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William and Graham
Graham will be recognized for his meritorious service to baseball and will get the William J. Slocum Memorial Award.
Throughout the 1970s and early 1980s, De Palma worked repeatedly with actors Jennifer Salt, Amy Irving, Nancy Allen ( his wife from 1979 to 1983 ), Gary Sinise, John Lithgow, William Finley, Charles Durning, Gerrit Graham, cinematographers Stephen H. Burum and Vilmos Zsigmond ( see List of noted film director and cinematographer collaborations ), set designer Jack Fisk, and composers Bernard Herrmann, John Williams and Pino Donaggio.
Blackridge is defined as the territory bounded on the West by Graham Boulevard, on the South by William Penn Highway, on the East by Beulah Road and the Churchill Country Club property, from the Churchill Country Club property along Orlando Place to Atkinson Place, Atkinson Place to Pine Way, and Pine Way to Graham Boulevard, and shall include the properties fronting on both sides of said portions of Country Club Drive, Orlando Place, Atkinson Place and Pine Way.
Herbert Spencer in Britain and William Graham Sumner were the leading neo-classical liberal theorists of the 19th century.
In 2007 Graham Waterhouse composed Epitaphium for string trio as a tribute to the memory of his father William Waterhouse.
Charles Darwin's theory of evolution was appealing to some economists, sociologists and political scientists ( most notably Walter Bagehot and William Graham Sumner ) who adapted and rationalized the invisible hand by incorporating the popular idea of the survival of the fittest.
In November 2005, he was invited to the Welsh Assembly as a guest speaker by Tory Welsh assembly member William Graham.
His most famous works, such as Portrait of Mrs. Graham ; Mary and Margaret: The Painter's Daughters ; William Hallett and His Wife Elizabeth, nee Stephen, known as The Morning Walk ; and Cottage Girl with Dog and Pitcher, display the unique individuality of his subjects.
These include Americans Vito Acconci, John Baldessari, Peter Campus, Doris Totten Chase, Norman Cowie, Dan Graham, Joan Jonas, Bruce Nauman, Nam June Paik, Martha Rosler, William Wegman, and many others.
Married Fanny Graham and had four children: Mary Louisa, William, Reginald, Gordon.
Perhaps the most well-remembered teacher was William Graham Sumner, professor from 1872 to 1909.
* July 27 – First Jacobite rising: Scottish Covenanter supporters of William and Mary ( under Hugh Mackay ) are defeated by Jacobite supporters of James II at the Battle of Killiecrankie near Pitlochry in Perthshire but the latter's leader, John Graham, Viscount Dundee, is killed.
His remarks were followed by Florida Governor Bob Graham and William Ellinghouse, president of AT & T.
Pierce and running mate William R. King went on to win what was at the time one of the nation's largest electoral victories, trouncing Scott and his vice-presidential nominee, William Alexander Graham of North Carolina, 254 electoral votes to 42.
William Alexander Graham was chosen as the vice-presidential nominee.
William Graham Sumner, an early U. S. sociologist, recognized that some norms are more important to our lives than others.
Both " mores " and " folkways " are terms coined by William Graham Sumner in 1906.
* Folkways ( sociology )— theory by the sociologist William Graham Sumner.
David Niven was born in London to William Edward Graham Niven ( 1878 – 1915 ) and Henrietta Julia Degacher.
William Niven, David's father, was of Scottish descent ; his paternal grandfather, David Graham Niven, ( 1811 – 1884 ) was from St. Martins, a village in Perthshire.
The source for the dates and places of birth of the above was William Edward Graham Niven's army service record which, curiously, does not give a place of birth for David, but his birth certificate states Belgrave Mansions, London.
Although Herder focused on the positive value of cultural variety, the sociologist William Graham Sumner called attention to the fact that one's culture can limit one's perceptions.
Notable Presidents of IEEE and its founding organizations include Elihu Thomson ( AIEE, 1889 – 1890 ), Alexander Graham Bell ( AIEE, 1891 – 1892 ), Charles Proteus Steinmetz ( AIEE, 1901 – 1902 ), Lee De Forest ( IRE, 1930 ), Frederick E. Terman ( IRE, 1941 ), William R. Hewlett ( IRE, 1954 ), Ernst Weber ( IRE, 1959 ; IEEE, 1963 ), and Ivan Getting ( IEEE, 1978 ).

