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Wise and wrote
and in her forthright way, Henrietta, who in her story of Sara had indicated her own unwillingness `` to think of men as the privileged '' and `` women as submissive and yielding '', felt obliged to defend vigorously any statement of hers to which Morris Jastrow took the slightest exception -- he objected to her stand on the Corbin affair, as well as on the radical reforms of Dr. Wise of Hebrew Union College -- until once, in sheer desperation, he wrote that he had given up hope they would ever agree on anything.
David Wise, Michael Charles Hill, and Michael Reaves wrote most of the scripts, taking input via Mendelsohn and collaborating writer Schulte and marketing maven Aaronian.
As Tony Sloman wrote in 1999, " As the varied likes of David Lean, Robert Wise, Terence Fisher and Dorothy Arzner have proved, the cutting rooms are easily the finest grounding for film direction.
In 1955 Sykes wrote and performed in a BBC Christmas spectacular, a spoof pantomime called Pantomania, which featured many well-known BBC personalities of the era ; it was directed by Ernest Maxin, who went on to produce some of the most famous comedy routines for Morecambe & Wise.
Authors and writers who have lived in Redding include Mark Twain, who lived on present-day Mark Twain Lane and owned property in town until his death in 1910 ; Joel Barlow, a poet and diplomat, born in town ; Howard Fast ( in the 1980s ); Flannery O ' Connor ( who wrote her novel Wise Blood while a boarder at the home of fellow writer Robert Fitzgerald and family on Seventy Acre Road from 1949 to 1951 ).
By 1976, the story had become sufficiently safe in Britain to be parodied by Morecambe and Wise ; a " play what Ernie wrote ", The Handyman and M ' Lady, was obviously based on it, with Michele Dotrice as the Lady Chatterley figure.
Braben also made Wise a would-be writer ; their BBC shows in the 1970s would always climax with an extended sketch, introduced by Wise as " a play what I wrote.
Film critic Bosley Crowther liked the film and wrote, "... Miss Hayward plays it superbly, under the consistently sharp direction of Robert Wise, who has shown here a stunning mastery of the staccato realistic style.
Her sex manual Married Love, which she wrote while legally a virgin, was controversial and influential, while her book, Wise Parenthood, was written before she'd become a parent.
According to the legend, King Alfonso the Wise wrote the original rendition of the story in 1250, saying " We have heard it said that some very cruel Jews, in memory of the Passion of Our Lord on Good Friday, kidnapped a Christian boy and crucified him.
Wise's character would write a play, complete with cheap props, shaky scenery and appallingly clumsy writing (" the play what I wrote " became a catchphrase ), which would then be acted out by Morecambe, Wise and the show's guest star.
" His congressional colleague, Henry Wise, later wrote that White's " patriotism and firmness " as the Senate's president pro tempore was key to resolving the Nullification Crisis.
For television he wrote for The Arthur Haynes Show, Morecambe & Wise, and Peter Sellers.
He also wrote for Tony Hancock, Dave Allen and for the shows Morecambe and Wise, The Two Ronnies and Bootsie and Snudge, usually under the pseudonym Ray Whyberd.
After the death of Sir Bobby Robson, The Sun's Bob Harris wrote how Robson told him: " My biggest disappointment was Dennis Wise, a director of football who was hardly seen at the ground, and who brought in players who were neither suitable, nor right, for Newcastle United.
Along with working at his law career, Wise wrote a book based on his public service, entitled Seven Decades of the Union ( 1872 ).
His younger son John Sergeant Wise wrote a memoir entitled The End of an Era, ( 1899 ), reprinted in numerous editions since its first publication.
Wise's grandson Barton Haxall Wise wrote a biography of the former governor entitled The Life of Henry A.
However, his most important achievement is the complete translation of the Bible into Slovene, which he allegedly wrote to a large extent at Turjak Castle under the protection of the Carniolan governor, Herbard VIII von Auersperg (), and Herbard's son Christoph von Auersperg, who are said to have provided for the translator Dalmatin a " Wartburg "- type sanctuary as had been offered to Martin Luther by Frederick the Wise, the Elector of Saxony.
