Wilson's White Age of Technology, Cockerell was introduced to the NRDC ( National Research Development Corporation ).
The Banana Splits ' bubblegum pop rock and roll was provided by studio professionals, including Joey Levine (" I Enjoy Being a Boy ", " It's a Good Day for a Parade "); Al Kooper (" You're the Lovin ' End "); Barry White (" Doin ' the Banana Split "); Gene Pitney (" Two Ton Tessie ") and Jimmy Radcliffe provided his songs (" I'm Gonna Find A Cave ", " Soul ", " Don't Go Away Go-Go Girl ", " Adam Had ' Em " and " The Show Must Go On ") but did not contribute vocals to Splits recordings.
Strunk and White describe as " ludicrous " another of their examples: " Being in a dilapidated condition, I was able to buy the house very cheap.
* of The Civil Service History of England: Being a Fact-Book of English History ( 1870 ), by Frederick Averne White
* Major: A Black Athlete, a White Era, and the Fight to Be the World's Fastest Human Being by Todd Balf ISBN 0-307-23658-7
Slayer's cover of Minor Threat's " Guilty of Being White " raised questions about a possible message of white supremacy.
Being the first stone church of tent-like variety, the uncanonical " White Column " ( as it is sometimes referred to ) marked a stunning break from the Byzantine tradition.
Being virtually surrounded by the White Mountain National Forest, its vista toward Mount Washington and most of the rest of the Presidential Range includes no significant artificial structures other than the Mount Washington Cog Railway and the Mount Washington Hotel.
Being an NTL player at the beginning of 1970 he didn't play the Australian Open held at the White City courts at Sydney in January because NTL boss, George McCall, and his players thought that the prize money was too low for a Grand Slam tournament.
Charles White, a physician and surgeon, believed that races occupied different stations in the Great Chain of Being and he tried to prove with science that human races have distinct origins from each other.
He is best known for the 2001 memoir Black Berry, Sweet Juice: On Being Black and White in Canada and the 2007 novel The Book of Negroes.
His non-fiction books are: Trials and Triumphs: The Story of African-Canadians ( 1993 ), Women of Vision: The Story of the Canadian Negro Women's Association ( 1996 ), Black Berry, Sweet Juice: On Being Black and White in Canada ( 2001 ), and The Deserter's Tale: The Story of an Ordinary Soldier Who Walked Away from the War in Iraq, with Joshua Key ( 2007 ).
* Black Berry, Sweet Juice: On Being Black and White in Canada ( Toronto: HarperCollins Canada, 2001 )
Mulberry By Road ( 陌上桑 ), Armed Escort ( 羽林郎 ), White Hair Intonation ( 白头吟 ), Thinking is Being ( 有所思 ), The Old Soldier's Return ( 十五从军征 ), The Peacocks Fly to the South and the East ( 孔雀东南飞 ),
Being historically " the last coaching stop on the way to Newmarket ", Fulbourn at one time had over twenty public houses, including The Harrow Inn ( now no longer a pub ) and The White Hart, which is still functioning.
Popular tracks included ' 一辈子失去了你 ' ( Losing You Forever ) and ' 夜半歌声 ' ( Midnight Singer ) which is the main theme song of the movie The Phantom Lover, ' 何去何从之阿飞正传 ' ( Choice ) which is the theme song of the movie Days of Being Wild, ' 当爱已成往事 ' ( Bygone Love ) from the movie Farewell My Concubine, ' 今生今世 ' ( In This Lifetime ), ' 追 ' ( Chase ) both of which are theme songs from the movie He's a Woman, She's a Man and also the song 红颜白发 The Bride With White Hair drawn from the film of the same name.
In 1704-The will of Peregrine White ( which is owned by and displayed at Pilgrim Hall in Plymouth ), dated July 14, 1704 and proved August 14 of the same year states: Peregrine White of Marshfield ….. Being aged and under many Weaknesses and Bodily Infirmities devised to his wife Sarah everything not otherwise disposed of by the will to his eldest son Daniel … personal items and land .. as well as various personal items and land to daughters Sarah and Mercy and sons Jonathan and Peregrine.
Additional theatre credits include The Merchant of Venice, Love's Labour's Lost, Much Ado About Nothing, Forty Carats, And Miss Reardon Drinks a Little, The Plough and the Stars, The Glass Menagerie, Morning's at Seven, Awake and Sing !, The Octette Bridge Club, Love Letters, Man and Superman, The Importance of Being Earnest, The School for Scandal, The Balcony, for which she won a Distinguished Performance Obie Award, and Black Comedy / White Lies, for which she was nominated for the Tony Award for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Play.
