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With and vision
With many propagators including Democritus, Epicurus, Aristotle and their followers, this theory seems to have some contact with modern theories of what vision really is, but it remained only speculation lacking any experimental foundation.
With the establishment of the national research council after World War II, Brøgger's vision was largely fulfilled ; research received funding independent of teaching.
With very small eyes, dugongs have limited vision, but acute hearing within narrow sound thresholds.
With the growth of the Risorgimento movement, the Genoese turned their struggles from Giuseppe Mazzini's vision of a local republic into a struggle for a unified Italy under a liberalized Savoy monarchy.
With the help of advanced AR technology ( e. g. adding computer vision and object recognition ) the information about the surrounding real world of the user becomes interactive and digitally manipulable.
With regard to the impact of his Marxist outlook and sympathies on his scholarship, Ben Pimlott saw it as " a tool not a straitjacket ; he's not dialectical or following a party line ", although Judt argued that it has " prevented his achieving the analytical distance he does on the 19th century: he isn't as interesting on the Russian revolution because he can't free himself completely from the optimistic vision of earlier years.
With vision and foresight, he accepted, and in 1885 the Arizona Canal was completed.
With the help of an assistant, Ueda created an animation in Lightwave to get a feel for the final game and to better convey his vision.
With this vision, they created MEET in the summer of 2004.
With World War II in progress, Stevens attempted to join the Navy and serve in Naval Aviation, but failed the vision exam.
With a vision of establishing an independent American Indian nation east of the Mississippi under British protection, Tecumseh worked to recruit additional tribes to the confederacy from the southern United States.
With the initial idea of creating a conference by and for women computer scientists, Borg and Whitney met over dinner, with a blank sheet of paper, having no idea how to start a conference, and started to plan out their vision.
With the king's help, he did so, along the lines of his vision.
With the establishment of the national research council after World War II, Brøgger's vision was largely fulfilled ; research received funding independent of teaching.
With the establishment of the national research council after World War II, Brøgger's vision was largely fulfilled ; research received funding independent of teaching.
With his secular vision of a Jewish " spiritual center " in Palestine, he confronted Theodor Herzl.
With a vision to establish itself as a leading information and communications technology ( ICT ) hub in the Asia-Pacific region, Cyberport is committed to facilitating the local economy by nurturing ICT industry start-ups and entrepreneurs, driving collaboration to pool resources and create business opportunities, and promoting a digitally inclusive society through strategic initiatives and partnerships.
With its ample capacity and strong acoustics, the opera house was a good match for Wagner's vision.
With more serious problems, such as a retina which has detached several times, final sight may be only sufficient to safely walk ( ambulatory vision ) or less.
Following a visit to Germany in 1936, Lindbergh wrote: " While I still have my reservations, I have come away with great admiration for the German people ... Hitler must have far more vision and character than I thought … With all the things we criticize he is undoubtedly a great man …" Although America First avoided any appearance of antisemitism and voted to drop Henry Ford as a member for this reason, Ford continued his good friendship with Lindbergh, who visited him in the summer of 1941.
With the club in 5th place and having only lost once in its previous eleven games, Coleman resigned as manager on 16 January 2008, citing a divergence in vision for the club with newly elected President Iñaki Badiola.
" With a " vision of creating a first ' bedroom community ' for Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley ," the company formally changed the name of the community to simply Toluca Lake and adopted as their logo the " swan on rippled water " image still associated with the community today.
With sharp vision Tom dissects his gut reaction and reminds us to appreciate the cool clear beauty of our own situation.
With these three films, Imamura had established himself as a director with a strong and unique vision, and one of the leading figures of the Japanese New Wave.
With Rehmat Ali and Mohammad Iqbal ( who would also take him in confidence of seeing a vision in his dream of a separate Muslim state ), Ali Khans successfully convinced Jinnah to return to their native land, India, to advocate for the separate Muslim state, which would later evolved to Pakistan.

With and commitment
With his friends jostling and pushing on both sides and behind, and his enemies forming a solid wall in front of him, the hoplite had little opportunity for feats of technique and weapon skill, but great need for commitment and mental toughness.
With its strong commitment to technology, safety and its employees, the refinery soon became one of the most modern and efficient in the nation.
With the departure of the 388th to France and TAC's commitment to NATO completed, the 312th Fighter-Bomber Wing was activated at Clovis AFB on 1 October 1954 as a permanent organization.
