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With and Greig
With four wickets still in hand, the home team was in a dominant position when the last ball of the day was bowled to Bernard Julien, who blocked it past Greig ( fielding in close on the off side ) and then headed off to the pavilion with Kallicharran.
With a long gap between England commitments, Greig headed to Australia for the 1975-76 season to play Grade cricket in Sydney.
With 342 runs ( at 42 ) and ten wickets, Greig had regained form to take with him to Australia.
With the retirement of both Mackey and Greig to private life and scholarly study in Toronto, Thornton Hall closed in 1997.

With and having
With several England players having retired or been injured after the 2005 series, Australia regained The Ashes in the 2006 – 07 series with a convincing 5 – 0 victory, the second time an Ashes series has been won by that margin.
With the governor having interceded, Hasan Ali Shah surrendered and emerged from the citadel of Bam only to be double-crossed.
With the Confederates having confiscated his land, his slaves taken away, and his home made into a military hospital, Johnson made his final comments in the Senate: " I am a Democrat now, I have been one all my life ; I expect to live and die one, and the corner-stone of my Democracy rests upon the enduring basis of the Union.
With all the other kingdoms having fallen to the Vikings, Wessex alone was still resisting.
With the Official IRA and Official Sinn Féin having moved away from mainstream Irish republicanism towards Marxism, the Provisional IRA began to win the support of newly radicalised, disaffected young people.
With a vastly inferior goal difference and with the two teams directly above them ( Southampton and Nottingham Forest ) still having to play each other, it was effectively an impossible task for Charlton to avoid relegation.
With the elimination of these accents, the new orthography relies on the reader having prior knowledge of pronunciation of a given word.
With most IIR transfer functions there are related transfer functions having a frequency response with the same magnitude but a different phase ; in most case the so-called minimum phase transfer function is preferred.
With the Tigers having already lost a match to Fitzroy by a substantial margin the Dons were declared premiers by virtue of their superior percentage.
With a series of men trained to do a single task on a product, then having it moved along to the next worker, the number of finished goods also rose significantly.
With regard to the former, which is professedly published as a psychological curiosity, it having been composed during sleep, there appears to us nothing in the quality of the lines to render this circumstance extraordinary.
With the urging of the vengeful Wala and the cooperation of his brothers, Lothair accused Judith of having committed adultery with Bernard of Septimania, even suggesting Bernard to be the true father of Charles.
With the loss of the family funds tied up in David's business venture, Maimonides was constrained to assume the vocation of physician, for which he was to become famous, having been trained in medicine in both Córdoba and in Fes.
With the Brewers having joined the National League, it was now necessary for their pitchers to take batting practice, because the NL has a no DH rule.
With respect to Google, thirty-seven leaders in search engine optimization concluded in April 2007 that the relevance of having your keywords in the-attribute is little to none and in September 2009 Matt Cutts of Google announced that they are no longer taking keywords into account whatsoever.
With the top drivers already signed to other teams, Mayer turned to James Hunt, a driver who biographer Gerald Donaldson reflected on as having " a dubious reputation ".
With only 5. 6 percent of the population having access to a land-line connection, the meager telephone network has resulted in rapid growth in mobile phone use.
With the country having one of the highest rates of violent crime, president Jacob Zuma states that South Africa needs to handle crime differently than other countries.
With the Spanish plan having failed, by 1640 the debt had reached 35 million scudi, consuming more than 80 percent of annual papal income in interest repayments.
With the Shogun dead, Kayama devises a plan by which the Americans, thanks to a covering of tatami mats and a raised Treaty House, can be received without having, technically, to set foot on Japanese soil.
With a metropolitan population of approximately 1. 5 million, Brazzaville is by far the largest city in the Republic, having almost twice the population of Pointe-Noire ( 663, 400 as of the 2005 census ), the country's second largest city.
With each legion having 5, 120 legionaries usually supported by an equal number of auxiliary troops, the total force available to a legion commander during the Pax Romana probably ranged from 11, 000 downwards, with the more prestigious legions and those stationed on hostile borders or in restive provinces tending to have more auxiliaries.
With the intervention of a future / alternate version of herself, Janeway leads her crew in using one of the Borg's transwarp conduits to return her ship to Federation space after having traveled through the Delta Quadrant for seven years.
With its steviol glycoside extracts having up to 300 times the sweetness of sugar, stevia has garnered attention with the rise in demand for low-carbohydrate, low-sugar food alternatives.