Being Protestant he was dispossessed in favour of the Catholic Lokowicz line after the Battle of White Mountain in 1620.
Since then, the Hunger Artists have received numerous acclaim and awards for contemporary plays such as " Bash: Latter-Day Plays ", " 4. 48 Psychosis " and " The Gog / Magog Project ", world premieres such as " The Land Southward ", " The Flying Spaghetti Monster Holiday Pageant " and " The Pledge Drive: Ruminations On The Hunger Artist ", world premiere adaptations of literary works such as " The Metamorphosis ", " Little Women " and " Rudyard Kipling's Jungle Book ", reworkings of classic plays such as " White Trash Private Lives ", " Re: Woyzeck " and an all-male " The Importance of Being Earnest ", musicals such as " Sweeney Todd ", " Assassins " and " Hedwig and the Angry Inch ", one-act festivals such as Beyond Convention, 24 Hour Theater and Last Chance Fest, and original late-night entertainment such as the Orange County Underground Burlesque Society and Muddville.

White and owner
William Hulbert, principal owner of the Chicago White Stockings, did not like the loose organization of the National Association and the gambling element that influenced it, so he decided to create a new organization, which he dubbed the National League of Baseball Clubs.
Spalding retired from playing baseball in 1878, although he continued as a major force as owner of the White Stockings and major influence on the National League.
Colangelo's bid received strong support from one of his friends, Chicago White Sox and Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf, and media reports say that then-acting Commissioner of Baseball and Milwaukee Brewers founder Bud Selig was also a strong supporter of Colangelo's bid.
Originally, the award was known as the J. Louis Comiskey Memorial Award, named after the Chicago White Sox owner of the 1930s.
Rock station DJs Steve Dahl and Garry Meier, along with Michael Veeck, son of Chicago White Sox owner Bill Veeck, staged the promotional event for disgruntled rock fans between the games of a White Sox doubleheader.
The White Sox owner insisted that since his team played in the open ( they had no roof ), the Astros must play with the roof open, which mitigated the intensity and enthusiasm of the cheering Astro's fans.
So, in 1873 Medill bought additional equity from Cowles and from White, becoming majority owner.
" The Telegraph " newspaper introduced the idea of " White Van Man ", a typical working class man or small business owner who would have a white Ford Transit, Mercedes Sprinter or similar panel van.
Sonny, the owner, tries to fight them off with a broom, yelling that he is one of them: " I no White!
The owner of the fourth house can only be identified as " The White Pants Dutchman ").
It is named after John Buechel, a Swiss carpenter and tavern owner who established a post office at his White Cottage tavern in 1883,
From 1972-1981, the planning and development of the White Marsh Mall occurred, with the Rouse Company as owner and developer on land rented from Nottingham.
* Eddie Einhorn ( born 1936 ), part owner of the Chicago White Sox.
Scott and Amy Drake of Lindley, New York from 1998 thru 2004, Vern Wasson of Jersey Shore, Pa from 2005 thru 2009 and current owner, Ted White.
The owner of the First General Store, owned by the " White " family, pushed for the town to be named Whiteville.
After complications following the death of James White the original Stadium owner, Elvin bought Wembley Stadium from the new owners, ( Wembley Company ) at the original price, since they honoured Elvin's original deal.
It became a tourist attraction and was used for concerts that were broadcast over radio station KELW by station owner Earl L. White.
Yankee owner Jacob Ruppert was a personal friend, as well as the only owner Frazee could deal with after the Black Sox Scandal left the White Sox tarnished.
With the help of DJ and club owner Reb Foster, the Crossfires signed to the newly formed White Whale Records and adhering to the prevailing musical trend, re-branded themselves as a folk rock group under the name " the Tyrtles ," the intentional misspelling inspired by the Byrds and the Beatles.
The owner of the house is a widow named Blanche Devereaux ( Rue McClanahan ), who was joined by fellow widow Rose Nylund ( Betty White ) and divorcée Dorothy Zbornak ( Bea Arthur ).
As a rookie, Mikan led the Chicago American Gears to the 1947 NBL title, but before the next season, owner Maurice White pulled his team out of the league and formed his own 24-team circuit called the National Professional Basketball League.
In this regard, Mike Veeck, formerly the team's principal owner and still owner of a large interest in the team, is seen as following in the footsteps of his father Bill Veeck, who was famous for conceiving outlandish promotions as an owner of the Major League teams the St. Louis Browns, Cleveland Indians, and Chicago White Sox.

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