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Willow and Run
The Willow Hill Covered Bridge is a covered bridge located off U. S. Route 30 that spans Miller ’ s Run ( which flows into Mill Creek, a tributary of the Conestoga River ) in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, United States.
* entered Wayne County during World War II, and the years following, on an expressway, providing access to the Willow Run Airport in Van Buren Township and turned onto present-day Interstate 94 in Romulus Township.
* link = Willow Run Airport is located in Van Buren Township and has four runways ( a fifth was recently converted into a taxiway ).
No scheduled flights operate out of Willow Run and is one of the two airports operated by the Wayne County Airport Authority.
Henry Ford built it to link his factories at Willow Run and Dearborn during World War II.
It was called the Willow Run Expressway.
Superior Township is served by four public school districts: Ypsilanti Public Schools, Ann Arbor Public Schools, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools and Willow Run Community Schools.
Ypsilanti Township is served by four public school districts: Ypsilanti Public Schools, Lincoln Consolidated Schools, Willow Run Community Schools, and Van Buren Public Schools.
Willow Run Community Schools, named after the famous Willow Run bomber plant and airport in the eastern part of the township, draw students primarily from eastern Ypsilanti Township north of I-94.
Image: Willow Run Factory. jpg | B-24 Liberators under construction at Ford's Willow Run line during World War II
It is home to Willow Run Airport, Metro Detroit's second busiest airport.
USA Jet Airlines has its headquarters on the grounds of Willow Run Airport and in the township.
* Willow Run Bomber Plant, WW 2 film about production of the B-24 at the Willow Run bomber plant
National Airlines N872CA at Willow Run Airport, 2012.
In mid-1944, the production of the B-24 was consolidated from several different companies ( including some in Texas ) to two large factories: the Consolidated Aircraft Company in San Diego and the Ford Motor Company's spawling factory in Willow Run, near Detroit, Michigan, which had been specially designed to produce B-24s.

Willow and General
* Kee-too-way-how (‘ Sounding With Flying Wings ’, better known as Alexander Cayen dit Boudreau, Chief of the Parklands or Willow Cree at Muskeg Lake, born 1834 St. Boniface, Manitoba, son of Pierre Narcisse Cayen dit Boudreau and Adelaide Catherine Arcand (‘ Kaseweetin ’), though he was of Métis descent he became chief of the Willow Cree and the Métis, who were living with the Cree, brother of Petequakey (‘ Isidore Cayen dit Boudreau ’), lived along Duck Lake, signed 1876 Treaty 6 and settled in a reserve at Muskeg Lake-that was later named after his brother Petequakey-but left the reserve in 1880 and lived again in the following years close to St. Laurent de Grandin mission, played a prominent role during the Northwest Rebellion of 1885 in which he participated in every battle, served also as an emissary of the Métis leader Gabriel Dumont to ask the Assiniboine for support, on 23 May 1885 he also submitted the declaration of surrender of Pitikwahanapiwiyin (' Poundmaker ') to General Middleton, was captured on the 1st June 1885, in the subsequent trial of Kee-too-way-how at Regina, Louis Cochin testified that he and the carters in the camp of Pitikwahanapiwiyin survived only thanks to the intercession by Kee-way-too-how and its people, despite the positive testimony, he was on 14 August 1885 sentenced to imprisonment for seven years for his involvement in the Métis rebellion, died 1886 ).
* Mr. Willow ( voiced by Carl Banas )-A polar bear who is the owner of Willow's General Store.
After the war, ownership of the assembly plant passed to Kaiser Motors and then to Ford rival General Motors, which owned and operated part of the facility as Willow Run Transmission.
U. S. production was concentrated at Toledo, OH upon the purchase of Willys-Overland starting in 1953 ; the Willow Run facility had been sold to General Motors after GM suffered a disastrous fire at their Livonia, MI Hydramatic automatic transmission plant and needed a facility quickly to resume production.

