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With and little
With her son evidencing so strong a musical bent his mother could do little else but get him started on the study of music -- though she waited until he was ten -- beginning with the piano and following that with the trumpet.
With greater precision he again paced off a location, this time a little more to the left.
With her eyes Dolores dared him for the truth, ready to begin: It's a little contest --
With modern shooting techniques, there is very little value to shooting with a weapon in each hand.
With few domestic resources and little industry, The Bahamas imports nearly all its food and manufactured goods from the United States.
With a little intelligence, I can reach down and pick up big nuggets of gold.
Dryden: " The rest in shape a beagle's whelp throughout, With broader forehead and a sharper snout " The Cock and the Fox, and again: " About her feet were little beagles seen " in Palamon and Arcite both from Fables, Ancient and Modern ( 1700 )
With innate talent, passion, diligence, discipline, self-motivation and tenacity, being the core factors of achieving success to becoming a celebrity, fame and fortune sometimes occurs spontaneously with relatively little effort due to sheer luck, being fortunate with connections, or simply being at the right place during the right time.
With the New Latin period, the language itself came to be regarded as a medium only for " serious " and learned expression, a view that left little room for Latin poetry.
With the rise and official sanction of socialist realism in 1934, Vertov was forced to cut his personal artistic output significantly, eventually becoming little more than an editor for Soviet newsreels.
With slightly more than 365 days in one year, the Sun moves a little less than 1 ° eastward every day.
* 244 BC: With little to no naval engagements, Hanno the Great of Carthage advocates demobilization of large parts of the Carthaginian navy to save money.
With his friends jostling and pushing on both sides and behind, and his enemies forming a solid wall in front of him, the hoplite had little opportunity for feats of technique and weapon skill, but great need for commitment and mental toughness.
With the other two original X-Men, Cyclops and Phoenix, Bobby has a little brother-big brother / sister relationship, with the latter being much more pleasant.
Ms. Dunst, also scarily effective as the baby bloodsucker of Interview With the Vampire, is a little vamp with a big future.
Dejacque " rejected Blanquism, which was based on a division between the ‘ disciples of the great people ’ s Architect ’ andthe people, or vulgar herd ,’ and was equally opposed to all the variants of social republicanism, to the dictatorship of one man and tothe dictatorship of the little prodigies of the proletariat .’ With regard to the last of these, he wrote that: ‘ a dictatorial committee composed of workers is certainly the most conceited and incompetent, and hence the most anti-revolutionary, thing that can be found ...( It is better to have doubtful enemies in power than dubious friends )’.
With little over 3 % of world tourist arrivals ( and less than 2 % if one excludes South Africa ) Africa remains an undeveloped market in global terms.
With respect to Google, thirty-seven leaders in search engine optimization concluded in April 2007 that the relevance of having your keywords in the-attribute is little to none and in September 2009 Matt Cutts of Google announced that they are no longer taking keywords into account whatsoever.
With the creation of the British Empire, militias were also raised in the colonies, where little support could be provided by regular forces.
With a little help from Suegar, an apparent religious fanatic, and Tris, the leader of the female prisoners, he instills order and hope in the apathetic, distrustful inmates, makes them rehearse for quick embarkation ( disguised as a food distribution procedure ), and stages one of the largest mass breakouts in history.
With evidence of little benefit when used for more than three to five years and in light of the potential adverse events it may be appropriate to stop treatment after this point in time in some.
With the advent of limited overs cricket promoting more adventurous batting styles and the use of ever heavier bats this style of bowling has declined, although some off-spinners will still use this tactic when the pitch is offering very little or no turn.
With one card to come, Alice holds a made hand with little chance of improving and faces a $ 10 call to win a $ 30 pot.
" With sentiments of this nature in mind, it is little wonder that national interest fell within preventing the infusion of American investment into the project.
With friction, the route taken does affect the amount of work done, and it makes little sense to define a potential associated with friction.

With and care
With more advanced equipment, but still cheap in comparison to professional setups, amateur astronomers can measure the light spectrum emitted from astronomical objects, which can yield high-quality scientific data if the measurements are performed with due care.
Bahamian tastes in consumer products roughly parallel those in the U. S. With approximately 85 % of the population of primarily African descent, there is a large and growing market in the Bahamas for " ethnic " personal care products.
With care this can achieve a similar improvement in query response, but at a cost — it is now the database designer's responsibility to ensure that the denormalised database does not become inconsistent.
For example, Friberg ( 2001 ) argues that " With growing populations of immigrants and adherents of religions not previously seen in significant numbers in North America, spiritual care must take religion and diversity seriously.
With care, a briar pipe can last a very long time without burning out.
With the outbreak of the Franco-Prussian war performances were stopped and Sarah converted the theatre into a makeshift hospital where she took care of the soldiers wounded on the battlefield.
With intensive care, the death rate for hemolytic uremic syndrome is 3 – 5 %.
With relatives so near by, everyone is available to help care for the children.
: With your fresh thoughts care for, can you?
With care, it can be split into very thin sheets that will ignite from even the smallest of sparks.
With some care, and looking at a wide range of energy losses, one can determine the types of atoms, and the numbers of atoms of each type, being struck by the beam.
With that taken care if, Ulala and the people she rescued head off for the Launch Pad.
With over 1, 320 employees and over 200 physicians, Southeast Georgia Health System is the main provider of health care in Brunswick and the surrounding area and is also the largest private employer in Brunswick.
With over 1, 000 employees and 100 physicians, Satilla Regional Medical Center is a leading center in health care in the area.
With over 200 families currently served, it is the largest Child Care Center in the Blackstone Valley with a pre-kindergarten school, full day care for pre-schoolers, and a large school age program which provides supervision before and after school, and all day long on school vacation periods.
With her term ending in 1943, Rankin knew she didn ’ t have the support to win another election, and so she returned home to Montana to care for her aging mother.
With these hopes now dashed, Tiberius left his administration more than ever in the care of Sejanus, and looked toward the sons of Germanicus ( Nero Caesar, Drusus Caesar, and Caligula ) as possible future heirs.
With the creation of the National Health Service in 1948, Odstock Hospital was selected to house the new regional Plastic and Oral Surgery Centre providing care for patients in five counties.
With all of these examples, care must be taken that every factor is taken into account, just as happened in the parable of the broken window: does one know all the costs and benefits?
With the start of the new university system in 1949, Todai swallowed up the former First Higher School ( today's Komaba campus ) and the former Tokyo Higher School, which henceforth assumed the duty of teaching first and second-year undergraduates, while the faculties on Hongo main campus took care of third and fourth-year students.
With routine care these problems can be avoided.
With care, the public may access all areas of the common on foot, including the golfing areas.
With a machine tool, toolpaths that no human muscle could constrain can be constrained ; and toolpaths that are technically possible with freehand methods, but would require tremendous time and skill to execute, can instead be executed quickly and easily, even by people with little freehand talent ( because the machine takes care of it ).
) With continued care and maintenance the Clock of the Long Now could reasonably be expected to display the correct time for 10, 000 years.

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