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With and solar
With the definitions used before 2012, the astronomical unit was dependent on the heliocentric gravitational constant, that is the product of the gravitational constant G and the solar mass M < sub >☉</ sub >.
With modest changes in the building's position, modern krypton-or argon-insulated windows permit normal-looking windows to provide passive solar heat without compromising insulation or structural strength.
With the exception of its use in nickel – cadmium batteries and cadmium telluride solar panels, the use of cadmium is generally decreasing.
With this low power consumption came the possibility of using solar cells as the power source, realised around 1978 by such calculators as the Royal Solar 1, Sharp EL-8026, and Teal Photon.
With decreasing stellar mass, the proportion of the star forming a convective envelope steadily increases, while main-sequence stars below 0. 4 solar masses undergo convection throughout their mass.
With intermittent renewables such as solar and wind, the output may be fed directly into an electricity grid.
With slight magnification a green rim on the top of the solar disk may be seen on most clear-day sunsets, although the flash or ray effects require a stronger layering of the atmosphere and a mirage, which serves to magnify the green from a fraction of a second to a couple of seconds.
With this baseline of almost 200 meters, the authors determined that the solar radiation during the burst phase was much smaller than the solar disk and arose from a region associated with a large sunspot group.
With the ship thus modified, the Howard Families, under the leadership of Lazarus Long, escape the solar system in search of a planet of their own.
With respect to the speed of the solar system around the galactic center of about 220 km / s, or the speed of the solar system relative to the CMB rest frame of about 368 km / s, the null results of those experiments are even more obvious.
With this, the full set of solar arrays could be activated, increasing the power available for science projects to 30 kW.
With this connection, space weather, as we now know it, became a subject of academic research within the study of solar physics.
With your solar bomb you could destroy us
The track " The Girl With The Sun In Her Head " from In Sides was recorded in a studio powered only by Greenpeace's mobile solar power generator, CYRUS.
* Midnight Sun Solar Race Team-Name of a solar race car team: With the midnight sun phenomenon, a solar-powered vehicle can continue driving 24 hours a day
On an episode of Living With Ed, Hagman and his wife showed actor Ed Begley, Jr. their solar powered, super energy efficient home and talked about their green lifestyle.
With this research he hoped to track solar constant in order to make weather pattern predictions.
With a green roof, " the plants layer can shield off as much as 87 % of solar radiation while a bare roof receives 100 % direct exposure ".
With the recent expansion, the system in Marstal is now the world's largest solar collector system for heating.
Given the facts that solar thermal power is reliable, can deliver peak load and does not cause pollution, a price of US $ 0. 10 per kWh starts to become competitive, although a price of US $ 0. 06 has been claimed With some operational cost a simple target is 1 dollar ( or lower ) investment for 1 kWh production in a year.
With this statement, the Prophet is setting forth a common yet broken norm of the time that states that there are twelve months per year in both the lunar and solar calendars.

With and lunar
With the exception of the lunar flights of the Apollo program, all human spaceflights have taken place in LEO ( or were suborbital ).
With the successful completion of this operation, India became the sixth nation to put a vehicle in lunar orbit.
With the help of Hobson, Polly and Benoit, the Doctor points the Gravitron at the lunar surface, which blasts the Cybermen and their ships away into space.
With the wild rice being used generally by Hindus on fast days especially on the Ekādāsī the 11th day of the bright half of the lunar month.

With and theories
With many propagators including Democritus, Epicurus, Aristotle and their followers, this theory seems to have some contact with modern theories of what vision really is, but it remained only speculation lacking any experimental foundation.
With the advent of psychology and later neuroscience, many theories of action are now subject to empirical testing.
With obvious humorous overtones, they claimed a prevailing problem of the new technological age was the willingness of people to accept theories " on blind faith and to reject the evidence of their own senses.
With the growth of the schooling system came fresh theories and philosophies of education such as those of Johann Heinrich Pestalozzi who would influence the likes of Herbert Spencer who in his essays on education ( 1854 and 1859 ) argued against the traditional authoritative classical form of education that disregarded the natural wishes, tendencies, and motives of the child In turn there were many further pioneers such as Charlotte Mason, Caroline Southwood Hill and Susan Sutherland Isaacs.
With Clifford Will and others of his students, he laid foundations for the theoretical interpretation of experimental tests of relativistic theories of gravity — foundations on which Will and others then built.
With the emergence of two-photon microscopy and calcium imaging, we now have powerful experimental methods with which to test the new theories regarding neuronal networks.
With new theories developing on localization of functioning, a man by the name of Franz Joseph Gall made some major progress in the way both neurology and psychology understood the brain.
With the emergence of anthropological schools in the late 19th century, various renowned anthropologists such as Edward Burnett Tylor ( 1871 ) became proponents of the euhemeristic origin of fairies, in direct conflict with the religious or psychological theories of their origin.
With an incomplete theory of quantum gravity, it is impossible to be certain what spacetime would look like at these small scales, because existing theories of gravity do not give accurate predictions in that regime.
With a full knowledge of the numerous theories which have been started, chiefly in America, to explain these sounds, I have tested them in every way that I could devise, until there has been no escape from the conviction that they were true objective occurrences not produced by trickery or mechanical means.
With transcripts produced on computer-aided transcription ( CAT ) software, a scopist no longer needs to have any knowledge of shorthand theories because the software converts shorthand to English in real time, via a dictionary.
With the development of homology theory to include K-theory and other extraordinary theories from about 1955, it was realised that the homology H < sub >*</ sub > could be replaced by other theories, once the products on manifolds were constructed ; and there are now textbook treatments in generality.
With a curious respect for those theories his familiarity with the secret social history of France had caused him to entertain, he hoped and attempted to retain a hold over the king through the influence of Lady Yarmouth, though the futility of such means had already been demonstrated to him by his relations with Queen Caroline's " ma bonne Howard.
With a passionate interest they read and commented on the theories of Étienne Cabet, Charles Fourier, Proudhon, and finally, listened with delight to Belinsky's letter to Gogol.
With those theories, Ehrenfels exposed himself to a massive criticism, because he offered with his theories unimaginable thoughts to contemporian conventions.
In Higher Superstition: The Academic Left and Its Quarrels With Science ( 1994 ), the scientists Paul R. Gross and Norman Levitt attacked the anti-intellectual postmodernists, presented the shortcomings of relativism, and proposed that postmodernist critics knew little about the scientific theories they criticized and practiced poor scholarship for political reasons.
With regards to the second and third theories of conflict however, the court found that the CDA did preempt the state laws.
" With very few exceptions they accommodated the new geological theories either with Day-Age creationism, the belief that the six days of Genesis represented vast ages, or by separating the original creation from a later Edenic creation: the so-called gap theory.
With respect to the broader sense, various philosophers have put forward theories contrasting the value of positive law relative to natural law.
With the advent of postmodern, interpretive-hermeneutic thought, structuralist and functionalist theories went out of fashion.
With that caveat mentioned, various theories define the origin of cancer stem cells.

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