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Wilfred and Bailey
His father, Wilfred Bailey Everett Bixby Jr., was a store clerk and his mother, Jane ( née McFarland ) Bixby, was a senior manager at I. Magnin & Company.
* Wilfred Russell Bailey, 3rd Baron Glanusk ( 1891 – 1948 )
The trial began at the Old Bailey on 20 July 1931 before Mr Justice Wright, with Sir William Jowitt, D. N. Pritt and Eustace Fulton for the prosecution, Sir John Simon, J. E. Singleton and Wilfred Lewis for Lord Kylsant, and Hastings, Stuart Bevan, Frederick Tucker and C. J. Conway for John Morland.
* Wilfred Russell Bailey, 3rd Baron Glanusk 26 April 1928 – 12 January 1948
Wilfred Russell Bailey, 3rd Baron Glanusk ( 27 June 1891 – 12 January 1948 ), was a British peer and soldier.

Wilfred and
* Foley, William Trent ( 1992 ) Images of Sanctity in Eddius Stephanus ’ Life of Bishop Wilfred ”, an early English saint ’ s life.
* Wilfred Nevill ( 1894 – 1916 ); led the East Surrey ’ s Football Charge at the Somme
* Anthony, Wilfred E. The Church of St. Paul the Apostle, New York ”.

Wilfred and Bill
ELO's debut concert took place on 15 April 1972 at The Fox & Hounds Pub in Croydon, U. K. with a line-up of Wood, Lynne, Bevan, Bill Hunt ( horns, keyboards ), Wilfred Gibson ( violin ), Hugh McDowell ( cello ), Mike Edwards, Andy Craig ( cello ) and Richard Tandy on bass.
As animator Bill Tytla disliked the results, he used colleague Wilfred Jackson to pose shirtless which gave him the images he needed.
* Wisden Five Cricketers of the Year – Wilfred Rhodes, Bill Storer, Charlie Townsend, Albert Trott, William Lockwood
The rules for what eventually became fantasy football were developed starting in 1962 at New York City's Milford Plaza Hotel by a limited partner in the Oakland Raiders named Wilfred " Bill " Winkenbach together with Bill Tunnell, former Raiders public relations manager, and Scotty Stirling, a former reporter.
Wilfred Gordon " Bill " Bigelow, ( June 18, 1913 – March 27, 2005 ) was a Canadian heart surgeon known for his role in developing the artificial pacemaker and the use of hypothermia in open heart surgery.
William Wilfred Cobey, Jr., known as Bill Cobey ( born May 13, 1939 ), is a former one-term Republican member of the United States House of Representatives from North Carolina.
She was appointed to Bill Davis's cabinet as Minister of Labour on October 7, 1975, and won a convincing re-election victory over Liberal candidate Wilfred Caplan in the 1977 election.
" Other actors who have played the station master include Wilfred Brambell ( 1976 ) and Bill Oddie ( 1992 ).
* Wilfred James " Bill " Gray, Australian government official ; specialist in Aboriginal matters
Wilfred Von Der Ahe's three sons, Bill, Chuck, and Tom all graduated from Loyola University.
Similar to Bill Wilson's Alcoholics Anonymous five decades earlier, Beattie's early work took the previously complex object relations theory and interpersonal theories of psychoanalysts like Heinz Kohut, Wilfred Bion and Otto Kernberg and put them in language the average reader could easily grasp.

