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With and Shannon
With dance partner Velda Shannon, Harris formed a dance team in the early 1930s.
With the introduction of new long range jet aircraft, transit traffic fell sharply as the need to refuel at Shannon became unnecessary.
Shared With: Seann William Scott, Jason Biggs, Shannon Elizabeth, Chris Klein, Eddie Kaye Thomas, Mena Suvari, Alyson Hannigan, Tara Reid, Thomas Ian Nicholas
The Infidels consists of Derek Murphy ( The American, 9Live, One With the Sun, For Stars and Moon, Praise Be ), Mark Dannells, Martin Lesch ( For Stars and Moon ), and Shannon Woods.
With WWE impressed by his in-ring ability, Doug received numerous try-out matches in late 2002 and early 2003 against opponents such as Mark Jindrak, Charlie Haas, Lenny Lane, Val Venis, Nathan Jones, Redd Dogg, Nova, Johnny Jeter, Horshu, Shannon Moore, and Billy Kidman.
With a new crew, Captain James Lawrence put to sea to engage the British frigate HMS Shannon on 1 June 1813.
With Shannon now unconscious and arrested, Max and Paddy slip away from a police telling-off-due to the fact that earlier in the episode they cut down a speed camera-and escape into the night in the van.
With 2: 00 left, and facing third down and 5 on their own 15-yard line on their ensuing drive, John Elway connected on an 18-yard completion to Shannon Sharpe to get the first down and allow Denver to run out the clock.
With Claude Shannon he did seminal work on computability theory and built reliable circuits using less reliable relays.
With Claude Shannon, before and during his time at Bell Labs, he coauthored " Gedanken-experiments on sequential machines ", " Computability by Probabilistic Machines ", " Machine Aid for Switching Circuit Design ", and " Reliable Circuits Using Less Reliable Relays ".
With this switch Scott Shannon and most of the original on air personalities were dropped and replaced.
With the hiring of a new news director, Shannon High-Bassalik, in 1999, major changes came to WFOR's news department.

With and Hill
With the proceeds from the books and a legacy from an aunt, Potter bought Hill Top Farm in Near Sawrey, a tiny village in the English Lake District near Ambleside in 1905.
With William Heelis acting for her she bought contiguous pasture, and in 1909 the Castle Farm across the road from Hill Top Farm.
With Brian Blume he also designed the wild west-oriented role-playing game Boot Hill in 1975.
Other film credits include Dark Blue, Sugar Hill, Menace II Society, House Party 3, There's Something About Mary, Rain, Poetic Justice, and the Tina Turner biopic What's Love Got To Do With It, where she portrayed an Ikette.
With an imposing force he returned to the Roman Forum, and at the foot of the Capitoline Hill encountered Galba, who, alarmed by rather vague rumors of treachery, was making his way through a dense crowd of wandering citizens towards the barracks of the guard.
With Andrew Hill
With the purchase of Avalon Hill by Hasbro, no one company is identified with the hobby as a whole.
With 1901 and the start of the new century, James Hill now had control of both the Great Northern Railway, and the Northern Pacific ( which he had obtained with the help of his friend J. P. Morgan, when that railroad went bankrupt in the depression of the mid-1890s ).
With a branch of Stone Hill Winery in New Florence, the county is part of the Missouri Rhineland.
With no tourists to spend money along East Colfax the businesses suffered, as did the demand to go to Capitol Hill.
With Andrew Hill
With the establishment of Hill Air Force Base in northern Davis County, there was a surge of civilian employment after World War II.
With Andrew Hill
With McGrady and Hill together, the Magic were expected to be a force in the East.
With the team undergoing investigation from the Italian authorities on manslaughter charges, Hill found himself team leader with only one season ’ s experience in the top flight.
With Hill already under contract for 1996, his place at the team was secure for one more season, but it would prove to be his last at Williams.
With three races of 1999 to go, there were rumours that the Prost team would release Jarno Trulli, who had signed for Jordan for 2000, early to replace Hill, but the Briton completed the season.
With the Winchmore Hill conservation area as a focal point, Winchmore Hill is a ward of Enfield borough, bounded on the east by Green Lanes ( the A105 road ), Barrowell Green, Firs Lane and Fords Grove, and on the west by Grovelands Park ; in the south it extends to part of Aldermans Hill, and in the north to Vicars Moor Lane and Houndsden Road.
* Charles Burr Todd, The History of Redding, Connecticut: From its First Settlement to the Present Time: With Notes on the Adams, Banks, Barlow, Bartlett, Bartram, Bates, Beach, Benedict, Batts, Burr, Burritt, Burton, Chatfield, Couch, Darling, Fairchild, Foster, Gold, Gorham, Gray, Griffin, Hall, Hawley, Heron, Hill, Hull, Jackson, Lee, Lyon, Lord, Mallory, Meade, Meeker, Merchant, Morehouse, Perry, Platt, Read, Rogers, Rumsey, Sanford, Smith, Stow, and Strong Families.
With its proximity to Tampa, about south and the completion of the Suncoast Parkway in 2001, has made Spring Hill easily accessible to the Tampa-St. Petersburg area.
With a large senior citizen population, Spring Hill contains many nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.
With the 1859 discovery of the Comstock Lode, newly-founded Gold Hill and Virginia City, six miles to the north, assumed prominence.
With clean air and panoramic views from atop Sunset Hill Ridge of both the White Mountains and Green Mountains, the community became a fashionable Victorian resort.