With and joined
With a Galician army he joined Manuel in the invasion of Hungary and assisted at the siege of Semlin.
With advances in aircraft design and equipment, they were joined by larger multi-engined biplane aircraft on both sides for long range strategic bombing especially by night.
With the abolition of slavery in October 1886, former slaves joined the ranks of farmers and urban working class.
With the worldwide film boom, yet more countries now joined Britain, France, and the United States in serious film production.
With his academic career blocked by the rise of the Third Reich, in 1933 Marcuse joined the Institute for Social Research based in Frankfurt.
With the aid of Magneto, they escaped and joined forces with the rest of the scattered X-Men.
With the exception of the Kingdom of Iraq, which joined the League on 3 October 1932, these territories did not begin to gain their independence until after the Second World War, a process that did not end until 1990.
With the introduction of the Intel-based Macs, once again, the MacBook Pro joined the iMac in sharing the new technology simultaneously.
With his 2004 win, he joined Gaylord Perry, Randy Johnson and Pedro Martínez as the only pitchers to win it in both leagues and became the oldest pitcher to ever win the Cy Young.
With the departure of Dom Salvador to the United States, the band broke up, but at the beginning of the 1970s, some ex-members, including Luiz Carlos, José Carlos Barroso, and Oberdan joined Christovao Bastos, Jamil Joanes, Cláudio Stevenson and Lúcio da Silva to form Banda Black Rio.
With Young at the helm, and a defense consisting of several veteran free agents that joined the team during the previous off-season, San Francisco finished the regular season with a league-best 13-3 record, and led the league in total points scored ( 505 ).
With the aid of punk and New Wave forefather Elvis Costello they recorded the follow-up, Rum Sodomy & the Lash, in 1985 during which time guitarist Philip Chevron joined.
With the support of Manuel Clouthier, Vicente Fox joined the Partido Acción Nacional on March 1, 1988.
With the advent of the Dust Bowl era, Guthrie left Texas, leaving Mary behind, and joined the thousands of Okies who were migrating to California looking for work.
With the passage of the Cotton Research and Promotion Act of 1966, the program joined forces and began battling synthetic competitors and re-establishing markets for cotton.
With an increasing anti-German sentiment sweeping through Lombardy, which culminated in the restoration of Milan in 1169, in 1174, Frederick made his fifth expedition to Italy but was opposed by the pro-papal Lombard League ( now joined by Venice, Sicily and Constantinople ) which had previously formed to stand against him.
With the rise of the da capo aria, the cantata became a group of two or three arias joined by recitative.
With Maxim's retirement, Zaharoff joined the Vickers board of directors.
With Professor G. D. Living, one of his colleagues at Cambridge, he began in 1878 a long series of spectroscopic observations, the later of which were devoted to the spectroscopic examination of various gaseous elements separated from atmospheric air by the aid of low temperatures ; and he was joined by Professor J.
With him was Admiral Hendrick Lonck and he was later joined by a squadron of Vice-Admiral Joost Banckert, as well as by the pirate Moses Cohen Henriques.
( see the Book of Judges ) With the growth of the threat from Philistine incursions, the Israelite tribes decided to form a strong centralised monarchy to meet the challenge, and the Tribe of Reuben joined the new kingdom with Saul as the first king.
With the growth of the threat from Philistine incursions, the Israelite tribes decided to form a strong centralised monarchy to meet the challenge, and the Tribe of Naphtali joined the new kingdom with Saul as the first king.
( see the Book of Judges ) With the growth of the threat from Philistine incursions, the Israelite tribes decided to form a strong centralised monarchy to meet the challenge, and the Tribe of Ephraim joined the new kingdom with Saul as the first king.

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