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With and many
With the existence of these many factors, some of them variable, it obviously has never been and is not now possible for the Commission to make assignments of AM stations on a case-to-case basis which will insure against any interference in any circumstances.
With many company policies you get a fleet discount if you insure five or more rigs.
With such a dream arising, at least in part, from the Protestant heritage of the United States and built into the foundations of the nation, it is not surprising that many efforts were made to give it concrete expression.
With their often complex reproductive needs and permeable skins, amphibians are often ecological indicators and in recent decades there has been a dramatic decline in amphibian populations of many species around the globe.
With the beginning of the slow decline of the Ottoman Empire in the early 19th century, and as a result of the expansionist policies of Czarist Russia in the Caucasus, many Muslim nations and groups in that region, mainly Circassians, Tatars, Azeris, Lezgis, Chechens, and several Turkic groups left their ancestral homelands and settled in Anatolia.
With this restriction, there are only finitely many Archimedean solids.
With a large number of people relocating to the state from the Midwest and the Northeast, as well as from California, many teams ( most notably the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Dodgers ) have normally had large followings in Arizona.
With the relaxation of the rule, in England at least, that anthems should be only in English, the repertoire has been greatly enhanced by the addition of many works from the Latin repertoire.
With Domani smetto, Articolo 31 left the world of hip hop and moved to rap with many influences ; even more so than previously, this album found them rapping and singing to rock and pop tracks.
With the famous facade, the short right field porch and Monument Park, Yankee Stadium has been home to many of baseball's greatest players including Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Whitey Ford, Yogi Berra, Mickey Mantle, Reggie Jackson, Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera and Alex Rodriguez.
With no major Southern state remaining, Clinton targeted New York, which had many delegates.
With the advent of steel, which has a high tensile strength, much larger bridges were built, many using the ideas of Gustave Eiffel.
With the internationalism of modern architecture and design, there were many exchanges between the Vkhutemas and the Bauhaus.
With the transition to one-man operation, many manufacturers moved to mid or rear-engined designs, with a single door at the front, or multiple doors.
With the outsourcing of maintenance staff and facilities, the increase in company health and safety regulations, and the increasing curb weights of buses, many operators now contract their towing needs to a professional vehicle recovery company.
With its history of colonialism, trade and piracy, the West Indies was the setting for many 17th and 18th-century maritime incidents.
With many oarsmen dead or unfit to serve, the powerful, head-on ramming tactic for which the quinqueremes had been designed failed.
With Nineteen Eighty-Four, Orwell taps into the anti-communist fears that would continue to haunt so many in the West for decades to come.
With its success in the tourism and financial service industries, the Cayman Islands have attracted many international businesses and citizens to relocate.
With the war in Europe, many European jewelry firms were forced shut down.
... With this tribe, as with many others, the bodies of women were in great demand.
With this philosophy in mind, many grassroots efforts such as The Project for Public Spaces are being started to create this " Third Place " in communities.
With " Tertiary " being discouraged as a formal time or rock unit by the International Commission on Stratigraphy, the K – T extinction event is now called the Cretaceous – Paleogene ( or K – Pg ) extinction event by many researchers.
With the changes of dynasty historically, many people escaped the war and crossed the Central Plains, the increasing integration of the two communities.

With and traditional
With the help of Ziggy Elman, also in the band, he transformed a traditional Jewish melody into a popular song, `` And The Angels Sing ''.
With traditional nationalistic spirit, some Englishmen claim that English Catholicism is Catholicism at its best.
With the emergence of community-acquired methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus MRSA, these traditional antibiotics may be ineffective ; alternative antibiotics effective against community-acquired MRSA often include clindamycin, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, and doxycycline.
With capacity to produce up to 5, 000 engines a year by 100 specially trained personnel, like traditional Aston Martin engine production from Newport Pagnell, assembly of each unit is entrusted to a single technician from a pool of 30, with V8 and V12 variants assembled in under 20 hours.
With the disintegration of the communist economic alliance in 1991, Czech manufacturers lost their traditional markets among former communist countries to the east.
With a traditional optical telescope, the space between stars and galaxies ( the background ) is completely dark.
With the introduction of a new religion to the court, a deep rift developed between the Mononobe clan, who supported the worship of Japan's traditional deities, and the Soga clan, who supported the adoption of Buddhism.
With the fries they serve many traditional fastfood products, such as frikandel / fricadelle, gehaktbal / boulet or kroket / croquette.
With the increasing availability of the Internet in the 21st and late 20th century, the traditional paper zine has begun to give way to the webzine ( or " e-zine ") that is easier to produce and uses the potential of the Internet to reach an ever larger, possibly global, audience.
In June of 2012, Alex Schattner founded a blog featuring “ Modern American Folktales .” With this blog, Mr. Schattner is creating a new anthology of stories that use traditional folk and fairy tale devices to convey moral messages for our time.
With Cerezo's election, the military moved away from governing and returned to the more traditional role of providing internal security, specifically by fighting armed insurgents.
With the development of the Web, digital reference services are beginning to take over some of the roles of the traditional reference desk in a library.
With the development of high-power LEDs the devices are subjected to higher junction temperatures and higher current densities than traditional devices.
With colleague Lucien Febvre he founded the Annales School in 1929, by starting the new scholarly journal, Annales d ' Histoire Economique et Sociale (" Annals of economic and social history "), which broke radically with traditional historiography by insisting on the importance of taking all levels of society into consideration and emphasized the collective nature of mentalities.
With the invention of modern myths such as urban legends, the mythological traditional will carry on to the increasing variety of mediums available to the consumer in the 21st century and beyond.
With the invention of gunpowder, the traditional methods of defense became less and less effective against a determined siege.
With the failure of Magna Carta to achieve peace or restrain John, the barons reverted to the more traditional type of rebellion by trying to replace the monarch they disliked with an alternative.
With the translation of Confucian texts during the Enlightenment, the concept of a meritocracy reached intellectuals in the West, who saw it as an alternative to the traditional ancient regime of Europe.
With the translation of Confucian texts during the Enlightenment, the concept of a meritocracy reached intellectuals in the West, who saw it as an alternative to the traditional ancient regime of Europe.
With Chinese cultural hegemony in Tibet itself, these valleys have become repositories of traditional ways.
With this model, peers are both suppliers and consumers of resources, in contrast to the traditional client – server model where only the server supply ( send ), and clients consume ( receive ).
With its origins in traditional American style of wrestling and still being under the same genre, it has become an entity in itself.
With the aim of showing traditional Inuit life, Flaherty also staged some scenes, including the ending, where Allakariallak ( who acts the part of Nanook ) and his screen family were supposedly at risk of dying if they could not find or build shelter quickly enough.
With the invention of gunpowder, cannon and ( in modern times ) mortars and howitzers, the traditional methods of defence became less effective against a determined siege.

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