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With and death
With the death of the last Count, Nicholas of Abensberg, in 1485, the estates fell to the Duchy of Bavaria-Munich, meaning that henceforth only the Bavarian coat of arms was ever used.
With Hawthorne's death, Alcott worried that few of the Concord notables remained.
With the death of the Barberini Pope Urban VIII in 1644 and the accession of the Pamphilj Pope Innocent X, the Barberini family and their favorite artist, Bernini, fell into disrepute.
With his father's death in 1892, and his appointment as head of the Bahá ’ í faith, there was much opposition against him, including virtually all his family members.
With his death, the family lost much of its remaining political appeal, though claimants continue to assert their right to the imperial title.
With Constantine ’ s death in 337, Constans and his two brothers, Constantine II and Constantius II divided the Roman world between themselves, after first deposing of virtually all of the relatives of their father who could possibly have a claim on the throne.
With the smallpox epidemic catching speed and racking up a staggering death toll, a solution to the crisis was becoming more urgently needed by the day.
With the death of Stalin in early March 1953, Russian support for a Chinese hard-line weakened and China decided to compromise on the prisoner issue.
With the help of Arthur W. Saha, Wollheim also edited and published the popular " Annual World's Best Science Fiction " anthology from 1971 until his death.
With this deed dating back to August 15, 805 A. D., the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, she donated her entire property in Dachau, including 5 so called Colonenhöfe and some serfs and bondsman, to devolve to the Bishop of the Diocese of Freising after her death.
With Leopold I's interests now focused on Spain and the imminent death of Charles II, the Emperor terminated the conflict with the Sultan, and signed the Treaty of Karlowitz on 26 January 1699.
With the death of the infirm and childless Charles II of Spain on 1 November 1700, the succession of the Spanish throne and subsequent control over her empire once again embroiled Europe in war – the War of the Spanish Succession.
* 1660 – With the death of Swedish King Charles X Gustav, the Swedish government can start to seek peace with Sweden's enemies in the Second Northern War – something that Charles X Gustav had refused.
With the untimely death of Melanie Wilkes a short time later, Rhett decides he only wants the calm dignity of the genial South he once knew in his youth and he leaves Atlanta to find it.
With the death of the emperor, Gregory and the Eastern churches were no longer under the threat of persecution, as the new emperor Jovian was an avowed Christian and supporter of the church.
With the death of James III in 1488 at the Battle of Sauchieburn, his successor James IV successfully ended the quasi-independent rule of the Lord of the Isles, bringing the Western Isles under effective Royal control for the first time.
With Charles the Bold's death, his domains began an inevitable slide towards division between France and the Habsburgs ( who through marriage to his heiress Mary became his heirs ).
With Leto's death, a hugely complex economic system built on spice collapsed, resulting in trillions leaving known space in a great Scattering.
* 1987 – With the death of the last individual of the species, the Dusky Seaside Sparrow becomes extinct.
* 1246 – With the death of Duke Frederick II, the Babenberg dynasty ends in Austria.
With his death, the Julio-Claudian dynasty came to an end.
With his primary heir dead, Henry rearranged the plans for the succession: Richard was to be made King of England, albeit without any actual power until the death of his father ; Geoffrey would retain Brittany ; and John would now become the Duke of Aquitaine in place of Richard.
With the death of Sibylla in 1190, Guy now had no legal claim to the kingship, and the succession passed to Sibylla's half-sister Isabella.
Holly George-Warren, editor and author of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: The First 25 Years, argues: " With the death of Keith Moon in 1978, rock arguably lost its single greatest drummer.
Gordon Wenham in his commentary on Leviticus expresses the idea that Christianity removed the need for animal sacrifice in these words: " With the death of Christ the only sufficient " burnt offering " was offered once and for all, and therefore the animal sacrifices which foreshadowed Christ's sacrifice were made obsolete.

With and Armenian
With the Armenian government needing more anti-crisis loans from the World Bank and other foreign donors, the debt-to-GDP ratio is expected to exceed 40 percent in 2010.
With conspiracy in the air, Michael preempted events by abdicating in favor of the general Leo the Armenian and becoming a monk ( under the name Athanasios ).
With Admiral Watson, Governor Drake and Mr. Watts, Clive made a gentlemen's agreement in which it was agreed to give the office of viceroy of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa to Mir Jafar, who was to pay a million sterling to the Company for its losses in Calcutta and the cost of its troops, half a million to the British inhabitants of Calcutta, £ 200, 000 to the native inhabitants, and £ 70, 000 to its Armenian merchants.
With respect to air pollution, mass demonstrations protesting unhealthful conditions were held in cities such as Yerevan in the Armenian SSR.
With such a dramatic increase in population, Griboyedov noted friction arising between the Armenian and Muslim populations.
With World War I in progress, the Turks accused the ( Christian ) Armenians as liable to ally with Imperial Russia, and used it as a pretext to deal with the entire Armenian population as an enemy within their empire.
With the British intervention the Lori " neutral zone " was created only to be reoccupied by Georgia after the fall of the Armenian republic at the end of 1920.
With the aid of Hellenic settlements in Syria and support of about 6, 000 cavalry from Artavasdes, the Armenian king, Crassus marched on Parthia.
With the Tanzimat era the regulation called " Regulation of the Armenian Nation " ( Turkish: " Nizâmnâme − i Millet − i Ermeniyân ") was introduced on March 29, 1863, over the Millet organization, which granted extensive privileges and autonomy concerning self − governance.
With Turkey ’ s Armenian community not granted the privilege to hold a service at least once a year-as had been requested-and a large Turkish flag flying over the island, it was suggested by some critics that this project really announced the “ Turkification ” of this monument, the initiative being no more than a media stunt.
With the order of the Supreme Soviet of the Armenian SSR, January 12, 1963 " About territorial changes in the Armenian SSR ", the villages of Atabekyan, Jrarat, Kakavadzor and Makravan villages have been merged within the town of Hrazdan.
With the importation of modern anti-Semitism with immigrants from the West later in the century, moreover, some of Thessaloniki's Jews soon became the target of Greek and Armenian pogroms.
With the end of the Communist regime and independence of Armenia in 1991, important steps were made to revive the traditions of the Armenian nobility.
With an October 30, 2007 Op-Ed blog entitled " SF's Needs to Kill Its Armenian Genocide Resolution ", Benjamin Wachs stirred controversy due to remarks deemed to be extremely offensive by descendants of survivors of the genocide by pondering what gift would most appropriate for his girlfriend to celebrate Armenian Genocide Day.
With the establishment of the independent Republic of Armenia in 1990, the Armenian Democratic Liberal Party soon established party affiliates in the new Republic commanding a good number of applicants, adherents and sympathizers.
With his vision and commitment and with his hard work, Aram I has made the Catholicosate of Cilicia of the Armenian Church “ a living center of reflection, dialogue and action ”.
With his team Pyunik he won three consecutive Armenian Premier League championships in 2002, 2003 and 2004.

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