Subsequently Bob Russell, Fred Wise and Milton Leeds wrote English lyrics to the song.
He wrote, designed, and illustrated a series of graphic novels on Martin Luther King, Jr., and wrote the Wise Son: The White Wolf miniseries for Milestone Comics.
David Wise and Patti Howeth wrote the screenplay for the first five-part miniseries.

Wise and about
His loss prompted him to write two poignant poems about the man he had grown to love: " To A Very Wise Man " and " Revisitation ".
In reality, O ' Connor was a close friend of both Morecambe and Wise and would meet them in later years to devise jokes about himself.
The railway was also featured in an episode of Coronation Street ( transmitted on August Bank Holiday 2010 ) when Hayley and Roy Cropper travelled to their wedding aboard an ELR train of Mark 1 coaches hauled by LMS " Black 5 " No. 44871, and in the BBC television film Eric and Ernie, aired on New Year's Day 2011, about the early career of the British comedy act Morecambe and Wise.
The Rüstkammer ( the armoury ) of the Wartburg, used to contain a magnificent collection of about 800 pieces, from the splendid armour of King Henry II of France, to the items of Frederick the Wise, Pope Julius II and Bernhard von Weimar.
* Coach Terry Tugnut ( Jim Wise )-The gym coach who is always tough on Louis but crazy about Donnie, Larry, and food.
Wise felt that Shakespeare had written the play specifically as a commentary on Elizabethan culture, and that interpreting it literally as being a play about Ancient Rome trivialised the story.
Some of the actors were nervous about singing the lyrics to Mann's " Wise Up " in the film's climactic scene and so Anderson had Moore do it first and she set the pace and everyone else followed.
He is awoken from his fantasy just as he is about to kiss the woman by the real Agent One ( Greg Wise ), for whom English is preparing mission documents.
The king is quite upset about the Wise Men's power over him: he is unable to marry the Lady Sophy because of self-mocking articles that Scaphio and Phantis have forced him to write and publish in the newspaper under a pseudonym.
The Wise perceived evil growing there early in the Third Age, starting about.
Wise Yao did not want to simply believe in the tales about Shun, so he decided to test Shun.
The Football League Disciplinary Commission later ruled that Wise had been harshly treated by Leicester and ordered that he be reinstated and given the maximum punishment of two weeks ' wages ( about £ 70, 000 ).
Although Aes Sedai know much more about saidar than the Wise Ones, the Wise Ones are more knowledgeable concerning Tel ' aran ' rhiod ( The Aes Sedai hadn't had a ' Dreamer ' for almost five hundred years, while the Aiel had four at the time ).
In 1638, the playwright Thomas Heywood published his comedy, The Wise Woman of Hogsdon, whilst in 1684 another playwright, Edward Ravenscroft, published his own play about a cunning woman.
Another story, “ Naomi Wise, or the Victim ”, with an appended ballad purporting to be the original song composed about Naomi Wise ’ s murder, was first published in the January and February editions of the 1851 Evergreen newspaper.
In Brazil, Wise worked on issues related to trade and tariffs, trying to ameliorate Brazilian concerns about the US annexation of Texas, and working toward establishing diplomatic relations with Paraguay.
The Milan-born actress starred in " Malaya "( 1949 ), a WWII movie about smuggling and guerilla warfare against the Japanese with Spencer Tracy and Jimmy Stewart " The House on Telegraph Hill ( 1951 ) directed by Robert Wise, and costarring Richard Basehart and William Lundigan.
* The American Storyteller Radio Journal-Hear an online story about Brownie Wise
In her own day, O ' Connor was accused of writing about " grotesques ," and her novel Wise Blood is a good example how she features these seemingly grotesque characters.
A musical written about his life, " Soul Doctor ", by Daniel Wise was presented as a limited engagement off-Broadway in 2008 and in New Orleans in 2010, and was received with critical acclaim.
* In the song " I Love to Color " from his children's album Pockets, Joe Wise talks at length about the characteristics and uses of the color puce.
) Ooka the Wise: Tales of Old Japan, ISBN 0-208-02379-8, A collection of seventeen folktales about the legendary Japanese judge Ōoka ...

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