Wilfred and January
* James Wilfred Estey ( October 6, 1944 – January 22, 1956 )
* January 30 – Wilfred Lucas, Canadian-born actor ( d. 1940 )
His championship run ended in 1979, when he traveled to Puerto Rico, where he was defeated on January 13 by hometown boxer Wilfred Benítez via a controversial fifteen round split decision.
Sir Peter Wilfred Tapsell, KNZM, MBE, FRCS, FRCSEd ( 21 January 1930 – 5 April 2012 ) was Speaker of the New Zealand House of Representatives from 1993 to 1996.
Camille Joseph Wilfred " The Eel " Henry ( January 31, 1933 – September 11, 1997 ) was a professional ice hockey left winger who played for the New York Rangers, the Chicago Black Hawks and the St. Louis Blues in the National Hockey League.
Wilfred Lucas ( January 30, 1871 – December 13, 1940 ) was a Canadian-born American stage actor who found success in film as an actor, director, and screenwriter.
Norman Wilfred Lucas was born in Norfolk County, Ontario on January 30, 1871 ,. most likely in the township of Townsend where at the time his father served as a Wesleyan Methodist minister.
USA on 1 February 2007 ); Sonata for Organ ( premiered by Robert Green at St David's Cathedral, Pembrokeshire, Wales on 22 August 2007 ); the opera, Far from the Madding Crowd, premièred at the Thomas Hardy Festival in July 2006 ; Mass for Unaccompanied Solo Voice, premiered by soprano Paula Downes at the MIT Chapel, Boston, Massachusetts, USA on 6 March 2008 ; Sonata for Horn, Violin and Piano for the Brahms Trio Prague ( Monica Vrabcová, violin ; Ondrej Vrabec, Horn Czech Philharmonic Orchestra and Daniel Wiesner, piano ), premiered at the Suk Hall, Rudolfinum, Prague on 5 February 2008 ( a CD of this work has now been released on the Czech Philharmonic Artesmon label ); Finished Fields, a setting of four poems by Wilfred Owen commissioned by Jonathan Pugsley ( bass-baritone ) and Duncan Honeybourne ( piano ) and premiered in Weymouth, Dorset on 12 November 2008 ; Concerto for Piano and Orchestra for pianist Duncan Honeybourne and the Central England Ensemble, conducted by Anthony Bradbury in Birmingham Town Hall on 1 March 2009, and given again by the same artists in Coventry Cathedral in July 2010 ; Sonata for Contrabass Flute and Piano for Peter Sheridan, premiered in 2009 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia ; and Sonata for Clarinet and Piano for clarinettist Angus Merion and Duncan Honeybourne, premiered in Salisbury, UK in January 2010.
# Rear Admiral James Wilfred Jefford ( August 15, 1947 – January 30, 1953 )
Wilfred Wood VC ( 2 February 1897 – 3 January 1982 ) was an English recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.
Egodahage George Wilfred Alwis Samarakoon ( January 13, 1911 – April 5, 1962 ) ( known as Ananda Samarakoon ) was a Sri Lankan composer and musician.
Samarakoon was born Egodahage George Wilfred Alwis Samarakoon to a Christian family in Padukka, Sri Lanka on January 13, 1911.
Major Wilfred Edwards VC ( 16 February 1893 – 4 January 1972 ) was an English recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.
* 25 January – Three Umkhonto we Sizwe operatives Stephen Mafoko, Humphrey Makhubo and Wilfred Madela held the staff and customers in a Silverton bank in Pretoria hostage.
William Wilber Wilfred Wilson ( October 6, 1885 in Birtle, Manitoba – January 27, 1964 ) was a politician in Manitoba, Canada.
Wilfred P. Moore, QC ( born January 14, 1942 ) is a Canadian Senator representing Nova Scotia.
Wilfred Frederick ( Fred ) Frank Price ( 25 April 1902 in Westminster, London, England – 13 January 1969 in Hendon, Greater London, England ) was a cricketer who played for Middlesex County Cricket Club from 1926 to 1947.

Wilfred and 22
Wilfred Josephs was a prolific composer and his classical works include 12 symphonies, 22 concertos, overtures, chamber music, operas, ballets, vocal works-almost all of which had been written to commission.
Wilfred Dolby Fuller VC ( 28 July 1893 – 22 November 1947 ) was an English recipient of the Victoria Cross, the highest and most prestigious award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that can be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces.
Wilfred Kitching, CBE ( August 22, 1893 – December 15, 1977 ) was the 7th General of The Salvation Army ( 1954-1963 ).

Wilfred and 1934
* Charles Wilfred Orr, composer, lived in Painswick from 1934 – 76
Kenneth Wilfred Baker, Baron Baker of Dorking, CH, PC ( born 3 November 1934 ), is a British politician, a former Conservative MP and a Life Member of the Tory Reform Group.
The first European to trace the course of the Awash to its end in the Aussa oasis was Wilfred Thesiger in 1933 / 1934, who started at the city of Awash, followed the river's course to its final end in Lake Abhebad, and continued his expedition west to Tadjoura.
When Wilfred Thesiger visited Dikhil in May 1934, he was struck by " a most impregnable fort here " recently constructed by the French colonial authorities.

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