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With and David
With the assistance of John Nash and David Heller, both British members of the Borland Board, the company was taken public on London's Unlisted Securities Market ( USM ) in 1986.
With God's help, David is victorious over his people's enemies.
With his next venture, Bowie, in the words of biographer David Buckley, " challenged the core belief of the rock music of its day " and " created perhaps the biggest cult in popular culture ".
With only a few nude figures sketched onto the massive canvas, David abandoned " The Oath of the Tennis Court.
With such business implications in mind, David Liddle ( General Manager, Xerox Office Systems ) and Metcalfe ( 3Com ) strongly supported a proposal of Fritz Röscheisen ( Siemens Private Networks ) for an alliance in the emerging office communication market, including Siemens ' support for the international standardization of Ethernet ( April 10, 1981 ).
# What's Wrong With Our Schools-Intro by David Friedman ( Abstract )
With the exceptions of Dr Davis McCaughey ( b. Ireland ), Professor David de Kretser ( b. Ceylon ) and incumbent Alex Chernov ( b. Lithuania ), all subsequent governors have been Australian-born.
* With Miranda Gill, David Haycock and Malte Herwig.
With David Angel's atmospheric string and horn arrangements giving the work a conceptual underpinning, Lee explores mainstream America's penchant for paranoia (' The Red Telephone ') and violence (' A House Is Not a Motel ') with songs that are as sonically subtle and lilting as they are lyrically blunt and harrowing.
With the help of speech trainer, Harry Burgess, he overcame a stammer and subsequently developed an interest in amateur theatricals, along with the Tomlinson family, including the young David Tomlinson.
These include the Emmy-nominated 1966 Frank Sinatra special A Man and His Music-Part II, and the 1967 NBC Emmy Award nominated for ' Special Classification of Individual Achievements ' by choreographer David Winters TV special Movin ' With Nancy, in which she appeared with Lee Hazlewood, her father and his Rat Pack pals Dean Martin and Sammy Davis, Jr., with a cameo appearance by her brother Frank Sinatra, Jr. and guest star appearance by West Side Story dancer David Winters.
* Sanger, David E., " War Figures Honored With Medal of Freedom ", The New York Times, December 15, 2004.
With his Ziggy Stardust persona, David Bowie made artifice and exaggeration central — elements, again, that were picked up by the Sex Pistols and certain other punk acts.
With David " Fathead " Newman
* " More Tribbles, More Troubles " was written by David Gerrold as a sequel to his famous episode " The Trouble With Tribbles " from the original series.
With these men David launches an attack on the Philistines at Keilah.
With their new lands, the power of the Beamounts grew to the point where David Crouch suggests that it became " dangerous to be anything other than a friend of Waleran " at Stephen's court.
In September 2010, a plaque commissioned by the British Comedy Society was unveiled in the foyer of the New Diorama Theatre by the Mayor of Camden accompanied by David Benson, the actor known for his performances of his own work dedicated to Williams, Think No Evil of Us-My Life With Kenneth Williams.
* " In Our Time " Melvyn Bragg and his guests discuss the Etruscan civilization, With: Phil Perkins, Professor of Archaeology at the Open University ; David Ridgway, Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Classical Studies at the University of London ; and Corinna Riva, Lecturer in Mediterranean Archaeology at University College London.
In 1981, he released a 45 rpm single, his first solo record (" I'm Not Your Steppin ' Stone " b / w " Higher And Higher ") and did some club performances and live television appearances, including taking part in a " Win A Date With Peter Tork " bit on Late Night with David Letterman.
With the passing of Joseph Gross and Julius Krauss, the management fell to Stanley Bard, David Bard's son.
With the support of one of the premier media strategists of the day, David Garth, Anderson decided to join the race.
* Chris Nixon, " Racing With The David Brown Aston Martins ", 2 vols.
With Jimmy Carter in Camp David, he assisted in the attainment of the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty.

With and Horowitz
With Gary Horowitz, Philip Candelas and Andy Strominger Witten showed how string theory can lead to realistic descriptions by compactifying the theory on a higher dimensional manifold known as Calabi Yau manifolds.
With the gun pressed on his side, Horowitz calmly read the gunman's statements on camera.
With his advisor Ellis Horowitz, Sahni wrote two widely-used textbooks, Fundamentals of Algorithms and Fundamentals of Data Structures.
With lieutenants Jack Sirocco and Chick Tricker, the gang had over seventy-five members, including satellite gangs such as the Lenox Avenue Gang, led by " Gyp the Blood " ( aka Harry Horowitz ).