William and Sumner
Frederick Douglass, William Garrison, Horace Greeley, Harriet Stowe, William Seward, Gerrit Smith, Charles Sumner, Theodore Parker, and Cassius Clay used the term caste, rather than race or class, in their writings and speeches to discuss and inspire America to abolish slavery.
The term ethnocentrism was coined by William G. Sumner, upon observing the tendency for people to differentiate between the in-group and others.
Douglas remained the main advocate for the bill while Chase, William Seward of New York and Charles Sumner of Massachusetts led the opposition.
* Sumner, William Hyslop, An Inquiry Into the Importance of the Militia to a Free Commonwealth: In a Letter from William H. Sumner ... to John Adams, Late President of the United States ; with His Answer, Cummings and Hilliard, Boston, 1823
Senator J. William Fulbright was born in Sumner on April 9, 1905.
* Sumner, William Leslie ( 1973 ).
* Sumner, William L. ( 1973 ).
" He was a student of philosopher Noah Porter ( 1811 – 1892 ) and economist / sociologist William Graham Sumner ( 1840 – 1910 ).
* William Graham Sumner ( 1840 – 1910 ), American sociologist
* William H. Sumner ( 1780 -?
* The Sumner method, a way of finding a ship's location at sea ; William Thomson ( Lord Kelvin ) calculated a set of tables for its ready application
The Anglican evangelical leader William Orange was vicar of Sumner from 1930 – 1945.
Both " Left Grand Division " commander Maj. Gen. William B. Franklin, who vowed that he would not serve under Hooker, and II Corps commander Maj. Gen. Edwin Vose Sumner were relieved of command, on Burnside's recommendation, in the same order appointing Hooker to command.
On June 30, 1888, Camp married Alice Graham Sumner, sister of William Graham Sumner.

William and Critic
Critic William Kuhn argued that much of his fiction can be read as " the memoirs he never wrote ", revealing the inner life of a politician for whom the norms of Victorian public life appeared to represent a social straitjacket – particularly with regard to his allegedly " ambiguous sexuality.
Critic William Baer notes that throughout his career " he constantly rose to the challenge of his own aspirations ", adding that " he was a pioneer and visionary who greatly affected the history of both stage and cinema ".
Critic William Michael Rossetti considered Leaves of Grass a classic along the lines of the works of William Shakespeare and Dante Alighieri.
He gave assistance to William Beloe in one or two articles in the British Critic, and probably wrote also in the Analytical Review and the Critical Review.
* F. H. Armstrong, " William Lyon Mackenzie, First Mayor of Toronto: A Study of a Critic in Power ", Canadian Historical Review 48 ( 1967 )
Also that year, the Boston Critic dedicated a special issue to Lowell on his seventieth birthday to recollections and reminiscences by his friends, including former presidents Hayes and Benjamin Harrison and British Prime Minister William Ewart Gladstone as well as Alfred Tennyson and Francis Parkman.
Critic William Burrill dismissed the game's visuals as " Dim Boy graphics are nothing to write home about ".
Critic William Winter said, “ He was followed as a marvel.
Critic Stephen Burt at the Boston Review commented: " William Carlos Williams and Emily Dickinson together taught Armantrout how to dismantle and reassemble the forms of stanzaic lyric — how to turn it inside out and backwards, how to embody large questions and apprehensions in the conjunctions of individual words, how to generate productive clashes from arrangements of small groups of phrases.
Critic Harold Bloom remarked several years later that Fields ', " croaking his ghastly dirge to the uncertain sound of his dulcimer, is a parodic version of the Bard of Sensibility, a figure out of the primitivism of Thomas Gray or William Blake.
Critic William Lawrence Schroeder described Holmes's prose style as " attractive " in that it " made no great demand on the attention of the reader.
" William Graham Sumner as a Critic of the Spanish American War.
Critic William Ruhlman agreed though did not consider the album as strong.
Critic William Ruhlman agreed, writing that the album " is a highly referential work from an artist who started where most end and has been earnestly seeking the right direction ever since.
* 1985 – William Dudley for The Mysteries, The Real Inspector Hound, The Critic, The Merry Wives of Windsor and Mutiny
Critic William Fulwiler argues that Edgar Rice Burroughs ' At the Earth's Core was one of Lovecraft's primary inspirations for " The Nameless City ", citing " the reptile race, the tunnel to the interior of the earth, and the ' hidden world of eternal day '" as elements common to both tales.
* William Grimes, Hayden Carruth, Poet and Critic, Dies at 87, New York Times, 30 September 2008

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