With and Lasker
With progress in mind and the exits of Durham, Morris and Ryan French, Stronach recruited three new American ’ s to take their place, namely Gaylon Moore from EBL ’ s Worthing, Andrew Lasker, and 6ft9, 300 lbs Centre Carlton Aaron from UMKC Kangaroos.
With an average of 19 points-per-game, Plymouth ’ s top scorer Andrew Lasker was named in the All-Star team for the 2007-08 season.

With and working
With my gray hair and my weatherbeaten countenance I certainly looked the honest working stiff.
With the establishment of the Soviet system and the entrenchment of a proletarian cultural direction — the culture of the working classes, which included that of village labourers — was actively supported by the Soviet establishment.
With Elliots working on the guidance system Armstrong Siddeley would develop the liquid fuel engine.
With a business association established with two entrepreneurs, Edward Molton and Stephen Warwick, and with John Muggeridge from Conran serving briefly as an assistant, he set about working primarily for the music industry.
With the abolition of slavery in October 1886, former slaves joined the ranks of farmers and urban working class.
With charity, the other concept that most defines the work and spirituality of the Order, study became the method most used by the Dominicans in working to defend the Church against the perils that hounded it, and also of enlarging its authority over larger areas of the known world.
With the progressive lifting of UN and US sanctions from 2003 – 2008, the two countries have been working together to jointly develop their oil and natural gas industries.
With the help of a New York writer, he is working on an autobiography.
With the progressive lifting of UN and US sanctions from 2003 to 2008, the two countries have been working together to jointly develop their oil and natural gas industries.
With the NEP, the socialist nationalisation of the economy could then be developed to industrialise Russia, strengthen the working class, and raise standards of living ; thus the NEP would advance socialism against capitalism.
With responsibility over personnel, working together with Andropov, 20 percent of the top echelon of government ministers and regional governors were replaced, often with younger men.
With the continued support of the CDS, the MNSD maintained a working majority of 67 seats in the 113 seat National Assembly.
With knowledge gained from years of working as a telegraph operator, he learned the basics of electricity.
With a world-wide membership, UBICC is a leading resource for computing professionals and students working in the disciplines of information technology and the impact on society.
With so much new equipment already working that could only handle ten digit phone numbers, a system was devised by which most toll offices did not have to store and forward the whole international phone number.
With a fixed working frequency it is large by night and may even disappear by day.
With this new course came a new electorate: working class and middle class voters, who because of individualization and depillarization were more easy to attract.
With the animators working in the Termite Terrace studio, they debuted the first truly major Looney Tunes star, Porky Pig, who was introduced in 1935 along with Beans the Cat in the Merrie Melodie cartoon I Haven't Got a Hat directed by Friz Freleng.
With Decca's Milt Gabler as her manager, she began working regularly for the jazz impresario Norman Granz and appeared regularly in his Jazz at the Philharmonic ( JATP ) concerts.
With the upcoming Presidential election, former Howard Hughes business associate John H. Meier, working with Hubert Humphrey and others, wanted to feed misinformation to Richard Nixon.
With him, formed a new generation of Dutch architects working in a modernist tradition.
With a fixed working frequency, large changes in ionospheric conditions may create skip zones at night.
With the Godesberg Program of 1959, however, the party evolved from a socialist working-class party to a modern social-democratic party working within capitalism.
With an economy under democratic control, Marxists expect political power to be held by the majority working class.
With the death of his father two years later, Lalique began working as an apprentice to goldsmith Louis Aucoc in Paris and attended evening classes at the Ecole des arts décoratifs.

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