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Whitehead and human
Whitehead sought a holistic, comprehensive cosmology that provides a systematic descriptive theory of the world which can be used for the diverse human intuitions gained through ethical, aesthetic, religious, and scientific experiences, and not just the scientific.
Whitehead had opinions about a vast range of human endeavors.
Eric Steven Lander ( born February 3, 1957 ) is a Professor of Biology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology ( MIT ), a member of the Whitehead Institute, and director of the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard who has devoted his career toward realizing the promise of the human genome for medicine.
The Whitehead Institute has also made important breakthroughs in applying this information to the study of human variation and particularly the study of medical genetics.
As early as 1995, scientists at the Whitehead started pilot projects in genomic medicine, forming an unofficial collaborative network among young scientists interested in genomic approaches to cancer and human genetics.

Whitehead and way
Whitehead chooses a way of defining the actual entities that makes them all alike, qua actual entities, with a single exception.
The newspaper reported that trees blocked the way after the flight was in progress, and quoted Whitehead as saying, " I knew that I could not clear them by rising higher, and also that I had no means of steering around them by using the machinery.
" Steeves related that Whitehead said to him, " Now since I have given them the secrets of my invention they will probably never do anything in the way of financing me.
Peter Whitehead led the way by removing the engine from F2 / 5 and installing it into a Cooper T24 chassis, which he ran in the 1953 British Grand Prix.

Whitehead and understanding
Whitehead is here questioning David Hume's understanding of the nature of experience ; ;
A. Richards and A. N. Whitehead, examining the latter's concept of the “ Divine persuasion ” in a 1945 article entitled “ Physical Agencies and the Divine Persuasion ” and the former ’ s understanding of “ truth in poetry ” in an article of the same name, which concludes:

Whitehead and existence
The ultimate abstract principle of actual existence for Whitehead is creativity.
The primordial nature of God consists of all potentialities of existence for actual occasions, which Whitehead dubbed eternal objects.
The chief members of the Frankfurt congregation during its existence were David Whitehead, Sandys, Nowell, Foxe, Bale, Horne, Whittingham, Knox, Aylmer, Bentham, Sampson, Kelke, Chambers, Isaac, both Knollyses, John and Christopher Hales, Richard Hilles, Bartholomew Traheron, Robert Crowley, Thomas Cole, William Turner, Robert Wisdome.

Whitehead and processes
For both Whitehead and Hartshorne, it is an essential attribute of God to be fully involved in and affected by temporal processes, an idea that conflicts with traditional forms of theism that hold God to be in all respects non-temporal ( eternal ), unchanging ( immutable ), and unaffected by the world ( impassible ).
As an instructive process, eidetic reduction might be viewed as processes of abstraction ; the works of Whitehead and Russell in their Principia Mathematica could give one a taste of those processes, or even the simple contemplation of mathematics itself in use: " How many ideas have you?

Whitehead and which
What Hume calls `` sensation '' is what Whitehead calls `` perception in the mode of presentational immediacy '' which is a sophisticated abstraction from perception in the mode of causal efficacy.
This still involves basic ontological issues of the sort raised by Leibniz Locke, Hume, Whitehead and others, which remain outstanding particularly in relation to the binding problem, the question of how different perceptions ( e. g. color and contour in vision ) are " bound " to the same object when they are processed by separate areas of the brain.
In the process, he discovered some interesting examples of simply connected non-compact 3-manifolds not homeomorphic to R < sup > 3 </ sup >, the prototype of which is now called the Whitehead manifold.
Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell attempted to complete, or at least greatly facilitate, this program with their seminal book Principia Mathematica, which purported to build a logically consistent set theory on which to found mathematics.
Since Whitehead, process thought is distinguished from Hegel in that it describes entities which arise or coalesce in becoming, rather than being simply dialectically determined from prior posited determinates.
With one exception, all actual entities for Whitehead are temporal and are occasions of experience ( which are not to be confused with consciousness ).
An example of a nexus of overlapping occasions of experience is what Whitehead calls an enduring physical object, which corresponds closely with an Aristotelian substance.
For Whitehead, besides its temporal generation by the actual entities which are its contributory causes, a process may be considered as a concrescence of abstract ingredient eternal objects.
Maintaining proper depth was a major problem in the early days but Whitehead introduced his " secret " in 1868 which overcame this.
Whitehead opened a new factory near Portland Harbour, England in 1890, which continued making torpedoes until the end of the Second World War.
Whitehead also opened a factory at St Tropez in 1890 which exported torpedoes to Brazil, Holland, Turkey and Greece.
Whitehead purchased rights to the gyroscope of Ludwig Obry in 1888 but it was not sufficiently accurate, so in 1890 he purchased a better design ( ironically from Howell ) to improve control of his designs, which came to be called the " Devil's Device ".
When not actively performing The Wizard busies himself checking the validity of his cosmology or " theory of everything " which includes elements found in such thinkers as the philosopher Whitehead, the sociologist Parsons, the physicist Prigogine, the systems analyst Jantsch and the biologist Sheldrake.
Whitehead wrote, " All science must start with some assumptions as to the ultimate analysis of the facts with which it deals.
It was at one of these open houses that the young Harvard student B. F. Skinner credits a discussion with Whitehead as providing the inspiration for his work Verbal Behavior in which language is analyzed from a behaviorist perspective.
Malik wrote his PhD dissertation about Whitehead, in which Malik compared Whitehead's Metaphysics of Time to that of Martin Heidegger.
* Fallacy of misplaced concreteness, identified by Whitehead in his discussion of metaphysics, this refers to the reification of concepts which exist only in discussion.
In 1967, Whitehead directed a plot clip colour promo clip for the Stones single " We Love You ", which first aired in August 1967.
* John Henry Days, 2002 American novel by Colson Whitehead, which explores the story of the African-American folk hero of the same name
In 1882, Headmaster Henry Whitehead Moss moved the school from its original town centre location to a new site over the River Severn, in Kingsland ( a site which had, amongst other things, housed the Shrewsbury workhouse and a foundling hospital ).

Whitehead and each
In " A Lilith Thanksgiving " ( 1996 ), Lilith and Frasier successfully have Frederick admitted into a private school after they annoy the administrator ( Paxton Whitehead ) by visiting him several times on Thanksgiving to get their son admitted, especially when Frasier and Lilith bring in a turkey to two families whom they witness clashing each other.
The album's artwork, which depicts scenes from each song, was painted by Paul Whitehead.
In reference to Zeno's paradox of the arrow in flight, Alfred North Whitehead writes that " an infinite number of acts of becoming may take place in a finite time if each subsequent act is smaller in a convergent series ":
The vast majority of Ulsterbus Belfast and Carrickfergus / Whitehead bus services take a ten minute detour into the Greenisland estate before continuing to their destination, providing the village with frequent transport links in each direction.
In late Victorian and Edwardian times, Whitehead was a popular seaside holiday destination and visitors flocked from Belfast and the surrounding area each year.

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