Willow and at
The Willow Road and University Avenue junctions with Bayfront Expressway are at-grade intersections controlled by traffic lights ; there are two additional controlled intersections at Chilco Road and Marsh Road, and the Marsh Road interchange on U. S. 101 is a parclo.
In 2007, prominent author David Halberstam was killed in one such crash at the Willow Road intersection.
Also, in keeping with the show's themes of redemption and moral ambiguity, Willow, Angel, Spike, Faith, Giles, Anya, and Andrew have at some point in their lives descended into darkness.
Willow was included in AfterEllen. com's Top 50 Lesbian and Bisexual Characters, ranking at No. 7.
In " Gingerbread ", her home life is made clearer: Sunnydale falls under the spell of a demon who throws the town's adults into a moral panic, and Willow's mother is portrayed as a career-obsessed academic who is unable to communicate with her daughter, eventually trying to burn Willow at the stake for being involved in witchcraft ; her father is never featured.
Fearing that Buffy is in hell, Willow suggests at the beginning of the sixth season that she be raised from the dead.
As Willow gives a book report in front of her high school class, she discovers herself wearing the same mousy outfit she wore in the first episode of the show (" Welcome to the Hellmouth ") as her friends and classmates shout derisively at her, and Oz and Tara whisper intimately to each other in the audience.
The scene was, upon completion, noticeably sensual to Whedon, the producers, and network executives, who encouraged Whedon to develop a romantic storyline between Willow and Tara, but at the same time placed barriers on how far it could go and what could be shown.
Some fans loyal to Willow reacted angrily as she chose to be with Tara when Oz made himself available, and they lashed out at Tara and Amber Benson on the fansite message boards.
When she realizes her powers have gone at the end of Season Eight, however, Willow ends her relationship with Kennedy, saying that there is someone else Willow is in love with, who she will never see again.
Willow at times reminds the other characters of her religion, wondering what her father might think of the crucifixes she must apply to her bedroom wall to keep out vampires, and commenting that Santa Claus misses her house every Christmas because of the " big honkin ' menorah ".
Jane magazine hailed Willow and Tara as a bold representation of a somewhat normal homosexual relationship, remarking that " they hold hands, slow-dance and lay in bed at night.
Particularly because Tara's death came at a point where Willow and Tara had reconciled and were shown following an apparent sexual encounter, the writers were criticized for representing the consequences of lesbian sex as punishable by death.
The first planting of Syrah in Washington State was done at Red Willow Vineyards in 1986.
Rooming at an inn, where he is introduced to the daughter of the landlord, Willow, Howie notices a series of photographs celebrating the island's annual harvests, with each photograph featuring a young girl, the May Queen.
Howie spends another night at the inn, where Willow openly attempts to seduce him.
The UNCF is headquartered at 8260 Willow Oaks Corporate Drive in an unincorporated area in Fairfax County, Virginia, United States, east of the city of Fairfax.
It went about through Thousand Springs Valley, West Brush Creek, and Willow Creek, before arriving at the Humboldt River in northeastern Nevada near present-day Wells.
The construction of the dam and the filling of the Allegheny Reservoir also necessitated the elimination of the small village of Corydon, which was located at the confluence of Willow Creek with the Allegheny River ; and the small village of Kinzua, which was located at the confluence of Kinzua Creek with the Allegheny River.
* Wikaskokiseyin ( Wee-kas-kookee-sey-yin, better known as Chief Sweet Grass, Chief of the Plains Cree, his mother was a captured Absaroke, as he grew up he was also called Apistchi-okimas-' Little Chief ', signed the Treaty 6 on 9 September 1876 at Fort Pitt, along with bands of Woodland Cree, Chipewyan, some Saulteaux, only a quarter of the participating groups were Plains Cree, while his successor as chief Wah-wee-oo-kah-tah-mah-hote (' Strike him on the back ') signed the Treaty 6 at Fort Carlton on the 28th August 1876 together with the Willow Cree, died 11 January 1877 in a shootout accident on the Plains, probably at Saint-Paul-des-Cris, Alberta )

Willow and Louisville
Churches like Church of the Highlands, Shirelive Church, Mars Hill Church, Celebration Church, Lifechurch. tv, Fellowship Church, Second Baptist Church Houston, National Community Church, North Point Community Church, Calvary Chapel of Ft Lauderdale, The Chapel, Triumph Church, Hillsong Church, Substance Church, Bon Air Baptist Church, Southeast Christian Church ( Louisville ), and Willow Creek Community Church are continuing to expand their ministry base through the use of multiple campuses.

Willow and Syracuse
In 1960, it moved from its original site on Willow Street in Downtown Syracuse to its current location in suburban Dewitt on Randall Road.

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