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With and initial
With facts mainly in his mind, he was often acute in the matter of style, and he said, `` The young who have as yet nothing to say will try larks with initial letters and broken lines.
With the initial encouragement of Russian agents, a series of agreements was concluded between Serbia and Bulgaria in March 1912.
With the initial peace treaty articles ratified in April, a recently formed Congressional committee under Hamilton, was considering needs and plans for a peacetime army.
Icon of the Melanesian Brotherhood Martyrs at Canterbury Cathedral ( Anglican Communion ) With the Reformation, after an initial uncertainty among early Lutherans, who painted a few " icon "- like depictions of leading Reformers, and continued to paint scenes from Scripture, Protestants came down firmly against icon-like portraits, especially larger ones, even of Christ.
* With r between 0 and 1, the population will eventually die, independent of the initial population.
* With r between 3 and ( approximately 3. 45 ), from almost all initial conditions the population will approach permanent oscillations between two values.
* With r between 3. 45 and 3. 54 ( approximately ), from almost all initial conditions the population will approach permanent oscillations among four values.
* With r increasing beyond 3. 54, from almost all initial conditions the population will approach oscillations among 8 values, then 16, 32, etc.
With the exception of initial forced bets, money is only placed into the pot voluntarily by a player who, at least in theory, rationally believes the bet has positive expected value.
With Tesla's salary of $ 18 per week, the payment would have amounted to over 53 years ' pay and the amount was equal to the initial capital of the company.
With 12, 000 Confederate troops at Fort Donelson, Foote's initial approach by Union naval ships were repulsed by Donelson's guns.
With the exception of the buboes, the initial symptoms of plague are very similar to many other diseases, making diagnosis difficult.
With the end of the Civil War, the competing railroads coming from Missouri took advantage of their initial strategic advantage for a building boom.
With the initial detection of an extrasolar X-ray source, the first question usually asked is " What is the source?
With the initial phase of construction completed, it is easy to see why the budget for the exhibition was going to be larger than anyone expected.
With a high foreign debt ( originally $ 5. 7 billion at 1998 net present value ) and a good track record on economic reform, Mozambique was the first African country to receive debt relief under the initial Heavily Indebted Poor Country ( HIPC ) Initiative.
With both the ΔT and the ΔV charging methods, both manufacturers recommend a further period of trickle charging to follow the initial rapid charge.
With an analogous construction, the cokernel of ƒ can be seen as an initial object of a suitable category.
With an initial target date of 1 May 1944, the infantry attack was conceived as a joint assault by five divisions transported by landing craft, constituting the largest amphibious operation in military history.
With the initial targets unaccomplished, the second and larger wave of assault landings brought in reinforcements, support weapons and headquarter elements at 07: 00 only to face nearly the same difficulties as had the first.
With initial goals of selling 50, 000 simputers, the project had sold only about 4, 000 units by 2005, and has been called a failure by news sources.
With the Roman advance in Campania, Irna began to lose its importance, being supplanted by the new Roman colony ( 194 BC ) of Salernum, developing around an initial castrum.
With perfect knowledge of the initial conditions and of the context of an action, the course of this action can be predicted in chaos theory.
With the Liberals gaining the initial momentum, a successful counterattack by Allan Gregg resulted in the PCs being re-elected with a solid but reduced majority and 43 percent of the popular vote.
With Kristen Nygaard, he produced the initial ideas for object-oriented ( OO ) programming in the 1960s at the Norwegian Computing Center ( NR ) as part of the Simula I ( 1961 – 1965 ) and Simula 67 ( 1965 – 1968 ) simulation programming languages.

With and gift
With this knowledge and a pair of glasses given to him as a gift by Wonder Woman, ' Clark ' regains his humanity, and sets out to become a hero again by re-fertilizing the irradiated fields of Kansas.
With the paltry trade goods he had to offer, da Gama was unable to provide a suitable gift to the ruler and soon the local populace became suspicious of da Gama and his men.
With the Christian emperorship of Constantine I, the Church's private property grew quickly through the donations of the pious and the wealthy ; the Lateran Palace was the first significant donation, a gift of Constantine himself.
With the aid of her assistant, Juliana Force, Whitney had collected nearly 700 works of American art, which she offered to donate to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in 1929, but the museum declined the gift.
With a $ 1. 7 million federal grant, the city was able to hire a firm specializing in historical renovation to restore the building to its original glory and adapt it into a museum, visitors ' center, gift shop, and the city's chamber of commerce.
With an Order in Council on 1 July 1887, Queen Victoria granted Francis the style Highness, as a gift to celebrate her Golden Jubilee.
With an Order in Council dated 9 June 1911, his brother-in-law King George V, as a gift to mark his own Coronation, granted his cousin the style His Highness, which echoed the gift of the King's Grandmother, Queen Victoria, to the Duke's father.
With the ending of the tale, Sinbad the sailor makes Sinbad the porter a gift of a hundred gold pieces, and bids him return the next day to hear more about his adventures.
With the gift of Cliveden, the National Trust also received from the Astors one of their largest endowments (£ 250, 000 in 1942 which is equivalent to £ today ).
With the gift of the former orphanage facility, the academy began to operate independently from the college in 1957.
With the relaunch of the Myer store card in November 2006, this changed to awards 2 points per $ 1 spent, regardless of annual spend, with 2, 000 points required to receive a $ 20 gift card.
With his poetic phraseology, he was an iconic cricket commentator who was noted for his " wonderful gift for evoking cricketing moments " by the BBC.
With scrip fundraising, retailers offer the gift certificates and gift cards to non-profit organizations at a discount.
With the technical grounding she received from working with Charles, and a gift of £ 250 from her father, at the age of 21 Yevonde set up her own studio at 92 Victoria Street, London, and began to make a name for herself by inviting well-known figures to sit for free.
With exquisite drives either side of the wicket, a formidable cut and pull shot in the armory and possessing the natural gift of timing, he seemed the very answer to Pakistan's opening problem especially against a full strength South African attack in South Africa ( 2003 ).
) With funds from his graduation gift, Laughlin endowed New Directions with more money, ensuring that the company could stay afloat even though it did not turn a profit until 1946.
With money from his graduation gift, he founded the Alta Ski Area in Utah and was part-owner of the resort there for many years.
With Carolyn gone, Cassandra and Sandra were the only two humans known to share this gift.
With each gift, the warrior becomes partly daemonic himself, being tied more and more to his god.
With the help of hospital staff, Child's Play volunteers set up gift wishlists on Amazon. com, full of video games, books, toys, and movies.
It is neither the work nor the gift of the exploiting classes, and it will be defended by those who, with sacrifices accumulated over generations, have imposed it … With a tranquil conscience … I sustain that never before has Chile had a more democratic government than that over which I have the honor to preside.
With Sweepstakes, shoppers can win big prizes like houses, cars, or cruise ship trips or smaller prizes such as gift cards.

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