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With and Hampton
With eight towns ( Atkinson, East Kingston, Hampstead, Kingston, Newton, Plaistow, Seabrook and South Hampton
With the help of local leaders in Norfolk, ( and more funds from Rogers ), a route was obtained set which passed around the City of Norfolk ( and the N & W ) in a wide, 13-mile long circular path through rural Norfolk County to be headed almost due west again when it reached the site for a new coal pier on the harbor at Hampton Roads at Sewell's Point.
With Norfolk and its navy yard in Portsmouth, the Confederacy controlled the southern side of Hampton Roads.
With the principal marine and aerospace activities of the Commonwealth concentrated in Hampton Roads, the university has a significant commitment to science, engineering and technology, specifically in marine science, aerospace and other fields of major importance to the region.
With its central arch ( once giving access to the court beyond ) and three floors of oriel windows above, the tower is slightly reminiscent of the entrance at Hampton Court.
With Paul Hampton, David co-wrote the country standard " Sea of Heartbreak ", a hit for Don Gibson and others.
With Kelly Cup championships in 1997, 2001 and 2009, the Stingrays are tied with the Hampton Roads Admirals for the record for most league championships.
With the opening of the post office the name " Hampton " was chosen, as it was an abbreviation of Henry Elliot's birthplace, Kirkhampton in Cornwall, England.
With about 60 percent of users entering the park, the Hampton Avenue entrance is the most commonly used ; this has led to traffic congestion issues that have become more problematic in recent years.
With the withdrawal of many of his men for use elsewhere, Butler was unable to maintain the camp at Hampton although his forces did retain the camp at Newport News.
With Hampton Hawes
With Lionel Hampton
With two wins and no earned runs in two starts, Hampton was named the MVP of the 2000 NLCS.
With Slide Hampton
With the help of the clever Caretaker ( James Hampton ), veteran former professional player Nate Scarborough ( Michael Conrad ), " Granny " Granville ( Harry Caesar ), long-term prisoner Pop ( John Steadman ) — who remains in prison far past his original sentence for having struck Warden Hazen when the warden was just a rookie guard — and the warden's amorous secretary, Miss Toot ( Bernadette Peters ), Crewe molds the prisoners into a smoothly working football team named the " Mean Machine ".
With continuing reinforcements, Butler could not only retain the Union hold on Fort Monroe but support the Union blockade of Chesapeake Bay, move up the Peninsula, and threaten to retake Norfolk, Virginia and other locations on the south side of Hampton Roads from the Confederates.
With the addition of departments and graduate programs, it was accredited as Hampton University in 1984.
With Lionel Hampton
With Hampton Hawes
With his U. S. Navy Band of the Virgin Islands in top form, Adams and the band won accolades from concert and radio audiences in Hampton Roads Virginia, Washington, D. C., Philadelphia, New York, and Boston.

With and out
With Rod on his way and Matilda visiting with Mrs. Jackson while they searched out familiar names on the face of the cliff, Harmony settled on the edge of the grub box, to ease the pressure of her swollen body on her bone-weary legs, and worried about all that might have happened to Sally.
With a swift swoop of his big arms, he grabbed Sally out of the circle surrounding him, and then kissed her soundly before setting her down so she could stand by his side while they jointly chose the rest of their `` outfit ''.
With a thoughtful look, the man sat on the pavement, legs straight out in front of him.
With these gadgets -- impressive to the gullible because of their flashing light bulbs, ticks, and buzzes -- he then carries out a vicious medical con game, capitalizing on people's respect for the electrical and atomic wonders of our scientific age.
With Mickey Mantle and Yogi Berra both out of action due to injuries, the American League champs still mounted a 15-hit attack against a parade of eight Cincinnati pitchers, the most ever used by one team in a series game.
With that possibility in mind, Arkansas' Wilbur Mills deliberately delayed calling a meeting of the Committee on Committees, and coolheaded Democrats sought to bring Rayburn and Smith together again to work out some sort of face-saving compromise.
One of the finest soft shoe tunes ever invented, `` Once In Love With Amy '' is also, of course, one of the most tantalizingly persistent of light love lyrics to come out of American musical comedy in our era.
With this movie-to-be in London, and new faces about her there, she would soon be a more tranquil, a wiser person, all the better for her stay out here.
With tobacco and cotton wearing out the soil, the South believed it needed to expand slavery.
As one law review article pointed out, the perception that the ADA primarily helps freeloaders was harshly satirized by The Onion in 1998 in the form of an article about the " Americans With No Abilities Act ".
With civil war looming, the magnates of the realm met in council to hammer out a compromise.
With Abu Imran's recommendation, Yahya ibn Ibrahim made his way to the ribat of Waggag ibn Zelu in the Sous valley of southern Morocco, to seek out a Maliki teacher for his people.
With improv, people can find true expressive freedom since they don't ever know how the situation is going to turn out.
With everyone running in different directions, some local businessmen worked out a deal and were awarded an AFL franchise on June 7, 1965, contingent upon acquiring exclusive stadium rights from city officials.
With the ecclesiastical parishes of St Fagan's ( Trecynon ) and Aberaman carved out of the ancient parish, Aberdare had 12 Anglican churches and one Roman Catholic church, built in 1866 in Monk Street near the site of a cell attached to Penrhys monastery, and at one time had over 50 Nonconformist chapels.
With the information contained in Chanute's book, the personal assistance of Chanute himself, and research carried out in their own wind tunnel, the Wright brothers gained enough knowledge of aerodynamics to fly the first powered aircraft on December 17, 1903.
With this definition, it is necessary to consider the direction of p ( pointed clockwise or counter-clockwise ) to figure out the sign of L. Equivalently:
With Brueys dead and his van and centre defeated, the rear division of the French fleet attempted to break out of the bay, but ultimately only two ships of the line and two frigates escaped, from a total of 17 ships engaged.
With Hippias's father Peisistratus, the family had ruled for 36 out of the previous 50 years and fully intended to continue Hippias's rule.
With Switzerland joining the Schengen Area on December 12, 2008, immigration checks were no longer carried out at the crossings.
With two exceptions, some words and phrases which had become archaic were modernized ; secondly, the readings for the Epistle and Gospel at the Holy Communion, which had been set out in full since 1549, were now set to the text of the 1611 Authorized Version of the Bible.
With a special pointing device, or by crossing out past days, it may indicate the current date and weekday.
With an enzymatic tag, such as horse radish peroxidase, a chemical reaction is carried out that results in a dark color in the location of the protein of interest.
With a full count, Betancourt struck out pinch hitter Nate Schierholtz to secure the save.

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