With a service commitment, it's possible to get a simple receiver for free.
The band performed " Better Days " and " Stay With You " at the halftime of the Detroit Lions ' 2007 Thanksgiving Day game at Ford Field, which focused on the United Way and the NFL's commitment to youth health and fitness.
With the principal marine and aerospace activities of the Commonwealth concentrated in Hampton Roads, the university has a significant commitment to science, engineering and technology, specifically in marine science, aerospace and other fields of major importance to the region.
With his wholehearted attitude and commitment to the team, he quickly established himself as a first-team regular and became a crowd favourite.
She has guest-starred on the television sitcom Friends in January 1996, in which she officiated over a commitment ceremony for two recurring characters in the episode " The One With the Lesbian Wedding.
With Britain and France unwilling to follow on their military commitment to Poland, the Soviet Union, having its own reasons to fear the German expansionism further East, made various offers to Poland of an anti-German alliance, similar to the earlier one made to Czechoslovakia.
With a record of four campaigns in the Levant and Africa ( including participation in the Second Crusade, the failed 1157 – 1158 siege of the Syrian city Shaizar, and the 1164 invasion of Egypt ), he had a rare and distinguished record of commitment to crusading.
With the purchase of the house in 1999 – evidence of UGA's strong commitment to study abroad – the program became available throughout the academic year.
With the collapse of Skinny Puppy in 1995 and cEvin's primary commitment over, he and The Tear Garden released To Be an Angel Blind, The Crippled Soul Divide in 1996, followed by Crystal Mass in 2000.
With powers and motifs based on creatures such as the Triceratops and Wolf, the Mighty Morphin Blue Ranger is still one of the most popular in the franchise thanks to Yost's commitment to the role ; Billy never switched colors or passed on his power coins to successors like the rest of the original cast.
With improvements to the physical plant and the strong Holy Cross commitment, the school has been able to reach new heights academically.
With the entering of the Green Party into Government in 2007, a commitment to legislation introducing Civil Partnerships was agreed in the Programme for Government in June of that year.
With an eclectic mix of programmes and a commitment to independence and integrity, 3RRR has been cited as a model for community radio stations in other cities ( such as Sydney's FBi Radio ); it has been said that it is a cornerstone of Melbourne's alternative / underground culture.
With the Law of Suspects, anyone at all was deemed suspicious " who, by their conduct or their relationships, either by their words or writings, have been partisans of tyranny or federalism and enemies of freedom, those whose cannot justify, in the manner prescribed by the decree of March 21, their financial means and remunerations from their civic duties ; those to whom have been denied citizenship certificates, removed by public officials or suspended from their functions by the National Convention or its commissioners and have not been reinstated ; those former nobles, all the husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, son or daughters, brothers or sisters, and agents of émigrés, who have not consistently demonstrated their commitment to the Revolution, those who emigrated from the interval between 1 July 1789 and its release between 30 March – 8 March 1792, even though they returned to France within the time prescribed by such order or earlier.
With these new savings the government has given its commitment to the programme.
With a growing awareness of the project's potential, a commitment was made to create a full-fledged band.
With a long-standing commitment to education and enhancement programs for the public, nurturing theatre professionals, and developing new Canadian plays and artists, Canadian Stage plays an essential role in producing thought-provoking theatre and high quality entertainment in Toronto, one of North America's largest theatre centres.
With Mayor Adolfo E. Jaen ’ s strong sense of commitment and dedication to public service, many projects would still be realized that would redound to the best interest of his kasimanwa.
With the aim of inducing Goguryeo to join an expedition against Baekje, Silla dispatched Kim Chunchu to request the commitment of our troops but Goguryeo did not consent
With the delivery of new Embraer aircraft to the fleet, Flybe has stated that it is looking at expanding its Cardiff presence with routes to Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Lyon and several others from 2011 onwards ; although, to date, none of these routes have come to fruition, the airline have renewed their commitment to their current routes and serving the airport.
With Canada's commitment to the global war on terrorism following the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in New York City and Washington, DC, CFS Alert has received renewed and increased funding to expand its SIGINT capabilities.
With the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait in August 1990, and the commitment of U. S. Forces to the region, detachments of the 1s, 2nd and 3d Dental Battalions deployed in support of the 1st and 2nd Marine Divisions.

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