With and ),
In They Do It With Mirrors ( 1952 ), it is mentioned that Miss Marple grew up in a cathedral close, and that she studied at an Italian finishing school with Americans Ruth Van Rydock and Caroline " Carrie " Louise Serrocold.
The last film is not based on any Christie work but displays a few plot elements from They Do It With Mirrors ( viz., the ship is used as a reform school for wayward boys and one of the teachers uses them as a crime force ), and there is a kind of salute to The Mousetrap.
The term became popular again in Australia first, when George Giffen, in his memoirs ( With Bat and Ball, 1899 ), used the term as if it were well known.
With regard to historic properties ( those properties that are listed or that are eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places, or properties designated as historic under State or local law ), those facilities must still comply with the provisions of Title III of the ADA to the " maximum extent feasible " but if following the usual standards would " threaten to destroy the historic significance of a feature of the building " then alternative standards may be used.
With Naram-Sin, Sargon's grandson, this went further than with Sargon, with the king not only being called " Lord of the Four Quarters ( of the Earth )", but also elevated to the ranks of the dingir (= gods ), with his own temple establishment.
With the axiom of dependent choice ( which is a weakened form of the axiom of choice ), this result can be reversed: if there are no such infinite sequences, then the axiom of regularity is true.
With five national championships ( 1931, 1932, 1934, 1937, 1939 ), Ajax was the most successful Dutch team of the nineteen thirties.
Thus, a heretic bearing the name of Sason (= Joy ) once remarked to him, " In the next world your people will have to draw water for me ; for thus it is written in the Bible ( Isaiah 12: 3 ), ' With joy shall ye draw water.
Among other composers who set Housman songs were John Ireland ( song cycle, Land of Lost Content ), Michael Head ( e. g. ' Ludlow Fair '), Graham Peel ( a famous version of ' In Summertime on Bredon '), Ian Venables ( Songs of Eternity and Sorrow ), and the American Samuel Barber ( e. g. ' With rue my heart is laden ').
With the coronation of Frederick I in 1701 as king ( in Königsberg ), Berlin became the new capital of the Kingdom of Prussia ( instead of Königsberg ); this was a successful attempt to centralize the capital in the very outspread Prussian Kingdom, and it was the first time the city began to grow.
With his quick wits and the assistance of drunken gunslinger Jim ( Gene Wilder ), also known as " The Waco Kid " (" I must have killed more men than Cecil B. DeMille "), Bart works to overcome the townsfolk's hostile reception.
With the advent of the compact disc, DJ-oriented Compact Disc players with pitch control and other features enabling beatmatching ( and sometimes scratching ), dubbed CDJs, were introduced by various companies.
** With the introduction of Windows 7 ( Business, Ultimate, or Enterprise editions ), Windows XP Mode enables full compatibility with older programs supported under Windows XP via Microsoft Virtual PC.
-- With great difficulty they accomplished their long journey on foot, traversing also the intervening seas ( maria ), where it was possible, by ship, and eventually arrived at the Swedish port called Birka.
With rival paramilitary organisations appearing in both the nationalist / republican and Irish unionist / Ulster loyalist communities ( the Ulster Defence Association, Ulster Volunteer Force ( UVF ), etc.
With a $ 1. 92-billion-a-year tourism industry, Costa Rica stands as the most visited nation in the Central American region, with 1. 9 million foreign visitors in 2007, thus reaching a rate of foreign tourists per capita of 0. 46, one of the highest in the Caribbean Basin, and above other popular destinations such as Mexico ( 0. 21 ), Dominican Republic ( 0. 38 ), and Brazil ( 0. 03 ).
With assistance from the Soviet Union ( themselves fresh from a socialist uprising ), he entered into an alliance with the fledgling Communist Party of China.
With the arrival of news in May 1810 that southern Spain had been conquered by Napoleon's forces, that the Spanish Supreme Central Junta had dissolved itself, declarations of independence in Quito ( 1809 ), Gran Colombia ( 1810 ), Venezuela and Paraguay ( 1811 ) and other territories, established their own governments.
With sinus node dysfunction ( sometimes called sick sinus syndrome ), there may be disordered automaticity or impaired conduction of the impulse from the sinus node into the surrounding atrial tissue ( an " exit block ").
With Johanna ( 1780 – 1809 ), his children were Joseph ( 1806 – 1873 ), Wilhelmina ( 1808 – 1846 ) and Louis ( 1809 – 1810 ).
With Minna Waldeck he also had three children: Eugene ( 1811 – 1896 ), Wilhelm ( 1813 – 1879 ) and Therese ( 1816 – 1864 ).

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